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10 Super Easy DIY Diwali Decoration Ideas To Make Your Home Look Even More Prettier And Brighter

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - April 4, 2024 8 min read

The Diwali 2023 is almost here and we can’t contain our excitement anymore. In India, Diwali is not just any another festival, rather it’s the most significant one and which brings the entire country together to celebrate. Everyone heads back home, meet their friends and family, exchange lots and lots of gifts. Amid all of the Diwali preparations, what people love doing the most is decorating their homes.


This time, we bring to you some crazy home decor ideas for Diwali. So if you’re a procrastinator like us, or if you didn’t find time for this elaborate affair, here are some last-minute decoration ideas for Diwali.


1. Diyas And Candles


Nothing can beat the Diya – Candle duo in Diwali decoration! Buy some plain and simple diyas and candles, light them and decorate the boundary of your house with it. Put them alternately along walls, along entrances and pavements, facades, etc. You can also brighten up simple diyas and candles with colors and glitter.


Image Courtesy: Jaipur Craft


Bring out your creative side and try not buying diyas and instead make your own diyas this Diwali with flour dough, eggshells, seashells or you can also use the fruit peels. Simply add some glitter, stick on some sequence work from the leftouts at home, pour in a melted way and add a wick to it. Get your hands on some cinnamon stick candles, aroma sticks, etc. and make the best use of them. Apart from the creative look to them, they will leave your house with a faint fragrance to it.


Image Courtesy: Amazon



2. Floating Candles


What’s not to love about floating candles? The floating candles are part of the modern decoration that looks very fresh when used as a centerpiece or as accent decor. 


Image Courtesy: Her Zindagi


You'll just have to fill decorated bowls with water and put some floating candles in them. You can also put flower petals and/ or glitter in them. Keep these bowls at different places in your house like putting it on the center table along with sweets and dry fruits beside them looks very exquisite. You can also paint or make rangolis around these bowls.



3. Rangolis


Rangolis are the most beautiful Diwali decor that one can do on their own. Along with that, they are also an integral part of Diwali that possesses an aura of positivity and good cheer. While some Diwali rangolis can be made by using some mild paint or watercolors that bring out the inner artist in you.


Image Courtesy: Styles at Life


You can otherwise also buy some rangoli color powder and stencils, trace beautiful designs around your candles, diyas, and along the walls in and around your house. Some people use the rice, beans, chickpeas, lentils, flour along with some paint and color powder to make the most beautiful, creative and 3D rangolis in their house. Use this one for the biggest rangoli pattern you would want to make in your living area or at the entrance.



4. The Old School Lanterns


Lanterns and candles add that element of festivities in the air. Merely seeing them being hung from balconies, windows and verandahs on Diwali give a very warm and welcoming feeling.


Image Courtesy: Coupon Moto


So, get those old lanterns out of your garage, light them up and keep them at different corners in and around your house. You can also paint them or surround them with small rangoli patterns which makes them look more beautiful. Light up your lives with happiness and make these lanterns that are simple and beautiful made up using ornamental stones to add sparkle when lit up.



5. Paper Lanterns

Looking for a creative way to decorate your house this Diwali? So, think out of the box DIY some paper lanterns. Like, the use of recycled Diwali lantern made from CDs.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Here we have used them to make Diwali lanterns in a very different and unique manner. Shape and alter the size as per your choice. So, just pick up your Cd's lying idle and put them into some use this Diwali. You can light some of these paper lanterns up and hang them in your garden or porch. This would look super creative and elegant. They spell festivities and an atmosphere of good spirits and happiness. 



6. DIY Light Jars & Bottles

Use those empty glass jars and old Diwali lights together to create these beautiful fairy light jars. Don’t throw those old liquor bottles just yet. Put some Diwali lights inside them and keep them here and there for a very creative touch to your decoration. For more creative ideas for light jars and bottles just look around your kitchen and you’re bound to find unused, empty glass bottles. 


Image Courtesy: Floweraura


Cover with brilliant cellophane paper or utilize shading putty to make the jars creative and give each container another look. Place a flame or light strings inside to instantly light up your room. One more offbeat idea to make a light jar is by taking a mason jar and sticking a broad lace to cover it. You can use laces of different designs and colors. After it is done keep a candle or few stubs inside it and lit it. That’s it. Simple, yet elegant Diwali decoration is ready for you.



7. Toran

Toran is one of the rituals that come along with Diwali. It is said that during Diwali hanging a toran at the entrance door is considered as an auspicious sign. The decorative torans are hung with an intention to welcome goddess Lakshmi to the households. You can either make toran or get it from the market. This Diwali go beyond those modest plastic torans or crisp blooms that don't look new multi-day later. Rather than that, you can try to make a toran out of old welcome cards, or globules and broken neckbands, or plain old cardboard cut into intriguing shapes. Include some sparkle and glitter and your passage will look magnificent.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest



8. All the little things

The decoration is not just about the big things instead it is about the little things too.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Like, during the decoration of the house you can change the cushions, curtains, bed covers to make the look of the house change into the festive look. You can also add a few decorative items to highlight the other big decoratives. Try to think of out of the box ideas like using old sarees as cushion cover to make the covers tradition in looks.


Image Courtesy: Flipkart



9. Floral Decorations

From potted buds to lucky bamboos, flowers can put a dash of nature and color to your festival. Rather than getting your pocket tight by buying decoration items from the market you can get flowers and decorate the entrance and stairways. Get the exquisite look of the center table by putting a brass pot and fill it with floating flowers.


Image Courtesy: TOI



10. Fairy Lights

We generally tend to decorate our walls with hangings or paintings during Diwali. What about lighting them up, too? Well, with fairy or strip lights, you could. Fairy lights are beautiful and it always makes your house look cozy and prettier. You can switch off your main light and leave only the fairy lights on. While we deck up the façade of our homes we tend to miss out on the garden area. To make your entrance look even more welcoming, light up your garden with the fairy lights too. 


Image Courtesy: Flipkart



Q: What are some innovative Diwali decorations?

A: Here is an idea to get your started rest read the above blog to get lots more.

Mini Tealights: Light up your spaces this festive season with these ultra-beautiful hand-painted tealights - be it a rangoli, a cozy nook or even candle-light dinner at home. 


Q: How do I decorate a house in Diwali?

A: Bringing in the light: Decorate your gallery or corridor using Diya's, Candles, fairy lights.

Sweet-smelling flowers: Add more essence to your home by having fresh flowers. You can use rangoli to decore home using flowers also.

Paint your home: You can pain your home, with your favorite color.


Q: Where can I buy Diwali decorations online?

A: You can find a wide variety of Diwali decorations on popular online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Etsy.


Q: What are some traditional Diwali decoration items?

A: Traditional Diwali decoration items include diyas (oil lamps), rangoli, candles, fairy lights, and torans (door hangings).


Q: Are there eco-friendly Diwali decoration options available?

A: Yes, you can opt for eco-friendly decorations like clay diyas, biodegradable rangoli colors, and reusable fabric torans.


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