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21 Cake Shops In Mumbai Worth Dying For

By Sonal Sharma

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 12 min read

You know your life lacks flavor if you aren't daydreaming about cakes. In fact, cake is one of the biggest reasons why people look forward to birthday celebrations and weddings...If you like your cake classy and delish and if you happen to be in Mumbai, we have this awesome list of best cake shops in Mumbai for you. Read on to find where to get the coolest cakes with 10/10 taste ranking in Mumbai: 


1. Theobroma

Theobroma is kind of a legendary shop, well known for its brilliant cakes and desserts. If you haven't bought a cake from Theobroma in Mumbai, then you better mark this thing off your bucket list because it's totally worth it. You will adore the stunning range of cakes, croissants, pastries and what not! So, go and spoil yourself at this awesome cake shop in Mumbai and we promise you that you won't be disappointed.   


Photo Courtesy: Theobroma


Highlights: Home delivery, indoor seating, cozy ambiance  

Cuisine: Quickbites

Must Haves: Mutton Puffs, Chocolate Tiramisu  

Cost for two: INR 500

Address: 24, Cusrow Baug, Electric House, Colaba, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 70 4559 0013 


2. Vanilla Beans

When you can best cakes in Mumbai, you simply can't ignore Vanilla Beans! Just one of the best bakeries in Mumbai selling delish cakes, Vanilla Beans is one sinful bakery that will get you hooked like never before!  


Photo Courtesy: Vanilla Beans 


Highlights: Exquisite variety of desserts 

Cuisine: Quickbites/Desserts

Must Haves: You will love the brownies

Cost for two: INR 500

Address: 16, Araadhna Apartments, Off Gurunanak Road, Bandra Talao, Bandra West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 3395 6119


3. The Boston Cupcakery

You simply don't say cakes out loud in Mumbai and not visit this stunning place called the Boston Cupcakery. Counted among the best bakeries in Mumbai, it has a broad menu of cakes that will definitely appeal to your taste buds and if you are all about the sugary sweets, this will be a heaven for you. 


Photo Courtesy: The Boston Cupcakery 


Highlights: Cute Ambiance, Lovely Decor  

Cuisine: Quickbites

Must Haves: Blueberry cupcakes, chocolate waffles 

Cost for two: INR 600

Address: Goregaon West, Goregaon West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 2876 7911


4. Melting Morsels

When we say Melting Morsels, think cute because it's all about cute things at this super charming pastry shop! This good ole fashioned shop is all about colors and interesting things. Everything at Melting Morsels begins with creativity so if you have a never-ending appetite that says rejoice in desserts, Melting Morsels is the place!   


Photo Courtesy: Melting Morsels 


Highlights: Indoor Seating 

Cuisine: Quickbites/Cakes

Must Haves: Tres Leches, Naked Berry Cakes 

Cost for two: INR 300

Address: Shop 3, Dheeraj Swapna CHS, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 3015 0850 


5. Indulgence

Delight yourself with some delightful cakes at Indulgence! Your love for all things sweet just got a new name and it's all about indulging your fancy with the sinful choices at Indulgence. Feel no shame in saying that yes, you like it hot and sassy and happy and cutie at this awesome bakery in Mumbai.  


Photo Courtesy: Indulgence 


Highlights: Cozy place, broad menu  

Cuisine: Desserts, Cakes

Must Haves: Lemon Cheesecake, Brownies 

Cost for two: INR 450 

Address: Shop 7, Munish Apartments, Mulund West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 84 2299 3535  


6. Dark Temptations

The name does full justice to the place as it's all about your satiating your darkest fantasies involving food and chocolate! You'll love the variety of cakes here and more than that you will keep coming back for the cute customized cakes for sure. Since it's primarily a cake shop, we won't go into the ambiance details but yes, the cakes here are sure worth your money.     


Photo Courtesy: Dark Temptations


Highlights: Breakfast, Desserts & Bakes

Cuisine: Desserts, Cakes 

Must Haves: Blueberry Cheesecake, Mango Delight 

Cost for two: INR 400

Address: 24/30 Federation House, Opposite Metro Cinema, Marine Lines, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 2205 0069


7. Love & Cheesecake 

If a cake shop has cheesecake in its name, it's testimony that it's 100% worth your time! We are a huge fan of Powai based Love & Cheesecake not only because they have the cutest name but also because they have a menu worth dying for. Since it has the best cheesecakes and red-velvet cakes, we are sure that you will surely acquaint yourself with the place once you visit and not get enough of it. 


