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We Re-Watched Breaking Bad And These 8 Details Had Us Shook

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - March 26, 2020 3 min read

For a lot of people, Breaking Bad's eventual acquisition of the title of "Best TV Show of all Time"' was unforeseen. At least in the first 3 seasons. Which is understandable, considering at first glance, Walter White's story almost always seems like an ordinary tale of a good man gone rogue. What very few unsuspecting viewers knew then, however, is that letting you form preconceptions, and leading you to believe you could see what's coming, was one of the many tricks Gilligan, the creator of the show, would pull to seize your unbridled loyalty. 


Image Courtesy - The Wrap


But now, 12 years after the show first aired, the cinematic genius that is Breaking Bad, has come to be lauded by a legion of loyal followers and obsessed fans scattered worldwide, and it's continuing claim on the title of "Best TV Show of all Time", is yet to be challenged. Well, with all this time now on our hands, we decided to revisit the show that first fuelled our addiction to binge-watching. And we couldn't believe that we'd actually missed these 8 crazy details in Breaking Bad when we first watched it! 


*Spoilers ahead. If you haven't seen the show entirely, or yet, now is the time to turn back.*


Image Courtesy - BuzzNick 


1. In the pilot episode of Breaking Bad, when on the day after his birthday Walter first finds out he has cancer, he's told by the Doctor that he has only two years to live. Guess when Heisenberg dies? Yep, the day after his birthday, exactly two years later. 


2. In season 2, Jesse's surprise breakfast in bed for Jane gets ruined, when she walks in on him cooking. He tells her she shouldn't be up, to which she replies with a cheeky "ever?". A few episodes down the line, we all know she ends up literally not waking up next to him, ever. 


3. When Walter's daughter Holly is born, he takes up the responsibility of turning her on her side in case she vomits. If you've seen the show, you already know where this is going. Yes, that's exactly how he lets Jane die, by NOT turning her on her side when she's vomiting, after overdosing on Heroin. 


4. Remember Crazy 8? The first person Walter ever murdered? Well, one of the details about Krazy 8 noted during his short-lived appearance onscreen, is that he loves his sandwiches without any crust. Guess who started cutting the crust off his sandwiches soon after? Our beloved Heisenberg. 



5. A common imagery that came to be associated with the show was the iconic pilot scene of Walter White walking around a desert with no pants on, after an unsuccessful cook. Ever wondered what happened to those pants? Well, in Season 5 Episode 14, you get an update when they can be spotted in the desert where Walter is now rolling a barrel full of cash. 


6. When Gale, the first chemist in Gus's superlab is opening the new equipment, he makes use of a green utility knife to cut through the boxes. Later down the show, Gus uses the same knife to kill his loyal henchman, Victor. Name of the episode? Box cutter. 


7. Gus's death left every Breaking Bad viewer on the planet, shook to their very bones. We all knew it will happen, but we had no idea it would happen in the dumbfounding way it did. Or did we? Take a look at the name of that episode. It was called Face Off. Hilarious, you evil genius Gilligan. 


8. There are a total of 62 episodes in the entire show. The 62nd element on the periodic table is Samarium. Guess what it's used for. To treat lung cancer, of course. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. 

Well, what can we say? Walter is, after all, the one who knocks. 

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