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Looking for the Best Burger Places in Bengaluru? We’ve Got You Covered

By magicpin

Updated - Sept. 23, 2022 5 min read

Whether you're searching for a bundled lunch to chill out in the privacy of your home or a Friday night out, we are here to provide you with perfect options. Burgers may be considered quick food by the uninitiated. Not for the serious burger connoisseurs of Bengaluru. Bengaluru's burger scene has never been so good, from simple burgers at Truffles that rank highly on great tasting lists in the city to European-style burgers at Burger Seigneur. To make your burger game strong, we have curated a list of top 9 places to indulge in some burgers in Bengaluru. Read on to find out if your favorite has made it to our list.

Here are the best spots for burgers in Bengaluru you must try!


Truffles offer a majority of its burgers in three sizes, proving that one size does not fit all. Truffles may have started as a well-liked university hangout, but over the past few decades, it has expanded its appeal and audience. Truffles started in 1989, with their authenticity, it is new popular among youngsters. Even thoughTruffles has now become a chain, the recipe remains the same. Truffles' burgers are the restaurant's best-selling items, and regulars still vouch for the Truffle chicken and crispy chicken. Do try it with a nice cool beverages to add to your meal experience.


With 700 grams of meat, the Animal Burger is unquestionably one of Bengaluru's largest burgers and a feast in itself. Plan B is a well-known burger spot for its laid-back atmosphere and a variety of regional ingredients that are used in its burgers, and not just their size. For instance, the Pandi burger pays homage to the famous pandi (pork) curry from Coorg is a crowd pleaser. All the burgers are reasonably priced and will not burn a hole in your pocket.


The ideal location for a meal or snack whenever you want, even if you're getting up with acquaintances or professional contact. The heart of Smokehouse Deli is its meaty and rather full sized burgers made with soft buns, delicious and juicy patties and irresistible sauces. The burger connoisseurs of the town absolutely relish their roasted chicken and oregano burger and the double burger with jalapeño. Do get something to drink to complete your meal.  Their Apple Soaked Mojito is a must-try and highly recommended.  


The Chicken Filet Burger is an all-time favourite and a special from the chef. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, this burger will fill both your stomach and heart. Priced slightly on the higher end of the spectrum, the size and the ambiance of the place however makes up for it. Do ask to add their signature sauce to the burger to make it go up a notch. The wide options in their menu and cosy ambiance make it a great option and very popular. 


The city's love of gourmet burgers, or what their staff prefers to call handcrafted burgers, has come to be symbolized by Burger Seigneur. While a lot of its high-quality ingredients are imported, the buns are made on-site. The Lucien, their classic veggie burger, blends portobello mushrooms with sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, and American cheese. Our favorite is the Dynamite Lamb Burger, which features a fresh pomegranate, pickled jalapenos, and Bay Bay sauce in the lamb patties which all comes together to give you a taste party.



Few locations are as nostalgically charged as the Only Place. The Only Place, which has been serving steaks, burgers, and the most delectable dessert pies since the swinging 1960s, is probably Bengaluru's first all-American eatery and continues to be a cult favourite for many. Our top recommendation is the popular and ever so famous Lamb Whopper, which will leave a lasting memory thanks to the flavourful patty and delectable sauces.



A flashback to Bengaluru in the 2000s, when the majority of conversations weren't about downtown traffic, is Millers 46. This all-American restaurant is well known for more than just its huge Southern American-style dishes and steaks. The 46er, a quarter fillet burger that also features sauteed mushrooms and cream cheese, is one of this diner's super-sized entrees. The Deluxe bacon burger and their trademark potatoes are also recommended.



With Connie's, foodies can never go wrong. The Super Beef Burger takes the top spot among equal-status burgers, while all of their burgers are outstanding. The meaty beef patty is topped with a fried egg, bacon, and salami. The burger too is offered in lamb, chicken, and hog varieties. They also have a wine bar so you can team up your burgers with a glass or two of your favourite wine. The prices are reasonable and the portion sizes are enough to satiate your hunger pangs.



Customers wait in line for the burgers at this laid-back, small but well-made joint in Church Street. You should be wary of their American Cheese Chicken Burger, commonly known as the Best-seller here.. The fluffy buns, which come with the chicken patty, are loaded with cheese, and cheddar in addition to the meat. The caramelized onions and smokey BBQ sauce lend it the smokey flavour that lends a great partnership to the sauces and the patty.



Whether you are craving burgers or you are lacking the motivation to go out to a lavish dinner or are just considering binge-watching your favorite shows, a burger in your hand makes it all better. Add a side of crunchy french fries, and a cold soft drink to the mix and it certainly qualifies for a good plan! Please don't wait any longer! you can order or visit Bangalore's top burger joints where you may get mouthwatering burgers and a heart full thanks to the deliciousness of the burger. If you want to enjoy a good ambiance with good juicy burgers then we surely advise you to visit these for sure. 


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