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Got A Selfie With Santa? Get Clicked At The Best Christmas Displays Of 2019 In Delhi

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Dec. 11, 2019 11 min read

Christmas celebrations are always vibrantly displayed across the nation and heading out to the colourfully lit malls and venues that come up with the best Christmas Decor would surely bring out that utmost sense of merry within you. No wonder, people from all walks of life, from the various aspects of diversity and sects in our nation, come together to be a part of this celebration and make it a phenomenal feast of life. 


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So today, let's delve ourselves further and check out the best Christmas displays across Delhi, where you can click pictures, soak in the Christmasy vibes and shop something or the other that makes your life more merrier than ever. 


1. Champa Gali

The hidden gems of Delhi's hospitality, the Champa Gali is sure to knock a home run for all your Christmas needs and desires. A place as beautifully decorated as it usually is, the Champa Gali is sure to unveil the best of Christmas Decors in all of Delhi. Serving a host of festive flavours on the palette for one and all, their Christmas decorations would surely bring about that long-lasting wow from within you. Come here and experience the glitter and shine of the last festive stretch of 2019 and you'll wait for the time to clock in next year, that's guaranteed!  


Image Credits: DforDelhi


Place: Saket (Get Directions)

Nearest Metro Station: Saket (Yellow Line)


2. Select City Walk Saket

One of the top entries in the list of the best Christmas Decorations in Delhi is nothing but the Select City Walk Saket. Hoards of people come here just to witness the classy, wintery and wonder worthy Christmas decor they come up with every year. A display that inspires awe every single year, has been a hit among Delhiites since the previous few years and is going to be equally praise-worthy this once as well. Coupled with a Christmas market, you get a complete package of festive fun when at the Select City Walk Saket. If you've been to this beautiful mall in the heart of D-town before, then you would know the kind of celebrations they come up with every year, making it all the more a reason to head out there this once as well and if you wish to satiate all your X-Mas desires in 2019. 


Image Credits: Select Citywalk


Place: Saket (Get Directions)

Nearest Metro Station: Saket (Yellow Line)


3. Mall Of India

And this one needs no introduction anymore! It's definitely one of the most visited shopping hubs of Delhi NCR and is equally worthy for a perfect backdrop for your Christmas celebrations. The Mall Of India is one of those places where extravagance is measured up to the brim every single once. Yeah, literally, they go all guns blazing when it comes to festivities. On Christmas, the need justifies their efforts put behind. For when you take your first step into this mammoth shopping hub, you witness all things Christmasy around you and there's nothing better if you like things to be a notch above everything else. Definitely a treat for your eyes and all your bodily senses to come here during Christmas days.  


Image Credits: DelhiBlogger


Place: Noida (Get Directions)

Nearest Metro Station: Noida Sector 18 (Blue Line)



4. Pacific Mall Subash Nagar

Another haven for over the top festivities and Christmas decor in Delhi, the Pacific Mall at Tagore Garden comes up with an impeccably beautiful Christmas display every year. The previous once, the footfall increased so drastically just to witness the wonderful Christmas theme they had come up with, they had to limit the parking slots available for guests. This goes out to all the Christmas hoppers in D-town, this one is a must-do bucket list element. Come here with your kids and loved ones, and you're in for so many beautiful memories to last for years to come ahead. With a huge Christmas tree, props and highly perceivable festive vibes speckled around, your Christmas 2019 celebrations would spark-up on a larger than merriest of notes at the Pacific Mall Subhash Nagar.


Image Credits: Youtube


Place: Subhash Nagar (Get Directions)

Nearest Metro Station: Subhash Nagar (Blue Line)


5. Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj

All things fun and festive, the Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj is somewhere you get close to the true meaning of Christmas celebrations. Touted as a melting pot of entertainment, shopping and a plethora of fun worthy experiences in Delhi, the Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj is undeniably a great start to your Christmas 2019 celebrations. The entire look and feel of this well-renowned shopping-mall transforms into a winter wonderland comprising various shades of merry and fun. Come here for some insta-worthy clicks or to revel yourself in one of the biggest Christmas celebration of D-town, you won't leave disappointed.   


Image Credits: DforDelhi


Place: Vasant Kunj (Get Directions)

Nearest Metro Station: Chattarpur (Yellow Line)


6. Venice Mall Noida

And then came the beauty among the best! Although, the decor and the ambience of the Venice mall make for a reason enough to head there on any given day, yet during Christmas, it's simply relief for the sore eyes. From fairy lights to the trinkets and a colourfully lit Christmas tree, a visit to the Venice Mall would make you travel back to those childhood memories. When you wished the greens would cloak in white and the taps of reindeers grace the night. From the Gondolas to the main entrance area, the entire look and feel of this giant shopping heaven makes it definitely worth a visit during Christmas. Who knows what new and exciting they'll come up with this once. Well, one thing is for sure, it will be worth every single minute of your time. 


the_grand_venice_mall_noidaImage Credits: Curly tales


Place: Greater Noida (Get Directions)

Nearest Metro Station: Depot Metro Station (Aqua Line)


7. DLF Promenade Vasant Kunj

In the race of best Christmas Decors in Delhi, DLF Promenade is getting better and better every year. People from all across Delhi come here to be a part of this legendary display of winter festivities and go home with an experience they love coming back to every single once. Undeniably, it has become an addiction of Christmas lovers in D-town and once you've been to the DLF Promenade during Christmas, you'll be a party to it forever. Personally, I would rate this to be better than anywhere else because I've garnered so many great memories of this place. From the stores to the eateries and the staff of the DLF Promenade, just about everything conspires to make it all greatly Christmasy for you. Given the pandemonium of colours and lights that simply bring out that huge smile, your kids would love it out here. Come in a group of friends or with the little bundles of joy, you'll leave with a score of pictures and great memories to grace your life. For this and for that, the DLF Promenade is an all-inclusive destination for Christmas lovers across the town.


