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Brew - Enjoy - Empty - Repeat: At These 20 Best Breweries In Gurgaon

By Eashita Gupta

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 10 min read

As much as Gurgaon has become a workstation, it has also become a hot pick destination to enjoy delicious food and drinks. Gurgaon has recently seen the emergence of many outlets brewing canisters full of light and dark beers over the past few years. It won’t be wrong to say that the city is experiencing a brewing renaissance of its own. As it is said, 'there is always something happening around a beer' and Gurgaon has never failed to impress us. For the times when bottled brews just do not cut it, we need some fresh brews. Amongst so many bars and pubs that line the popular sectors of Gurgaon, certain breweries are trying hard to bring the craft of beer drinking to its customers. The unique flavors and quality of beer are sure to please everyone. So, make sure to stop and enjoy the best beer at these 20 best breweries in Gurgaon:breweries_gurgaon_image

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After Stories is one of the best breweries in Gurgaon and is located away from the noisy market of the area. It has a rustic feel to it and the entry is allowed only for those who are above 18 years of age. It offers freshly brewed beers and is a very happening place. Some of the fresh beers currently available are Milk Stout, Belgian Wit Beer, Cyser, Apple Cider & Peach Ginger Melomel. Space is designed in an ongoing way that brings in expertise and makes you comfortable at the same time. This is where every story gets an 'After Story'. It is spread across 3 floors and with good music, food and spirits, one cannot miss it.


With a South African brewer on board, Agent Jack offers around 4 varieties of beers that they brew fresh for their guests. It is a must-visit place for those who enjoy great food along with a mug of freshly brewed beer. The first floor has an indoor dining space and the terrace seating area captures the essential of Gurgaon especially during the evening. The huge and beautifully set up bar takes up one of the corners along with the DJ console and a big screen.



Warehouse Cafe is a highly-rated and well-recommended destination and its a hub of exquisite home-brewed beers, well-blended cocktails and scrumptious foods with one of the best discs. As the name suggests, Warehouse Cafe is constructed in the form of a warehouse having a pure rustic ambiance making your night-out all the more extraordinary. The brewery serves fresh German Beer along with a new molecular menu and is one of the best breweries in Gurgaon.


Transport yourself to a cruise with decks and sun decks, wooden floor, iron rails, booths and groovy music here at Takamaka which is spread across 3 floors. The 4 types of beer they brew are Wheat, Dark, Premium and Apple Cider along with some cool fresh beer cocktails. The centrally located huge bar is definitely a highlight and they also organize live events and beer-tasting events.


Being one of the best breweries in Gurgaon, Adda by Striker needs no introduction and is one place which will surely not leave you disappointed. The decor has a quirky feel to it and the music here is thrilling, especially on a Sufi night when there is a beautiful fusion of Bollywood melodies with party hopping numbers. It is known for serving one of the best-brewed beers and terrace seating which has a natural domain with dim lights and bar having a calm and peaceful ambiance.



Batli 29 is a microbrewery with a quirky vibe having rustic furniture and good music which makes it a happening place and amongst the best breweries in Gurgaon. The name has got a role to play. ‘Batli’ stands for a bottle and ‘29’ depicts the sector number of the market. It has got a basement, ground floor and an upper level for seating. Upper level has a huge area for seating, bar and also a private cabin. This place has a lively feel to it and one should definitely visit it with friends and family.


Molecule Air Bar is famous for its rooftop, presentation, and menu which is in the form of WW-II memorabilia and the food served in symbolic chemistry-lab apparatus. Chef has recreated dishes into a fusion mix of diverse flavors with an aim to offer food with a twist and touch of molecular gastronomy. Also, the molecule-shaped ceiling lights and use of liquid nitrogen create an atmosphere of excitement and part from that, the whole ambiance of the place along with freshly brewed beer and dance floor makes it one of the best breweries in Gurgaon.


Over the years, Walking Street By Soi7 has served the best brews and cocktails in Gurgaon and is also known for its Pan Asian food. For this reason alone, they have continued to remain in rage and has many good things to offer! It has a very elegant ambiance with wooden theme interiors and has a huge seating area along with a lovely open balcony on the first floor. Basement has a pool table and with good music, this place can make the evenings happening which makes it one of the good options and amongst the best breweries in Gurgaon to enjoy with friends and family.


True to its name, Feel Alive is very well crafted and has good music playing in the background. It serves delicious and different types of freshly brewed beers. The decor has wooden and colorful furniture with a ceiling decorated with light bulbs. A karaoke machine sits at the heart of all the fun, along with the delicious food and thrilling drink choices.


