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Head To These 10 Cafes In Kolkata For Your Next Hangout Session

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Jan. 6, 2021 5 min read

One of the lesser-known facts about Kolkata as a city, is that it's super laid-back. And I cannot emphasise enough on how wonderful that is. Its a city where vendors shut shop every afternoon, just so they can go home and take a nap. We aren't lazy, we just believe in prioritizing the smaller joys of life over fast-paced hustle. We believe in carving equal time out for business and pleasure, and more than anything, we believe in the delight of "adda". So suffice it to say, if you're looking to spend quality time with your loved ones in the city of joy, you're probably going to be spoiled for choice! 


Especially with the myriad of cool eateries and joints cropping up around every corner of the city, every day. No wonder it's hard to take your pick. Unless someone assumes the responsibility of guiding you, of course. And yes, this is where we come in. We did the groundwork and shortlisted the 10 best cafes in Kolkata, so you don't need to sift through a hoard of lists and deliberate over your next hangout destination. Instead, scroll through this crisp list, select your favourite, and ask the squad to meet you out front! 



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A contemporary eatery stark in the middle of Kolkata's old city charm, Cafe Connect has become a crowd-favourite for the citizens within just a brief period of time. Perhaps that has to do with the amazing ambience of this place, enhanced further by quirky decor elements in their interiors. It also doubles up as a mellow Hookah joint, so if that's something you and your friends bond over, this is the place you need to head to this weekend! 



Image Courtesy - Cha Pe Adda on Facebook


Remember what I said about Kolkata's fondness for the concept of "adda"? Well, this place has the word in its very name, and has quickly established a stellar reputation as a hangout hub. It's a gorgeous open-roof cafe with ample of space for multiple groups of friends to chill together. Along with the perfect easy-going aura, this place dishes out some delectable main course options. And if you're a chai-lover, their extensive range of speciality teas will leave you wishing for more. 



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Cosy, cutesy and quirky in equal measure, this is an ideal spot for the youth of the city to get together and have an intellectual conversation at. The fantastic ambience at this place comprises of features like a massive flat-screen TV, a great library of books you can browse through, as well as a merchandise store where you can shop from. When it comes to entertainment, this place will spoil you silly with choices, while keeping you well-fed with delicious dishes throughout!  


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Image Courtesy - FoodZpah On Youtube


A recently launched lounge in South Kolkata, Club Mixtape has rapidly emerged as one of the prime nightlife destinations of the city. If you decide to head to this place, you'll stumble upon a delightful amalgamation of music, culture and mouthwatering food, thus creating a lovely mood one can enjoy with their close friends. The decor at this place is vibrant and eye-catchy, so you'll also get plenty of pictures for your next social media post! 



Image Courtesy - Dunes Cafe on Facebook


Dunes Cafe is a colourful sports-themed cafe in the locality of Patuli, which has been making all the rounds thanks to its unique fusion of food and games. You can visit this place for an ideal lunch with the gang, and bond over board games and tasty tidbits. Their menu is impressive and packed with delicious munchies from Arabian cuisine, each of which will leave you licking your fingers long after you've wiped your plates clean. 



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A cutesy small eatery in Girish Park, Desi Pao offers innovative spins on popular fast food dishes to its visitors. You can expect to spot aesthetically pleasing decor inside the place, further compounded by their easy-going ambience. It's a wonderful spot to head to for a quick bite with some friends, or even as a place to treat yourself at. Their budget-friendly prices will certainly help the cause, and you'll walk away with both your tummy and heart full to the brim!


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Ever wondered what taking a stroll in a quaint Bengali village would feel like? You can find all the answers if you pay The Village Cafe in Barasat a visit! The interiors of this place are made up of bamboo wood, giving the entire eatery a rustic, vintage vibe. To top that off, they furnish authentic east-Indian dishes, each brimming with unparalleled taste and flavours. So go ahead and book a spot for you and your friends at this whimsical village-themed cafe. 



Image Courtesy - Ekdalia Cocina on Facebook 


With gorgeous decor elements representing the marvels of old Calcutta architecture, Ekdalia in Cocina is every bit as breathtaking as it is a delight for the foodies. The menu at this loved eatery is both expansive and impressive, comprising of a staggering variety of dishes from multiple cuisines such as Asia Pacific Continental and speciality seafood. If you've been on the hunt for a place in Kolkata where you can take your tastebuds for a spin, this one needs to stay on your radar! 



Image Courtesy - magicpin


Launched by a celebrated professional chef, East West Connection is a cosy eating joint tucked away in VIP Road. The eatery may be smaller in size, but the dishes they prep here are power-packed with decadent flavours. Especially for fast-food lovers, this Kolkata cafe can double up as paradise, given the freshness and superior taste of all their food offerings. It also features some endearing decor elements, that you can snap pictures of. 



Image Courtesy - Herb & Spice Facebook


Unassuming at first glance, Herb & Spice is a place you'll come to wholeheartedly appreciate once you try an item or two from their menu. Yes, every dish is seriously that mouthwatering. This fantastic eating joint specialises in scrumptious barbeque preparations, the taste of which is accentuated by innovative spins curated by the restaurant's owner - a distinguished International chef. 

Are you ready to put some yummy in your tummy? Then get a move on those reservations ASAP!

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