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The Merriest Christmas Celebrations In Town - Best Christmas Events In Delhi To Attend This 2019

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Dec. 14, 2019 11 min read

Christmas Carnivals and Events bring about a true sense of merry and joy within everyone around. Counting down to the eve and the day when bells ring out loud the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth, the world shimmers in the brightness of love. What's better? This once you can make it even more fun and worth your time and money by clocking-in to these best Christmas events in Delhi-NCR.


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For kids to the elderly and for the party animals to those who like it peaceful and serene, these Christmas Carnivals would leave no stone unturned to make your senses serenade a spree of amusement and fun. So without much ado, let's get ahead to these and so that you can save the dates for a memorable Christmas 2019


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And here we go, your one-stop guide to the best Christmas events in D-town!


1.The Napa Dori Christmas Market

One of the most sought after places for Christmas shopping, the Napa Dori Christmas Market is where you festivities should begin. For the truest shades of merry - red, green and yellow, just come here and bless your eyes with the best of Christmas merchandise up for grab. And yeah, you can simply come here for an experience as well if not to buy something home. 


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Date And Venue: 13th December 2019, Napa Dori Warehouse (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: Free

Event Link



2. Children's Christmas Carnival 2019 At Kangaroo Kids International Preschool Gurgaon 

With the perfect setup and most fun to be activities planned for your kids, the Children's Christmas Carnival is probably the best partu for the little ones in town. It's time your kids make the most of their childhood by decorating a Christmas tree, make friends with the Santa and much more at this only for the young ones Christmas Carnival.    


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Date And Venue: 15th December 2019, Kangaroo Kids International Preschool (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: Free

Event Link


3. Christmas Carnival At Westend Greens 

Another soiree for the kids and the bundles of joy, the Christmas Carnival at Westend Greens is all things fun with a number of things to offer. If you're looking for a great way to introduce your kids to Christmas fun, then this is the place to be. From singing Christmas Carols to decorating a Christmas Tree and making a Snowman, like literally, all the essential Christmas elements are available for fun here. 


Image Courtesy: Monk. E. Wise

Date And Venue: 16th December 2019, Westend Greens (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: INR 1200

Event Link


4. Christmas Pop-up 2019 Edition 32 At Ambassador, New Delhi

Undoubtedly, the most popular Christmas Shopping bonanza in town, the Christmas Pop-up is back with a boom in D-town. To be held at Hotel Ambassador and organised by Eventique Concepts, the event would offer the trendiest of jewellery, fashion and lifestyle merchandise from 30 handpicked designers. Revel yourself in some real Christmas shopping fun over here, you won't leave disappointed! 


Image Courtesy: Magicpin

Date And Venue: 18th December 2019, The Ambassador, New Delhi (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: Free

Event Link


5. BOHO Bazaar - The Epic Flea Market & Shopping Festival 

One of the most awaited Christmas themed shopping event of the year is finally here. The BOHO bazaar is for the chic and trendiest of shoppers among. If you're seeking sheer shopaholic bliss, then this is your chance to salvation. Held at the baap of all venues, the JLN stadium, New Delhi, this is surely going to be another feather in your shopping hat. 


Image Courtesy: Events High

Date And Venue: 20th - 22nd December 2019, JLN Stadium New Delhi (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: Free

Event Link


6. Christmas Carnival 2019 At Excelsior American School Gurugram 

"And then came the classiest of them all", if there was to be a description to the Excelsior Christmas Carnival, then this would be a perfect match. The school comes up with one of the most beautiful Christmas themes every year and even this once they're on a winning spree. Attend this Christmas carnival if you wish to feel truly Christmasy and blessed, or just for fun, you'll come back every year.  


