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The Best & The Quirkiest DIY Diwali Gift Hacks To Throttle Up The Festive Feels

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - May 9, 202411 min read

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Diwali gifts bring about that extended sense of festivities among your loved ones. This once, gift a smile wrapped in true colours and flavours of Diwali and make some memories that'll last forever. Binding everyone in a harmonious string of festivities and fun, such an effort of gratitude is surely the best thing to gift someone! To make it better, you can always give it a personal touch with a DIY act! But then you the question is, who knows how to make a worthy and beautifully relevant gift for Diwali? Well, you will know, after giving this a read! 


Further, we'll provide some great "do it yourself" hacks for Diwali gifts and Diwali Corporate Gifts!


Light Up The Festive Mood With DIY Candles And Diyas

Who can say no to more Diyas and Candles on Diwali, the more the better is absolutely true to this festival. All you need to do is find the old glassware that you were to throw away anyway, smaller ones are preferable, give it a nice rinse with water and detergent, let it dry and the major part is done! Now, find some old candles, the half-used ones, and put them on the heat in a pan! You can add different coloured ones to make it more appealing.


Image Courtesy: Candle Science


Once the wax is melted, take a cotton string, a little thick one or you can buy the candle strings specifically meant for the purpose as well from any of the online stores, and hang it in the middle of the glassware that is dry and clean. Once you've placed it perfectly, start pouring in the melted wax!


Be careful with this, using a pair of rubber gloves or an old oven glove would work just fine. Now slowly submerge the glassware into cold water to the brim, just don't let the water to get inside the bowl. Voila! Your DIY candle is ready! Use smaller glassware for making Diyas and complete a set with 6 or more candles. Wrap in a cellophane sheet and decorate with a ribbon!  


Image Courtesy: Kid World Citizen



Cool Home Decor DIY Wall Hangings

There's so much of waste around us that we think to be useless and instead, that can be upcycled to be beautiful home decor articles. From old pictures to decorative assortments, just string them in a beautiful thread and they're ready to be hung on the wall. The more quirky these pieces will be, the better appeal it will bring about.


Image Courtesy: 25 Magazine


Choosing a combination of multicoloured threads and treading it in a string would bring out a beautiful contrast. All you need to do is make holes in all the articles you choose, make sure that both the sides are same, and start binding them in the string, but don't forget to tie a small knot after putting in every single one of them. It will prevent them from moving any further.  


Image Courtesy:


Sweet Tooth Munchies With DIY Sweet Boxes & Jars

Sweets are synonymous to festive celebrations, but we're tired of the same old kaju katlis and soan papdis and other names that you come across every other sweets shop. To make it a more personalised Diwali Gift, just come up with something new. A homemade brownie jar or a personally selected chocolate box is sure to stir up some smiles this once.


Image Courtesy: Dough-Eyed


All you need to do is take those old jars that once had fruit jam or the ones with the pickles, clean them thoroughly, remove any labels on them with hot water and pour in some homemade sweet goodness instead. Those old trays from last years' Diwali celebration would be perfect for packing the favourite chocolates of whom you wish to send these across. Just keep a note with every single item, saying something good or fun about the one you're sending it to and you should definitely expect a long conversation of love and laughter that evening.


Image Courtesy: Youtube


Personified Diwali Gifts With DIY Diwali Greetings

Greeting cards add to the grace of celebrations. A DIY greeting card would add some emotions to it as well. All you would need is some stationery, some colours, a good theme and some old wedding cards. Yes, wedding cards can add so much of a Diwali touch to your DIY greeting cards.


Image Courtesy: News Daily


If you think that you lack creativity, then a host of ideas and options can are available online. Browsing through popular youtube videos on the same would help. To make it more personalised, you can also add a few pictures to it. And without much efforts, time or money invested, you can come up with great Diwali gifts for your loved ones. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Spread The Festive Colours With DIY Rangoli Crafts

Who wouldn't like a great rangoli on Diwali? I wouldn't mind one, but only if I could make one! But if you're good with designs and are creative enough, then you can help bring a smile to the one around who can't.


Image Courtesy: Fab How


Just draw a basic Rangoli design and cut out pieces from within, you have a personalised Rangoli Stencil Ready. Fold it, tie a ribbon and staple a few sachets of rangoli colours along. The one whom you're gifting it to, just have to put the colours as per his choice and remove the stencil from above. People like us, who cannot make a rangoli, would never say no to such a gift. 