Photo Courtesy: Love & Cheesecake 


Highlights: Indoor Seating Available, Home delivery 

Cuisine: Dessert & Cakes 

Must Haves: Red Velvet Cake, Blueberry cheesecake 

Cost for two: INR 1000

Address: Eden 2, Central Ave, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 98 1993 5135


8. Not Just Desserts by Sabina

Sabina's desserts and cakes follow a certain special style that has been passed on to her in the family. Bringing her wealth of culinary knowledge alive with masterful baking, Not Just Desserts by Sabina is hands down one of the best cakes shops in Mumbai. There are plenty of variations and you will find awesome options for children too so you can get your cake customized as well.   best-cake-shops-mumbai-not-just-desserts-by-sabina_image

Photo Courtesy: Not Just Desserts By Sabina


Highlights: Indoor Seating 

Cuisine: Desserts, Cakes

Must Haves: Blueberry Cheesecake, Dutch Truffle Cake  

Cost for two: INR 500 

Address: 20/5, Podar House, Kidwai Road, Wadala, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 3015 1117


9. Aaron’s Bake and Brew House

When we say Aaron's Bake & Brew House, think great variety and exquisite desserts. Yes, again, it is a cake shop and since it made it to our list, let us tell you that it's indeed one of the best. You will surely love the variety of cakes with the divine, rich taste that the awesome bakers at Aaron's never compromise with. 


Photo Courtesy: Aaron's Bake & Brew House 


Highlights: Great variety of desserts, Rich cakes 

Cuisine: Quickbites

Must Haves: 

Cost for two: INR 250

Address: 5, Lourdes Heritage, Marve Road, Orlem, Malad West, Mumbai (Get Directions) 

Contact: +91 99 2057 9059 


10. Ovenfresh

Ovenfresh is hands down a winner when it comes to delectable taste and style. One bakery that caters to mass taste without limiting their options, Ovenfresh is simply too good and yes, it's also true. We promise you that you will indeed love the range of cakes at Ovenfresh and will pine for more once you get the taste. 


Photo Courtesy: Ovenfresh 


Highlights: Aesthetically stunning cakes, brownies worth dying for 

Cuisine: Dessert and cakes 

Must Haves: Mixed Mushroom on Mascarpone, Original Swiss Fondue 

Cost for two: INR 1200

Address: Kiran Building, Ranade Road, Dadar Shivaji Park, Dadar West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 6760 0000


11. The Bakers Dozen

When in a mood for something sweet and happy, head to the Baker's Dozen! We are talking about it and we must assure that the Baker's Dozen is indeed one of the best cake shops in Mumbai worth the chatter. If you are not much of a foodie, even then the vibes will appeal to you as the menu is indeed enticing with extensive and traditonal baked items like bread, croissant, chocoaltes, cakes, muffins, etc.   


Photo Courtesy: The Bakers Dozen


Highlights: Got plum cake worth dying for, grand variety of desserts

Cuisine: Fast Food 

Must Haves: Chocolate Croissant, Plum Cake 

Cost for two: INR 400

Address: Shop 9, Jayant Apartments, Appasaheb Marathe Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 6743 1313


12. The Rolling Pin

At The Rolling Pin, you will get plenty of international snacking options so there's more to the place than just cakes. It's all about the grandeur of this informal hangout space where you can enjoy with friends but what delights us the most about The Rolling Pin is the range of stunning cakes it has


Photo Courtesy: The Rolling Pin 


Highlights: Indoor Seating, Cozy Ambiance 

Cuisine: Quick Bites

Must Haves: Nutella Cookies are the best! 

Cost for two: INR 700

Address: 12, Janta Industrial Estate, Senapat Bapat Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai (Get Directions) 

Contact: +91 22 4610 4612


13. Love Sugar & Dough

If the name isn't cheesy enough, we are sure you will fall in love with the all cakes cheese at Love, Sugar, and Dough. Definitely, an awesome cake shop that champions creativity in every facet, Love, Sugar and Dough is plain one place you must visit if you are out on the quest for the best cakes ever in Mumbai.  


Photo Courtesy: Love, Sugar & Dough 


Highlights: Cool Decor, wide variety of menu 

Cuisine: Quickbites

Must Haves: Blueberry Cheesecake, Macaroon, Hazelnut Praline  

Cost for two: INR 400

Address: Shop 5, Classic Tower, Nair Road, Mumbai Central, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 96 1966 0104


14. Bombay Baking Company

With such a hipster name, the bakery is bound to pique your interest! True to its reputation, Bombay Baking Company is actually one of the best bakeries in the whole wide world of splendid Mumbai. With magnificent customized cakes, you will surely love the place as the menu will spoil you with choices.    


Photo Courtesy: Bombay Baking Company 


Highlights: Indoor Seating, Full Bar (Frequented by celebs)  

Cuisine: Dessert & Cakes 

Must Haves: Sandwiches, Macaroons  

Cost for two: INR 1600

Address: JW Marriott, Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 6693 3000 


15. Le 15 Patisserie

Pooja Dhingra is already a well-known name in the chef community and Le 15 Patisserie is a testament to her skills. Not only are the cakes worth falling head over heels in love but you will love the creativity infused with traditional cakes. This specialty cake shop is all about making your experience classy and we are sure that you will love the renowned macaroons.   