Image Courtesy: Youtube

Date And Venue: 21st December 2019, Excelsior American School Gurugram (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: Free

Event Link


7. Alpine Christmas Carnival 2019 At Alpine Convent School Gurugram 

It's undeniably the biggest Christmas carnival of Gurgaon. With attractions like the tallest Santa ever, a hot air balloon ride, more than 100 activities for participants of all shapes and sizes (all-age groups), no wonder they experience a footfall of over 5k people every year. If just being a part of such a grandeur celebration is not enough for you, then come here to soak in some worthy ambience and to nosh in some of the best Christmas delicacies in town. 


Image Courtesy: Youtube

Date And Venue: 21st December 2019, Alpine Convent School Gurugram (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: INR 50

Event Link


8. JJhalak Christmas Wonderland At East End Club Delhi 

Presented by Jjhalak, the Christmas Weekend is sure to sweep you off your feet with its all things merry Christmas celebrations of 2019. With a great exhibition and much more fun around shopping, activities and photo-ops that would surely grace your Social Media with colours of celebration, you would crave for it every year if you attend it this once. 


Image Courtesy: Facebook

Date And Venue: 21st December 2019, East End Club, Delhi (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: Free 

Event Link


9. Satrangi Bazaar Christmas Carnival At Radisson Blu 

This Christmas, wake up to the biggest exhibition for the shopaholics among, the Satrangi Bazaar Christmas Carnival At Radisson Blu Faridabad. Just about all things classy, necessary and worthy fashion under the same roof, this Christmas, splurge out love on yourself and indulge in one of the best shopping experiences ever. 


Image Courtesy: Events High

Date And Venue: 21st December 2019, Radisson Blu Faridabad (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: Free

Event Link



10. #Goodvibesfest Christmas Carnival At The Close South Nirvana Country 

It's all about good vibes on Christmas and the Close South Nirvana Country has brought us much closer to all things Christmasy this year. And it's about something for everyone, from shopping to choir performances to carol singing and the most admired Christmas tree as your perfect backdrop, it's going to be simply amazing for those looking forward to a great Christmas 2019.  


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Date And Venue: 22nd December 2019, The Close South Nirvana Country (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: Free


11. Tingaland Christmas Carnival At Tingaland 3rd Floor Starling Retail Noida 

Tingaland, a melting pot of gaming and fun for kids, brings to you one of the most extravagant Christmas celebrations in Delhi-NCR. A spot for one and all, Tingaland is sure to surprise you with its offbeat ideas like a quirked up secret Santa gig they pulled last year. Ideal for a day out with your kids, make the Christmas celebrations worthier than ever for your family over here. Buy some toys, Christmas themed merchandise and indulge in some kid-friendly activities to spend some quality time with your young ones, this one's for those who would love to be kids again.   


Image Courtesy: Mycityforkids

Date And Venue: 22nd December 2019, Tingaland, Noida (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: Not Disclosed


12. Christmas Cheers At Hyatt Place Gurgaon

Christmas calls for a feast, that's known to all, what's not is that one of the best feasts in town will be held at the Hyatt Place Gurgaon. If you're not done deciding upon a venue for the Christmas eve and night, then simply head to the Hyatt Gurgaon without a tint of doubt.    


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Date And Venue: 24th December 2019, Hyatt Place Gurgaon (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: Packages From 1111 Onwards


13. Christmas Eve Dinner With Saarthak Sachdeva - 38 Barracks CP 

How about some musical magic to spread the love around on your Christmas this year? Well, we've got you something of the same at 38 Barracks CP. A night with Saarthak Sachdeva as your captain to sail you through the festivities, and who can ask for anything else. Club it with some mouthwatering food, chic decor settings and your special one along, and the night culminates into something worthier than ever.  


