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Thoughtful & Personalized Rakhi Gift Ideas That Would Make You Say No To The 'Shagun Ka Lifafa'

By Architi Batra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 4 min read

Your sibling is your best partner in mischief and no one knows that better than your siblings only. Whether it be the calls to your elder sister after a night out to ask whether your parents were angry, asking brother to keep that boyfriend secret, stealing clothes from the cupboard or hiding the packets of the late-night food orders before your parents get to know! Your sibling has been your true partner in crime.


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So on this super special day that celebrates the love bond between you and your sibling, simply bribing them with money and a box of chocolate isn't fair enough. Instead, opt for any of these personalized & thoughtful Rakhi Gift for your brother or sister and make this Rakshabandhan even more special!


Scrap Book

Sure putting up a post on Instagram or Snapchat is nice, but in this era of digital media where every new picture is just a click away, preserving these special moments in hard copy makes for a very intimate gift. Make a sweet and special Photo Book or Scrap Book that you and your sibling would cherish for your life to come!
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2. Customized Nightlamps

Is your sibling crazy involved in any fandom? Whether he/she is a Potterhead, a DC or a Marvel Fan, get them one of these customized nightlamps that would hang in their room proudly and we promise you that they will thank you for it for a long time to come. They are made entirely out of wood with remote controlled lights and come in various backlit color variants like Blue, Green, Red, White, and Yellow! 
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3. Gift Basket

Prepare a beautifully packed gift basket comprising of body care and other beauty products for your brother or sister and shower them your love well. For your sisters, you can pack as many makeup & skincare products as your budget allows. For your brothers, you can have multiple options to choose from moisturizers to colognes and aftershave! You can also lookup for any of the DIY projects online and to save on a few bucks, try your hands at some homemade lip balms and other cool pieces of stuff! 
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DIY Body Care Projects:
 1. Lip Balm 2. Moisturizer 3. Cold Cream  


Customized Gaming Trophies

Is your brother or sister a hardcore gamer who spend most of their time playing online games or watching live game feeds of the top gamers of the world on youtube? Then this would definitely be the best present ever for your sibling. Get them a customized trophy for all their gaming achievements that they can keep in their room and proudly show off to their other gamer contendents. Some excellent ideas could include inscribing "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" on your PUBG fanatic sibling's trophy!


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Make A Comic Strip

Are you the artistic sibling? Yes! Then this is the perfect time to let your creative waves flow wild and come up with an interesting comic strip featuring you and your sibling and all of your adventures till now. You can also cook up some creative scenarios and pull your siblings' leg any way you want without them protesting. This would definitely be a frame-worthy gift that you both will cherish for a lifetime.

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Make A Movie Playlist 

Is your sibling a movie or tv series buff? Or do you enjoy binging together? Then this is the most appropriate gift ever! Sadly not all of your favorite movies or series are available on the streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hotstar but you can still download those favorite streams and gift them an exhaustive collection. If the budget allows, you can definitely buy blue-ray CDs of all of them or at least some!

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Get Eco-Friendly With Indoor Plants

Doesn't matter your sibling is a nature lover or not, in this alarming state of Earth when protecting our environment is not an option but a necessity, going eco-friendly is both thoughtful and beautiful. You could gift indoor plants for their room or some beautiful climbers for their balcony. This would amplify the beauty of their room and also purify the room keeping them happy and calm!

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Polaroid Frames

Polaroid pictures are always aesthetically pleasing and a great way to personalize your room. Get your sibling some printed polaroid pictures of their loved ones with attached pegs/clips so that it can be easily hung up anywhere. Or if the budget allows, who's stopping you from getting a Polaroid camera as well? 

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9. Customized Bottles/Sippers

If your sibling is a gym buff then they must always be carrying a fancy sipper or bottle with them. So why not give them something that is both useful and thoughtful? Get them a specially customized bottle or sipper and help keep them hydrated all the time. 

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We promise that making these extra efforts are going to earn you some very special point and will definitely help you blackmail your sibling into doing your work in the future!

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