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A Sights For The Sore Eyes - Witness The Most Enchanting Christmas Displays Across Gurgaon

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Dec. 13, 2019 7 min read

Christmas decorations make the festivities shine out loud! Especially for those who endure as fast a lifestyle that we are used to in Gurgaon! But in this cyber age that's underway, such a paced up temperament becomes a need of the hour. And to balance out the mundane velocity of events around us, some Christmas festivities fall right in place


Image Courtesy: Waterfront Hall


So today, let's plan out a break from this monotony with some great Christmas displays across G-town! Let's head out and get clicked with the merriest of backdrops ever! Make some memories that take us right into our childhood and let's relive those days of Christmasy lights and sassy nights


1. Ambience Mall

A pioneer among the chic elements of Gurgaon, the Ambience mall is home to one of the best Christmas decors across Gurgaon. From trinkets and ornaments gracing a huge Christmas tree to the fairy lights that make for such a merry atmosphere inside, everything Christmasy is what conjures it to be a perfect spot for Christmas Celebrations. Along with the jaw-dropping decor, the shops and eateries contribute in huge leaps and bounds to make it a great experience for the guests. Take a glance anywhere, and the Christmasy theme is abundant. Simply perfect for those selfies to start your festivities on a merrier note.  


Image Courtesy: DforDelhi



2. DLF Cyber Hub

A melting pot of the pleasures of life, (Not the vices though) the DLF Cyber Hub comes next in the list of best Christmas displays in Gurgaon. During Christmas, the place scales up to each and every expectation of the beholders. A gaze-worthy Christmas tree, a north pole theme that's so Christmasy and the lights and ornamental display of colours would leave you in a state of frenzy for the entire time these festivities clock in again. More of a reason to celebrate Christmas, the DLF Cyber Hub is unrivalled in terms of making the festivities brighter, better and over the top


Image Courtesy: Theme Weavers


3. Sector 29

The party hub of Gurgaon is no less when it comes to Christmas decorations as well. The square complex of fun and feasts becomes a huge bouquet of lights and colours during Christmas. If you're planning an evening over here, then you should definitely capture the sights from behind the camera as well. And although, after a couple of drinks or more, things start to look Christmasy on their own, yet you won't need any nectar as such to soak in the Christmas celebrations held over here. And which are extravagantly displayed all across this party hub of Gurgaon.


Image Courtesy: The Statesman


4. Galeria Market

Feeling low? Head to Galeria! Need something yummy? Head to Galeria! Need to click a selfie? Head to Galeria! For the best Christmas festivities, definitely head to Galeria! It's like the coolest of hang-out spots in G-town, that comes up with cooler than ever Christmas decorations every single once. And to be a part of these festivities is the next best thing to actually being at the north pole on a dinner table with the Santa. Quite literally! For when it's so densely packed with so many flavours of merry, you won't belive your mind to be anywhere else. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


5. DLF City Court

Architecturally, it's Christmasy all year round! But during the merrier days, it transforms into something that's tailor-fit to festivities. Idyllic for Christmas celebrations, the decorations they come up are more like a thick layer of icing on the top, making the final result to be absolutely awe-inspiring and Insta-worthy. Come here to shop or to eat, you won't be able to keep away from appreciating the decor at this place.    


Image Courtesy:


6. DLF Park Place

A residential complex, that's touted to host a fair share of Christmas festivities, comes up with one of the best Christmas displays as well. Come here with your loved ones and be a part of this merriest of sojourns. If Santa was to choose a place to stay, he'd definitely choose this one over many. It's that beautiful and defined for Christmas every year. All things amazing for kids and adults alike, the place and the vibes around would make you fall in love with Christmas all over again.   


Image Courtesy: Wikipedia


7. Gurgaon Central

The theme of Gurgaon Central happens to be Christmasy already! With colours like red and green generously used all along, they don't even need to add more flavours of Christmas in the air. Contrary to which, their efforts to make things merry speak on their behalf. Jewelled up with ornaments, trinkets and Christmas trees, the entire place lights up in a beautiful shine of festivities. Come here to shop and leave with some great memories and pictures this Christmas. 


Image Courtesy: We Are Gurgaon



8. MGF Metropolitan

For fun with family & all things Christmasy, the location to be? MGF Metropolitan Gurgaon! Every year, they spread the magic of Christmas and the glitters of festivity so generously that you won't wish to go anywhere else. It's definitely a great photo op for those who like to seal away great memories in their modern-day treasure troves, the Social Media profiles. Their life-sized Christmas tree and other assortments of festivity make for the most beautiful setup for a Christmas memory you need.    


Image Courtesy: Gleegl


9. DLF Cyber City

DLF Cyber City is not just another office complex, it is the playground for creativity, and which comes up with one of the best Christmas displays across all of Gurgaon. The place itself complements anything adorned over it, but it's about the fairy lights and ornamental decorations that make it a tough competition to the major players in the race of best Christmas Displays in the city.  


Image Courtesy: What's Up Life


10. Your Workplace In Gurgaon

If you happen to work in Gurgaon, then it's likely that your office space would be decorated pretty decently. And what's better if you don't have to search for some great Christmas decorations anywhere else. So even if you can't get out you can still get clicked and spread the festive fever at your workplace. Or at least, make your peeps envious of your office space but just remember to leave it on a merrier note this Christmas. 


Image Courtesy: Open Sourced Workplace


During this time of year, the sight of Christmas lights and decorations follow you everywhere you go. But isn't it something that brings you closer to the festivities even when you're stuck in the daily chores of life? Indeed it does! And when in Gurgaon, it won't feel like Christmas, unless you head out in the evening, with the special one in your life or with your family, which holds an even special place in our world and soak in the merriest of flavours and colours speckled at the best Christmas displays in the city. So go ahead and check out these best Christmas decorations in Gurgaon and kick-start your Christmas 2019 with on a panoramic note of festivities.  



Q. Will there be an entry fee charged for these places?

A. No, there won't be any charge for entry to these places.


Q. Will there be activities for kids available?

A. At most of the places, the organisers do come up with activities and games for kids and adults as well. But no accurate information on the same is available as of now. 


Q. Will the parking charges be high during these days?

A. No, standard parking charges would be levied, however, due to excessive rush, parking slots may be limited for the footfall and hence it is advised to use public transport for a commute. 


Q. Will there be Christmas specific stalls and markets held at these places? Can I buy Christmas decor and things from here?

A. Yes, but not everywhere, there are Christmas markets held at some of these places, but please check the exact info on the official websites before heading out for some Christmas Shopping. Check out the Christmas Markets in NCR for the need instead!  

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