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15 Best Cafes in Mumbai for Your Caffeine Fix & More

By Anubha Das

Updated - June 16, 2022 6 min read

Whether you just want to sip on some great coffee, meet a date casually or need a place to work for a few hours, cafes in Mumbai have lately upped their game, offering great grub and greater coffee (all thanks to this new wave of coffee drinking!).


We’ve rounded up a list of cafes that are chic, work-friendly and pet-friendly. Bookmark this list and hop to your nearest one. 


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This place comes across as one of the hidden gems in the bustling city of Bombay. If you're always on the lookout for pretty little corners with soothing music and lip-smacking French desserts, then Suzette is the place to be. Their homemade hot chocolate is comfort in a cup. Warm, dark and thick, each sip literally soothes your soul. They use homemade cocoa and offer two flavours - the classic hot chocolate and the one topped with caramel and foamy hot milk.


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This open-air cafe surrounded by gorgeous trees, bamboo and plants has been home to tourists as well as many regulars. It's an all-time favourite place for artists to meet and brainstorm their ideas or in an otherwise bustling city, to just sit and read in peace. Owing to the sharing of the campus with the age-old and very well-known Prithvi Theatre, the cafe's popularity goes way beyond just theatre enthusiasts. Their outdoor seating is definitely the highlight of this beautiful cafe frequently visited by celebrities as well.

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This cafe in Mumbai offers a wide range of European and Mediterranean preparations. The interiors are chic and classy with high-end decor that is pleasing to the eyes. The amiable and prompt staff service also adds as a bonus. The menu is fairly rated considering their scrumptious meals. Must-haves: Melon Sangria, Pasta, Tiramisu, Roast Chicken, Lasagne, Risotto and Mocktails. 


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The interiors of this best give in Mumbai gives a sense of a grandmother's living room in an English cottage with chintz upholstery and wallpaper marking the highlight of this place. What adds to this attraction is the coming together of American, Parsi and Italian cuisines under one roof. You'll fall in love with their beautiful ambience which makes it one of the best cafes in Mumbai.


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Are you an early bird who's day is bound to get ruined if it doesn't start with a fresh hearty breakfast? Then, this tiny place located at the heart of the Heritage Art District of Mumbai is where you need to be for your morning boosts. The aroma amazes one's senses and the aura is truly surreal. Slightly heavy on the pockets yet a place worth visiting. Sip on a cup of a freshly brewed cup of coffee - we highly recommend this place as they serve the best coffee in Mumbai.


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With an inbuilt art gallery, this modern cafe set in an early 20th-century barn located at the heart of the Heritage Art District of Mumbai warmly welcomes people with varied artistic sensibilities who in turn make it their regular thinking and meeting spot. On top of it, they offer a plethora of wonderful brunch options and organic home-grown coffees, teas and infusions.


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A great joint to enjoy a party after work. It serves a wide array of delicacies from Indian, Chinese, European, Healthy Food, Thai, Middle Eastern, and French cuisines and is quite well-known for its unique selection. It's a good place to dine in for a relishing breakfast. You'll definitely tag this place as one of the best cafes in Mumbai.


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One of the great establishments in the area, this cute dessert parlour doles out a wide range of sweet treats. Open till as late as 11:00 PM, it is a nice spot to satiate-after dinner dessert cravings. The cafe has a great ambience that leaves plenty of room for conversations and is well-suited to visit in the company of friends. We guarantee that you'll find the best desserts in Mumbai as the founder of Le 15 - Pooja Dhingra is also the head chef of this patisserie.


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Nothing can change its vibe even after being a site attacked during the 26/11 terror attacks. It's one of the most popular cafes and was founded way back in 1871 - You just cannot miss out on this one as its authenticity makes it extravagant. Tourists make sure that they end up paying a visit here. Taking care of hunger pangs till as late as 12:00 AM, Leopold Cafe & Bar is a casual dining restaurant serving Chinese preparations. 


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It's one of the most famous cafes you'll come across while shopping at Colaba Causeway. One of the famous Indian cartoonists Mario Miranda painted exceptionally amazing murals on all inner walls and entrance ceilings of the cafe. Don't forget to try their delicious burgers and American cuisine. Another amazing restaurant in Colaba that you just can't get enough of. A highly-rated place to enjoy a quick break with your colleagues. It serves a wide array of dishes from American cuisine and is quite popular as a great station for scrumptious bites.


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Mexican, Italian, and American cuisines, one can enjoy all of these here. A cute little place to offer a delightful experience with their delicious desserts and food. It has a very classy and exuberant aura to it, which is further reinforced by the delicious food served here. Outdoor seating is provided and one can enjoy various board games as well. Must Haves: Ferrero Rocher Shake and Chicken Steak. 


Pet-Friendly Cafes In Mumbai


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It is an outstanding cafe which offers the best of burgers, juices, salads and bakery items. Even with a great variety, this place never disappoints its customers in terms of taste. One can savour the delicious food through home delivery as well. Not much of an ouch to the pockets, this is a must-visit place. It's perfect to relax with a cup of hot coffee on your table and an interesting novel in your hand while you tag along with your dog. 


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This themed cafe in Mumbai is dedicated to all the cute fur balls out there. No more leaving your dog at home, just bring it with you to this pet-friendly cafe in Mumbai - and guess what, they have a separate menu for your dog - it just can't get better than this. They also have an outdoor seating area and free Wi-Fi - what are you waiting for? It's a perfect cafe for all dog lovers!


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Are you a cat lover? Then we have found the best pet-friendly cafe in Mumbai for you which welcomes cats with all the love possible. This cafe has everything you've ever wanted from exquisite meals, cosy environment to free Wi-Fi - you definitely need to visit here.


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If the smell of books and coffee attracts and comforts you more than any perfume, then you need not give a second thought Leaping Windows. With good food, coffee and a bunch of books, your day is sorted. This pet-friendly cafe in Mumbai is just the right place to chill with your friends without leaving your furball at home.

So, deal with your mid-week crisis at one of these best cafes in Mumbai.


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