Image Credits: DelhiNCr


Place: Vasant Kunj (Get Directions)

Nearest Metro Station: Chattarpur (Yellow Line)


8. DLF Emporio Vasant Kunj

An epitome of luxury and panache, the DLF Emporio leaves no stone unturned while decorating the place for Christmas and trust me on this, but it is better than anything across the city in a number of ways. Personifying glam and subtle style in every inch of their Christmas themes, this one is for those who like it bright but not flashy on the beauty quotient. Like snowflakes transcending down the heavens above and glittery shimmers sneaking in just about everywhere necessary, the entire setup is classy and chic for a description at the least. If shopping at one of the stores here a little heavy on your pockets, then come here to complete the Christmas decor hopping bucket list this 2019.    


Image Credits: DLF Emporio


Place: Vasant Kunj (Get Directions)

Nearest Metro Station: Chattarpur (Yellow Line)


9. Dilli Haat INA

And who can deny a visit to the INA Dilli Haat whenever festivities clock in? I wouldn't, ever! A place known for its themed decor and a tourist destination during most times of a year, during Christmas, it's where locals and tourists come together to celebrate the merriest of festivities in unison. As kids, I would wait for a reason to head out there and just to soak in the eclectically amazing vibes that waft in its air. They come up with occasion-specific musical performances, stalls that sell Christmasy merchandise and the state-specific eateries come up with Christmas deals & discounts to seal the deal of fun for the visitors. For many, it's just the colourful display they come to witness every single once. And which is entirely a different reason to be here whenever there is a reason to celebrate.   


Image Credits: Trip Savvy


Place: INA (Get Directions)

Nearest Metro Station: INA (Yellow Line)



10. Vegas Mall Dwarka Sector 14

One of the most recent amaze of Delhi-ites, is this huge mall that has finally come up in one of the trendiest localities of Delhi, Dwarka Sector 14. And if you've not heard of all the buzz around it, then don't even consider yourself a true Dilliwala. Touted for all things gigantically fun, the Vegas Mall is a debutante in the race for the best Christmas decors across Delhi NCR. But the news will only make you more excited about the place because this once they're going to make it bigger and better than anyone else in the competition. This newly spawned shopping complex may be less heard of, but is definitely making ripples in the D-town for its amazing ambience and decor already. With a 12 screen multiplex and much more to offer, it's a one of a kind pioneer among its class and with so many other Christmasy experiences at Vegas Mall Dwarka, we're surely looking up to the raised expectations by now.  


Image Credits:


Place: Dwarka (Get Directions)

Nearest Metro Station: Dwarka Sector 14 (Blue Line)


11. Connaught Place

For everything festive, we love heading to Connaught Place always. And why not, they come up with the best decorations and festive vibes that make for a serious competition to places across the nation. And so, why shouldn't we say the least about it, to "just head out there every Christmas". And get coated with the colonial charm of the circular white market complex, when it's brightly lit in Christmasy hues, and when at a short walk ahead is one of the best churches in D-town, making it a venue for the best Christmas display in Delhi NCR.     


Image Credits: Vagabomb


Place: Connaught Place (Get Directions)

Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk (Intersection of Multiple lines)


12. Hauz Khas Village

The HKV is not out of Vogue, but is definitely getting bigger and better on the festivities every year. When the Christmas carols come flying by your ears and when the entire ambience gets merrier around, HKV turns all shades Christmasy! Known to be home to the best party hubs in Delhi, HKV comes up with such beautiful Christmas decorations every year, that you can't miss out on this if you're planning to head out for some of the best festive displays in D-town


Image Credits: Just Delhiing


Place: Hauz Khas (Get Directions)

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas (Yellow Line & Magenta Line)


The true sense of Christmas is coming together in masses and sharing the happiness among one another. Every year, at a number of places across the globe, people start their Christmas celebration with huge congregations and isn't it truly the foremost sense of festivities? Well, indeed it is. And so this once, don't just snuggle in your warm cosy beds with a hot cup of goodness, but head out and explore what the world around has to offer. The best way across? Head to the best Christmas displays in Delhi and get those selfies clicked with the best festive backdrops in D-town



Q. Will there be an entry fee charged for these places?

A. No, there won't be any charge for entry to these places, except the Dilli Haat INA, where a ticket applies with or without any festive celebrations being held. 


Q. Will there be activities for kids available?

A. At most of the places, the organisers do come up with activities and games for kids and adults as well. But no accurate information on the same is available as of now. 


Q. Will the parking charges be high during these days?

A. No, standard parking charges would be levied, however, due to excessive rush, parking slots may be limited for the footfall and hence it is advised to use public transport for a commute. 


Q. Will there be Christmas specific stalls and markets held at these places? Can I buy Christmas decor and things from here?

A. Yes, but not everywhere, there are Christmas markets held at some of these places, but please check the exact info on the official websites before heading out for some Christmas Shopping. Check out the Christmas Markets in Delhi for the need instead!

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