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Date And Venue: 24th December 2019, 38 Barracks (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: INR 3999 Onwards 


14. Jingle Jam At The Great India Place Noida 

One of the most entertaining Christmas events in Delhi, the Jingle Jam is the biggest effort to make your Christmas eve celebrations more festive and fun. Come here to witness the biggest lineup of fun, music and food from across the nation. Held at the Great India Place Noida, it's not unusual for their Christmas event to be over the top and all things extravagant. 

christmas-events-in-delhi-ncr-__Jingle Jam Great_India_Place_Noida

Image Courtesy: What's Up Life

Date And Venue: 24th December 2019, The Great India Place Noida (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: Free

Event Link 


15.  The Christmas Carnival - DNL Festival At Ansal Plaza 

Powered by DNL, a growing community of 50+ lifestyle and hospitality brands from across the nation, the Christmas Carnival is bucket list entry for those looking up to Christmas celebrations in the town. The two-day event will bring along homegrown labels, multi-cuisine food to drool over and much more fun that you won't be able to say no to. The celebration is sure to be culturally and festivity packed for the beholders. Come here to shop, to have great food or just to soak in some Christmasy shades of this city, one thing remains the same, you're definitely in for a treat!   


Image Courtesy: LBB

Date And Venue: 24th December 2019, Ansal Plaza, August Kranti Marg (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: INR 499 Onwards


16. Christmas Carnival 2019 At Football Stadium, Gaur City, Greater Noida 

Gaur City is back with its bigger than ever Christmas celebration! With more drool-worthy restaurants, bars, an epic flea market Gaur City is sure to rock your Christmas 2019 with this great feast of life! With more drool-worthy restaurants, bars, an epic flea market, a bigger and better experience zone, seriously delicious food and Christmasy vibes you won't find anywhere else. If you've ever witnessed a great Christmas celebration, then this is going to scale up your expectations for the future. 


Image Courtesy: Facebook

Date And Venue: 24th December 2019, Football Stadium, Gaur City (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: INR 200 Onwards

Event Link


17. Christmas Carnival 2019 At Playboy Club, Samrat Hotel, New Delhi

And one for the party animals among! After 4 consecutive years of successful Christmas carnival, the Swag Festival India brings you a yet another Christmas fest to make your festivities bigger, better and worthier. And it's not an emulation of the efforts in the past, but it's everything new for the partygoers of Delhi. Just be here and experience one of the most fun places for Christmas 2019. Indulge in music, food and fun,   


Image Courtesy: Facebook

Date And Venue: 25th December 2019, Playboy, Samrat Hotel (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: Not Disclosed

Event Link


18. Santa Storm Christmas Festival At Gol Chakkar Cafe Kalkaji, Delhi

A Christmas Jam like no other, the Santa Storm Christmas Festival will surely strike the right chords for your Christmas celebration this year. The events hosted in the previous years stand evident to the fact that the Santa Storm Christmas Festival 2019 is surely going to be as great a hit this once as well. Get your party boots on and save the date for the best Christmas ever at the Gol Chakkar Cafe Kalkaji.  


Image Courtesy: Facebook

Date And Venue: 25th December 2019, Gol Chakkar Cafe, Kalkaji (Get Directions)

Entry Fee: INR 2300 Onwards (Couple Entry)

Event Link


This year, come and witness the best Christmas Celebrations in town at these best events in Delhi NCR. For when the merriest of months strike ground zero, you should be up and running for some fun and festivities you cannot find anywhere else.  



Q. Will there be cover charges for the price of the tickets we have to pay?

A. At some of these places, there will be cover charges, which would be stated in the ticket description or T&C that follows. 


Q. Will there be alcohol served at these places?

A. Ideally, there won't be any alcohol served at the majority of these events, but at some parties that will be hosted at alcohol friendly places, you can buy some drinks on your own.


Q. Will there be parking available at these events?

A. No, parking won't be available from the event organisers' end, and they won't hold any responsibility for vehicles parked nearby to the venue. Owners can park their vehicles at their own risk.


Q. Will there be an age restriction implied?

A. A number of these events are meant for kids, and hence an age restriction is out of the question. However, at some places, there might be such a clause which would be defined to you while making reservations.  


Q. At places which have paid entry, will these tickets be refundable?

A. That totally depends on the terms & conditions implied, however, these tickets are usually non-refundable in nature. 

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