Photo Courtesy: Le 15 Patisserie 


Highlights: Cozy indoor seating 

Cuisine: Desserts and cakes 

Must Haves: Best macaroons ever! 

Cost for two: INR 300

Address: 1st Floor, Palladium Mall, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 70 4525 7394


16. Birdy’s Bakery & Patisserie

From awe-inspiring customized cakes to the cutest and most delicious pastries, you will find everything at Birdy's Bakery & Patisserie. Looking for a cake for your kid or just need a quick sugar-y fix, just head to the Birdy's Bakery & Patisserie. One of the best places to get your super-awesome cake at, if you haven't yet been to Birdy's, we recommend that you plan a trip right away. 


Photo Courtesy: Birdy's Bakery & Patisserie 


Highlights: Home Delivery, Desserts & Bakes 

Cuisine: Dessert & Bakes 

Must Haves: Customized cakes, Fondant Cakes 

Cost for two: INR 500

Address: Shop No. 2, Shisvashish Apartment, S.V. Road, Andheri West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 2628 6459


17. Guilt Trip

Led by a duo of mother and daughter, Guilt Trip is all about awesome cupcakes, macaroons, cheesecakes, cookies, brownies and all things sugar, sweet and nice. If you are in the mood for something delectable and want to satiate your cravings for the ultimate sweets, you will definitely love Guilt Trip. They also have an awesome range of food and beverages so you will have a happy time eating off your worries without compromising with taste. 


Photo Courtesy: Guilt Trip 


Highlights: Indoor Seating, Dessert & Bakes  

Cuisine: Dessert & Bakes 

Must Haves: Chocolate Ganache Cake, Cheesecake   

Cost for two: INR 400

Address: Shop C1, Silver Birch, Vasant Gardens, Mulund West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 2164 0200


18. American Express Bakery

Joseph Carvalho's legacy is definitely worth some praise as the American Express Bakery is where you will find some lip-smacking and sinful delights. The freshly baked bread and the cinnamon rolls will get you in the mood for some good food and if you happen to love all things authentic, American Express Bakery is where you should be. 


Photo Courtesy: American Express Bakery 


Highlights: Indoor Seating, wide menu 

Cuisine: Quickbites 

Must Haves: Tiramisu, Chicken Quiche, Silky Blueberry baked cheesecake 

Cost for two: INR 250

Address: Villa Sushma, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai (Get Directions) 

Contact: +91 22 2642 2857


19. La Folie 

With a classy ambiance, La Folie is one stunning place that offers amazing desserts and cakes. A bit small but you will definitely love the presentation of the items so even if you are not in a mood to eat, the stellar visuals will attract you. 


Photo Courtesy: La Folie 


Highlights: Indoor Seating 

Cuisine: Dessert & Cakes 

Must Haves: 

Cost for two: INR 800 

Address: 16, Commerce House, Rope Walk Lane, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 96 9999 3350  


20. B. Merwan & Co.

B. Merwan & Co. has been called the living museum of awesome Bombay Food and it holds true to the fame and the claim because it's "THE" place where you should get a cake and something cool to drink. An Irani cafe, B. Merwan & Co. is a delight for those who want a taste of the old Bombay blended with exquisite cuisine.     


Photo Courtesy: B Merwan & Co. 


Highlights: Comfortable indoor seating, wide variety of desserts

Cuisine: Quickbites

Must Haves: Mava cake & Mava puff 

Cost for two: INR 500 

Address: Shop No. 1/ 2, Bamar Merwan Building, Bharat Nagar, Grant Road, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 2309 3321 


21. Merwans Cake Shop

Ask your grandmum about the best cake shop in Mumbai and she'll immediately exclaim, Merwans! Yes, one of the best and the oldest cake shops in Mumbai, Merwans is where you go when you need the ultimate sugar fix. From delectable cakes to the best desserts, they have it all and since they are among the best-known names in Mumbai, we recommend that you go get your fill right away! 


Photo Courtesy: Merwans Cake Shop 


Highlights: Takeaway cake shop, awesome variety 

Cuisine: Cakes & Desserts

Must Haves: The classic puff pastry and walnut brownie 

Cost for two: INR 200

Address: Shop 7, Ayushi Apartments, JB Nagar, Chakala, Andheri East, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 98 2018 0780 

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Q: Which is the best-customized cake shops in Mumbai? 

A: Boston Cupcakery, Melting Morsels are among the best cakes in Mumbai that offer customized cakes.  


Q: What are the best ice-cream and 3D cake shops in Mumbai?  

A: Theobroma & the Boston Cupcakery are among the best cake shops in Mumbai that offer ice-cream and 3D cakes.  


Q: Where to buy the best plum cake in Mumbai? 

A: If you want the plum cake of your life, go with Merwans. 












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