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Bring Your Appetite to the Best Buffet Restaurants in Gurgaon

By Anubha Das

Updated - June 3, 2022 5 min read

The word "buffet" tends to conjure up one of the two images for most people: beautiful spreads including every dish you could possibly want (but require an all-inclusive package somewhere far-flung) or the bloat-inducing counter at Onesta. Now, we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with all-you-can-eat pizza, but there’s more to buffets in Gurgaon than just one pizza place, as you’ll see below. 


Okay, let's talk tactics. Before you check out our hot picks, we have a few great tips to help you get your money’s worth. 


Bring your A-game – and by that we mean appetite. There’s no point heading for a buffet without having a hunger pang. Obviously, we don’t suggest starving yourself beforehand, but turning up with some room in your stomach is a sure-fire way to get the most out of the buffet. But, if you feel skipping your breakfast for a lunch buffet or lunch for your dinner buffet could help you build an appetite, we leave the choice to you. 


So, check out our favourite 10 buffet restaurants in Gurgaon.


Image Courtesy: Facebook


Undeniably one of the best buffet places Gurugram has to offer; this outlet is not only the best in terms of food but ambience as well. Boasting the perfect aesthetics, right from the sleek plain white decor to the lighting, one can mistake it for a Grecian cafe. With a range of alcohol options, this place can be a perfect choice for a scrumptious breakfast buffet, probably the best buffet near you.


Image Courtesy: Latest Recipe - Le Meridien


This outlet perfectly secures a class of one of those places that serve the best buffets in Gurgaon. With a minimalist white decor and the perfectly lit torched area, you’d assume you’re in Greece. The bar nibbles right here are enough to preserve you going whilst you fight the chill in the air with their classic alcohol series. It serves the best breakfast buffet, with beautifully garnished lavish spreads. Do try their Bircher muesli, eggs benedict and the brekkie burger at this buffet restaurant in Gurgaon.


Image Courtesy: The Barbeque Company


First things first, no, this is not Barbeque Nation. The Barbeque Company is an amazing buffet place with wonderful options and a feast fit for a king's table! With scrumptious North Indian, Chinese and BBQ delicacies nailed to perfection, The Barbeque Company can meet all your barbeque cravings. This buffet restaurant in Gurgaon has an elegant decor and comfortable seating so that you can spend hours sitting and slowly savour each and every section of the buffet.


Image Courtesy: Punjab Grill


One of the highest-rated places in Gurugram, this place is a must-visit. Try an assortment of grilled delights with rich flavours of Punjab at this North Indian diner. Dishes are prepared using four distinct cooking styles - tandoor, tawa, sigri, and kadhai to make sure that your food is cooked to perfection. Providing its own kick and take on their dishes, it brings rich delicacies straight from Punjab. It’s a perfect end to the week for any lover of North Indian cuisine, and almost guarantees you a good afternoon nap post the meal.


Image Courtesy: Zambar


Zambar Southern Spices is an all-day dining restaurant. Designed like a long Kerala houseboat, it reminds the patrons of the reminiscence of coastal dining experiences. Classic taste, authentic menu mentions, and unaltered quality are the cornerstones of Zambar. The restaurant features a delectable journey through a culinary journey from Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Goa. You must end your meal with the coconut jaggery pudding and Kerala filter coffee.


Image Courtesy: Absolute Barbeques


A place that lives up to its name through a huge variety of barbeque dishes,  prepared to perfection. This is surely your ultimate destination to fulfill all your sizzling barbeque needs! Kebabs served in traditional Lucknowi style are just mouth-watering. They serve five non-veg starters which include chicken, fish, prawns, tandoori leg pieces and mutton seekh kebab. Apart from that, they have a counter for exotic meat like shark, emu, rabbit, and duck along with sauces of your choice and a base of rice and noodles. Do try their drool-worthy Australian grilled fish!


Image Courtesy: Spectra - The Leela Ambience


A great one for groups, Spectra at The Leela Ambience serves one of the most lavish spreads with seven international live counters and booze. The service at this buffet place in Gurgaon is great where you can customise your meal as per your taste and preference. Oh, and let’s not forget their irresistible dessert counter! Spectra is a perfect place to enjoy a fine dining experience with friends or family and is undoubtedly one of the best buffet places in Gurgaon.


Image Courtesy: Indian Grill Room


Indian Grill room is one of the reputed and authentic buffet places in Gurgaon, and their paneer lababdar is to die for. Embellishing itself with elegant decor, it offers a vibrant environment accompanied by live music, outdoor seating arrangement, and the list goes on. Your taste buds will definitely thank us for this lip-smacking food. There’s also a cheese and dessert bar laden with profiteroles, pastries, puddings and cheeses that you’ll need to leave room for. Let your eyes grow wide and our bellies even wider at this amazing buffet in Gurgaon. 


Image Courtesy: Seasonal Taste


Seasonal Taste, The Westin is noted as one of the best buffets in Gurgaon. We believe that you cannot find anything better than delicious food and a well-lit ambience, and that too at any hour of the day or night. This place is a paradise for every foodie - thanks to their heavenly dishes. There’s also the option of adding booze into the mix for an extra tenner, which we think is a pretty sweet deal. Go for their champagne buffet that also includes other premium drinks for an amazing time.


Image Courtesy: Facebook


Imperfecto at Cyber Hub offers an all-you-can-eat buffet at the lowest price in the vicinity. Binge on the starters, dunk yourself in a bowl of soup, eat healthy salads, go mama-mia over pasta, fill yourself up with the mains and end on a sweet note with the desserts. Known to serve one of the best buffets in Gurgaon this outlet is a delight for all.


At these best buffet restaurants in Gurgaon, eat your fill of everything from fancy brunches to Korean BBQ.


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