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12 Best Cafes in Hudson Lane to Satiate Your Hunger Pangs: February, 2024

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - April 17, 2024 5 min read

Everyone drools on a Farmhouse Pizza, a Cheesy Penne Pasta or a heart-filling Chocolate Brownie Shake with their friends while dancing to some great music and having fun. Looking for a place?

Hop on to Hudson Lane in GTB Nagar. It has some of the best cafes serving all your favourite delicacies on their menu. These cafes also have a very pleasing ambience to chill with friends or go on a date. Check out the list of these amazing cafes for your sweet, savoury and spicy hunger pangs.


Cafeteria & Co. does complete justice to everything they make or bake. We love the Star Burgers, Pizzas, and the Crêpes here, but you could very well close your eyes and point at a menu item randomly, and you'll end up feeling delighted.  It's a perfect place to hang out with friends and cure your hunger. The ambience of this place is a real spotlight.


Warm-up your heart with live music, dishes, and drinks at Gorgon’s Gaze Cafe. Located near Delhi University North campus it is one of the best places for the young crowd to hang out in groups. It’s a student and LGBTQ-friendly, low-budget with a great entertainment spot.



A gorgeous place with a cute little photo booth, Spezia Bistro always warms up our hearts. Try their Pasta Aglio Olio and Macho Nachos and don't forget to pair them with their Mango Margarita. You'll love it. With a soothing playlist and delish food, this place has a comfortable seating arrangement, and it's great for a quick meet-up with friends. Noodles, Dim Sums, Pizzas, Platters or Shakes, you name it, and they have it. So, never think twice before visiting here..


TThe Hudson Cafe derives its name from the famous Hudson Lane where it is currently located. The cosy and casual vibe of this cafe can be your perfect escape from those tiring lectures and assignments. Serving fine Italian and Chinese fares, The Hudson Cafe is a sought-after choice. Their scrumptious banoffee pie can turn your gloomy day into a perfect one!


Every cafe offers delicious food, but the speciality here is that it employs people with hearing and speaking disabilities. So, people also get a chance to learn sign language here from the boards displayed in the cafe. The cafe has a beautiful ambience and there are live music shows for people to enjoy while having their food.



The OG Hudson Lane Cafe, QD’s is a great choice to celebrate all occasions. Share the famous Tandoori Momos, slurp on the Tipsylicious Pasta, sip on their Kit Kat shake, and make it an easy-peasy affair to remember. This restaurant is loved by people for its quick service and the North Indian and Chinese delicacies. Next time you want soft and crispy momos, head to QD's in Hudson Lane.


Vibrant and cosy, Sambookas is a gorgeous cafe in Hudson Lane that serves amazing milkshakes, Spanish churros, and juicy steaks. FYI, you and bae can get amazing pictures here. The cafe also has a dance area. Wooden interiors, planters, frames and walls adorned with cutesy graffiti, Sambookas is simply fetching, and the simple yet pretty blue and yellow colour scheme adds to its beauty.


This cosy nook in Hudson can be your ideal place if you are the type of person who likes to hog on a lot of food at reasonable prices, but wait, aren’t we all like that *wink*? You cannot miss their Floral Platter ‘cause it has pasta, fries, momos, chilly potatoes and dry manchurian! Also try their Turtle Shake, Chocolate Chaat and Rainbow Pizza, and thank us later!


A paddle pool, swing chairs, wall art, glow signs, a beach shack vibe - the reasons to head to By The Bay are endless. Combine this with delish coastal food and amazing cocktails, and you have a winner in your hands.



Your stroll for yummy food ends at The Crypto Door Cafe with American, Italian, and fusion foods. Grilled paneer with Mexican rice, Chilli Paneer and Stuffed Cheesy Mushrooms and Kala Khatta are some must-try dishes of this cafe. One thing apart from foods which will catch your attention is a big kaleidoscope painting of Mr Bean in the centre of the green dominating interior.


If you want to go somewhere you could have a flavoursome delight with a winsome vibe, we are damn sure you will cherish this place. Date yourself or date your date with Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Sizzling Brownie at Mama’s Buoi. They have a royal indoor interior and a beautifully decorated cosy outdoor setup. Recommended for someone who loves to enjoy live singing, for get-togethers and romantic dates.



No matter whether you’re looking for a meeting, catching up with friends, or a perfect setting to have complete dine and wine while watching live sports, with your partner, Rascal Cafe and Lounge is your ideal destination.  They have beautiful rooftop seating with comfy dark chocolate and creamy decor as the interior. Exotika Veg pizza, Aloo Tikki Burger with your favourite sip of mocktail is most recommended.


So, whenever you head over to Hudson Lane, never forget visiting these places and having a bite.



Q: What is Hudson Lane famous for?

A: Hudson Lane is renowned for its vibrant array of cafes and restaurants in Delhi, offering diverse cuisines and trendy ambiance.


Q: What type of cuisines can I find on Hudson Lane?

A: Hudson Lane boasts a variety of cuisines, including Italian, Chinese, Indian, and Continental, catering to diverse culinary preferences.


Q: Are Hudson Lane cafes suitable for group gatherings or parties?


A: Yes, many cafes on Hudson Lane are spacious and accommodating, making them ideal for group gatherings, parties, and celebrations.


Q: Are Hudson Lane cafes budget-friendly?


A: Yes, most Hudson Lane cafes offer affordable menu options, making it a favorite spot for budget-conscious food enthusiasts.


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