The most popular and celebrated microbrewery in Gurgaon, Prankster is India's first food & brewery based on college theme. This place takes you back to those times when pranks and disturbing people was a part of our enjoyment. Feeling nostalgia right? Prankster's 1000 sq. feet flooring is divided into 8 sections (WHATTTTTT!) - canteen, classroom, library, lab, dormitory, meeting place, amphitheater and parking lot. Every section has its own belongings, interior, seating arrangement and is distinctive. With service at the top and music being just right, it should definitely be on your buck list.



With many other outlets in Delhi and Gurgaon, My Bar Headquarters is the top pick to get some good booze at reasonable prices and also lip-smacking food. The ambiance is bold and is inspired by dockyard and has a very rustic appeal to it. Big dockyard type lights, ship wheels, raw looking furniture and a huge screen behind the bar that stands out completely. This one is great for hanging out with friends and enjoying not a couple but many drinks, making it one of the best breweries in Gurgaon.


Gravity Spacebar has an ambiance to catch everybody's attention and everything is super innovative. One just cannot miss out on a scrumptious meal served with freshly brewed beers and cocktails at this well-lit restaurant. The menu will leave you spoilt for choices! Unwind your day and get your weekend scene sorted here which is amongst the best breweries in Gurgaon.


Vapour Bar Exchange has few more outlets in Gurgaon and is a microbrewery and bar, known for their stock market concept for selling alcohol so you can get alcohol at a lesser price here. The outlet is open until after midnight and is the perfect place to catch the buzz of nightlife. It is a lively place with retro music and has a lovely outdoor seating arrangement. If you wanna actually go pub hoping to try different brews, this is the place to go for.


Downtown - Diners & Living Beer Cafe is a microbrewery-cum-pub, which is renowned for freshly brewed beers both Dark and Wheat, a lively ambiance, and good music. Being one of the best breweries in Gurgaon, one can enjoy diverse food options both in quality and quantity here. They have a sitting area spread over two floors and also have gaming consoles and a huge bar.


7 Degrees Brauhaus is one of the finest breweries in Gurgaon. This microbrewery serves some refreshing German brewed beer varieties and lavish Sunday brunches. It has some pretty trees right in the middle with an island style bar and double height walls, giving it an expansive and lively look. The music being played in the background is subtle. Also, beers here are served at 7 degrees (thus giving the name), the ideal temperature for drinking beer, which goes on to show the level of attention that is paid to ensure the perfect beer-drinking experience.


Brewer Street - Pub Brewery Diner is the place you need to be at if you love a good, fresh, frothy beer. The rooftop seating arrangement and top-notch ambiance of the place attract everyone. This outlet hosts lady’s night every Thursday evening offering a range of beer, cocktail, great food, and music and is amongst the best breweries in Gurgaon.



When it comes to breweries in Cyber City, none beats The Drunken Botanist. As the name suggests, it is the perfect place to get drunk and has stolen the spotlight! This brewery has the best Dj’s, bands, singers under one roof. The outlet will give you the feeling like you are in a bar in the middle of a forest. The outlet has woody decor and the highlight is its beautifully decorated bar. Its delicious food, crazy cocktails, and stunning ambiance will surely attract you to come again and again.


Quaff has a glass wall that displays the huge cans where they brew beer. It is located a little off from other outlets in Cyber Hub and the first thing you notice inside is their big bar counter, almost extending from one end to the other, hosting an elaborate assortment of international spirits. It aims to provide its customers the best of everything - quality beer, delicious food, good service, perfect ambiance and comfortable indoor and outdoor seating area. All these factors make a perfect mood to enjoy with your friends and family. A lot of critics have appreciated their beer innovations which makes it amongst the list of best breweries in Gurgaon.


All the foodaholics just learn the way to Cervesia. They serve almost everything whether it's your non-sticky noodles to well-cooked chicken. The attraction lies in their drinks as they serve the best beer in Gurgaon. So, if you wanna have a good experience spot yourself in Cervesia.


An astonishing party house with a fascinating ambiance that gives you access to one of the best terrace and bars in town, this place offers you delightful delicacies to tickle your taste buds along with vibrant music to groove on. It gives you an extraordinary experience under the stars with a breathtaking luxury terrace seating. The kitchen serves lip-smacking cuisines from all around the world and the innovative cocktails are sure to slosh you out. It also takes the pride to bring some excellent events to Gurugram, which makes it a perfect party destination for you.


Q. What is a Microbrewery?

A. A microbrewery or craft brewery produces small amounts of beer, typically much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries, and is independently owned. It is typically for consumption on its own premises.


Q. Which is the best book cafe in Gurgaon?

A. Café Wanderlust and Black Buck's Coffee.


Q: Which locality has the best restaurants in Gurgaon?

A: DLF Cybercity and Sector 29

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