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Your Festive Cheat Sheet Is Here - Best Xmas Displays In Mumbai To Seek Inspiration From

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Dec. 12, 2019 6 min read

Mumbaikars, brace-up tight for a gleaming night! It's finally the time of year when Santa comes down on a red & white sleigh, shouting Ho-Ho-Ho, sweeping all your miseries away. 


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Come Christmas, the entire city gets enveloped up in hues of reds, whites and blue. These days, every nook and cranny makes you sing out loud those truly merry tunes and Mumbai does it better than anywhere else. So let's walk you through the best Christmas displays in the city, where you can click selfies, soak in the festivities or at least seek some inspiration for your Christmas home decor.


Image Courtesy: Amana Colonies


And when talking of the panoramically mesmerizing displays of Christmas celebrations, the first stop on the list is definitely going to be the mammoth shopping malls of Mumbai.


Image Courtesy: Cadbury World


So let's head out on a hunt for celebrations across the city and uncover the best-kept secrets that surface only when it rings out loud - the soothing bells of a merry Christmas. 


Phoenix Mall

Apart from a well ornamented and adorned Christmas decor, The High Street Phoenix Mall comes up with a variety of fun activities as well. Making one of the most sought after shopping destinations for Mumbaikars to be a bucket list entry for Christmas festivity hoppers. The theme this year is the World of Christmas, a European Christmas Market experience that is touted to be the largest Christmas Market curation in the entire nation. Come here to experience the most extravagant feast of festivities and a breathtaking sight you wouldn't give up upon so easy.  


Image Courtesy: youtube



Viviana Mall

Gear up for a Christmas celebration that makes you be that child once again. At Viviana Mall, all your Christmasy fantasies would come true! Previously, they have organised the most engaging Christmas events in the city, and with a Christmas decor that you won't be able to stop gazing at, it's all the more a reason to head out here. And this once, the fever is only rising every minute. Enthusiasts from all corners of the city would be flocking in to get a sight of this decked up Christmas display. So make plans already and come here to experience the best of everything merry under the same roof.  


Image Courtesy: youtube


Korum Mall

Every Christmas, the Korum Mall comes up with awe-inspiring Christmas activities and shopping delights for one and all. From carol singing to Selfies with Santa, you get it all at the Korum Mall. One of the most visited shopping hubs of Mumbai, the Korum is also recognised for its appealing Christmas decor every year. Staged as the best among many, this should definitely be on your list of must-visit Christmas Displays in Mumbai.  


Image Courtesy: Events High


Infinity Mall

They even have a Christmas carnival for the guests! Every year, the Infinity mall turns into a wonderland of Christmas festivities with all things merry and colourful around. From a picturesque setup that would make you pull out your smartphone for a selfie to the musicals and carol performances that just complete the Christmasy vibe that you've been longing for since last year, just about everything at the Infinity Mall would make fall in love with this festival. No wonder, people come to this place religiously every year and which is a source of inspiration for the mall authorities to upgrade and iconify their Christmas celebrations every single once.   


Image Courtesy: Twitter


Oberoi Mall

They extend your festivities to the heights of heaven, that's all! The first sight of the Oberoi Mall during Christmas is like feeling the first snow through your eyes. Along with the mesmerisingly beautiful decor, they do it all to make it a merriest of experiences for you. From choirs to workshops for kids and a Christmas market to bag some memories away, you won't leave disappointed from one of the most luxurious shopping malls of Mumbai, the Oberoi.    


Image Courtesy: Mumbai


Hiranandani Powai

And this locality is nothing less of a theatrical backdrop for a truly merry Christmas. During this time of the year, the entire locality gets draped in lights and colours of Christmas at best. Nothing short of a treat for the eyes, just a stroll through these alleys would make you feel wrapped in Christmas festivities. Adorning the entire setup like icing on the cake is the winter light fiesta that's held every year, making the entire sub-city glam up on the shades of merry.  


Image Courtesy: Twitter



R-city Mall 

The biggest mall of Mumbai comes with the loudest notes of Christmas celebration every once. The assortment confines a huge Christmas tree, winter-themed decor, props, activities for kids, performances, shopping deals exclusive to Christmas and what not you can ask from your Christmas celebrations. Come here for fun and you'll be a fan forever. The R-City mall is known to host the best events across Mumbai, and given such a reputation to live up to, their Christmas bonanza is sure to leave you astonished. If you're looking for a place that's all things Christmasy and fun, then this is your one stop shop. 


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Christmas brings in so many shades of happiness in our life. And when in a city like Mumbai, the level of excitement is always bigger, better and worthier for those looking up to these festivities. This once, don't just head out to shop, but grab some beautiful experiences speckled across the town. Head to these best Christmas Displays in Mumbai and garner some merry memories to be cherished for long. 



Q. Will there be an entry fee charged for these places?

A. No, there won't be any charge for entry to these places.


Q. Will there be activities for kids available?

A. At most of the places, the organisers do come up with activities and games for kids and adults as well. But no accurate information on the same is available as of now. 


Q. Will the parking charges be high during these days?

A. No, standard parking charges would be levied, however, due to excessive rush, parking slots may be limited for the footfall and hence it is advised to use public transport for a commute. 


Q. Will there be Christmas specific stalls and markets held at these places? Can I buy Christmas decor and things from here?

A. Yes, but not everywhere, there are Christmas markets held at some of these places, but please check the exact info on the official websites before heading out for some Christmas Shopping. Check out the Christmas Markets in Mumbai for the need instead!

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