Image Courtesy: Snapdeal


DIY Collages That Make It Memorable

A set of good old memories would surely work wonders to gig up the Diwali Celebrations. And a collage made with different pictures, preferably from the previous Diwali celebrations or festivities in the past, is one of the many things that would bring about a genuine smile for the one receiving it.


Image Courtesy: Canva


But the trick lies in packing it properly, and so it is fun and totally cost worthy. Just need a chart paper, a glue stick, some old pictures and a set of colourful pens. To start with, stick the pictures on the white chart paper and outline them with different colours. Now add a note beneath every one of them and get it laminated with a plastic sheet if you can. Just to make it look more presentable and for extended life. Now, you can just fold it into a bundle and tie a colourful ribbon to complete the look. Present it with some sweets or chocolates and your Diwali Gift is sorted!   


Image Courtesy: Freshomedaily


DIY Wine Bottle Lights

Lights and home decor can never be set apart! During Diwali, lights make for the most sought after home decor themes. But soon after the festivities end, they have to come down the walls. So how about something that can be put on the table all year long and would only add to the Diwali flavours during the festivities? Well, it's going to be one of the best Diwali gifts ever! And you know what, you wouldn't have to go anywhere to arrange for it as well. We can bet on it that you'd find everything in your closet. You would need an empty wine bottle, of which you never run out of stock, and those old led lights from previous years Diwali. Just clean the bottles of all the labels and anything else and stuff them with these LED lights.


Image Courtesy: DIY Network


Just don't forget to keep the power end out, you would need to connect it to a power socket. All that's needed now is an old cardboard box, from the crockery you bought in the past and that is lying waste somewhere. Put two of such wine bottle light pieces in them, pack it in a Diwali themed wrapping paper and you're sorted!  


Image Courtesy: Musely


DIY Upcycled Bangle Candle Holder

This one's a personal favourite! Looks so cool and is so easy to prepare. All that's needed is a set of old glass bangles, even those would work of which a few are lost or broken, we would anyways need a combination of different shades. Add as many different colours that you can, line them up on top of each other and glue them in a set!


Image Courtesy: Youtube


Now you have a hollow tube made of bangles with both ends open. Take a tin sheet or an old coke or pepsi can and cut out a circular disc that is accurate to the size of these bangles. Now using a stronger adhesive, paste it on one of the open ends of the bangle tube to close it. It doesn't have to be vacuum tight, but a neatly done job would be preferred. Cut out all the loose ends and the metal visible outside and that's it, the work's done! You have a perfectly functional and classy candle holder. Put a candle inside and light up the room in different colours and shades! Gift it or keep it, you or the ones whom you're giving it to would not say no to it!   


Image Courtesy: Pink Chai Living





DIY Bedsheets With Tees

If you think that gifting Bedsheets & Curtain sets are mundane and boring, think again, because this would surely change your perceptions on the same. Bedsheets might be for the elderly and the old school souls among, but a DIY bedsheet made with your cool tees, patches or sarees would surely make for a quirky and cool Diwali gift, both at the same.


Image Courtesy: 


If you can get your hands on some, try to do it with those comic tees, they make for a perfect choice for such projects. Colourful and nostalgic, such a gift would surely put you across as "the cool one" in your circle.     


Image Courtesy: The Patchwork Bear


Diwali is not just an occasion, it's a riot of festivities, delicious food and lastly, exchanging gifts and sharing smiles. Also, if you can Do it Yourself, you're only adding a tint of your taste and personality to everything this Diwali. So when you need Diwali Gift Ideas, just do it yourself, because everyone spends money, but not many would put in an effort. So make this Diwali a special one for your loved ones, choose one of the many ideas stated above and you're sure to spread the true feeling of Diwali festivities!    



Q. Where can I find the raw material for these DIY builds?

A. The raw materials can be bought at hardware stores, stationery shops, gift shops and useless household waste can be upcycled in certain cases as well.

Q. What can I do to counter the high pollution level after Diwali?

A. Air Pollution can be a serious issue after Diwali, and to counter the problem, it is advisable to stay indoors during rush hours and usage of pollution masks is suggested while you're outside. Certain detox drinks and medically suggested foods can also help you sustain through the higher pollution levels.

Q. What are the best Diwali shopping markets in Delhi?

A. Although, there are different markets for different purposes! But for a true feel of Diwali shopping, one should definitely check out Chandni Chowk, Dariba Kalan, Paharganj, Atta Market, Dilli Haat.