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Dig into the Best Burger Places in Pune!

By Deepika Mehra

Updated - Sept. 21, 2022 5 min read

Who doesn't enjoy a big glass of bubbly beverage and a frigging delicious burger? The American wonder captures the hearts of everyone—children, teenagers, and adults. Burgers have come a long way from the basic aloo ones and have moved on to become a cult favourite and choice of food for many.


The burger culture has especially picked up in the new “it town” of the country-Pune. To help you get the best burgers the city has to offer, we have picked out a few spots to get your hands on the messy, sassy, and nasty burgers in town. Let's stroll into the burger realm.


Which is the cheesiest when it comes to a burger? The sinister L'dorado Cheeseburger on the menu proudly looks at you for approval. Guys, you better have a big appetite and steady hands before you eat this burger since it is quite messy. Chicken wings, fried chicken pieces, fish strips, a tonne of sauces, and popcorn are stacked between the soft buns. Yes, we only detailed one burger; a lunch was not included. Rich, scrumptious, and tangy describe the stuffing. Each bite is moist and simultaneously fills your palate with various chicken flavours.


A snarky food truck that is adept in bun-related matters. One of Pune's original food trucks, still pushing joy and buns. Many alternatives are available, including veg, chicken, pork, fish, mutton, and prawns! They even have a Manchurian Burger, just to make you blather more. We were able to get our hands on All American BBQ, which my fellow gourmet lovers such as yourself will truly appreciate. A double-decker burger with chicken filets, thick barbeque sauces, and a nearly done egg omelette come together to give you a blast of flavours in your mouth. We were in the perfect circumstances of the weather when we visited and it added to the overall experience of the place. So, get your circle set and visit this place right away.


If you just had one patty in your burger, would you be fully satisfied? If not then try out their Epic Burger challenge. If you consume it within 10 to 15 minutes then you get it for free. Be ready to have the pace and hunger of an elephant. This is indeed a foodie’s paradise and is always bustling with the young crowd of the town- all there to have their ever-so-delicious burgers. Get set and go! 


They don't toss burgers; instead, they construct them, so the term sells the menu by itself. This delivery restaurant specialises in sloppy burgers and also makes some gourmet burgers. We chose the El Juan Burger, a Mexican-style patty burger with a buttery cheese topping that is very spicy. The size is generous, the filling is enormous, and the flavour is amazing. It inspired me to rhyme since it was so good! Additionally, they manufacture their own and rather irresistible folksy iced teas as well as most of the sauces. Given the choice, we went with the elderflower iced tea which is one of the best we have had. Mamamia was smooth, floral, and scented, as its name would imply. You gotta try it! So, if you want a nice scrumptious meal, this is your place to be.


Our expert advice: Since there aren't any frills, you should order to go rather than stay and eat.


Go eat a burger at Burger Barn cafe or go home when it comes to burgers. The Barn X-treme undoubtedly belongs in bracket one. This is a mouthful with two chicken patties, salami, seasoned chicken, an egg, mozzarella cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and more. It's the ideal jaw-strengthening workout! If you are in Pune and looking for the best burger then you should try this one out. It comes in a great price point so be rest assured that you get a full bang to your buck.


The Fiesta Burger at Hard Rock Cafe is the only burger that comes close to encapsulating everything that it is in Mexico. Hard Rock Cafe is no stranger to great food but with their burgers, they just push the envelope a lot further. With the freshest of ingredients available in town, the burgers they whip out are topped with cheddar cheese, zesty pico de gallo, and a substantial amount of freshly produced guacamole. Eat it like a true American with a beer to go on the side, and trust us Hard Rock Cafe has plenty of options for those too.


Another option for those on a tight budget is Aasing's, which serves some seriously good burgers for next to nothing. When was the most recent time you purchased lunch without looking at the bill with a spinning head? Well, leave that worry at home when you visit this place for burgers that will fill your stomach and heart and not leave your wallet light.


You didn't really believe we'd overlook the fish eaters, did you? One of the nicest things ever is seafood in a burger, and the Regular Fish Filet Burger, which includes a crisp, batter-fried fish filet, is among the best meals we've ever tasted. Not only is it unlike any other we have had, it also sets a very unreal standard to beat.


When America and Delhi meet, you get your own exclusive BC Masala (no, we're not swearing); it's called Butter Chicken Masala, guys! Among two buns with tomatoes and masala, the chicken patty is sandwiched with butter chicken masala. Stop drooling and start moving toward Rastaman Soul Food Pantry, which is located across from Balewadi High Street. A charming location that shouts Bob Marley in your ears. Wafers are provided as a side dish with the delicious burger. We also placed an order for their house-made lime ice tea after hearing about it from a friend. Very energizing, minty, and limey. The Rastaman Soul Food Kitchen is located opposite Balewadi High Street. Stop drooling and start heading there.


If you are searching for delicious burgers near you, then you should probably check out these best burger places in Pune. Giving you many appetising choices to pick from the menu, these outlets have set their name among the best in Pune, and rightly so. 




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