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10 Quick And Quirky Braids To Upgrade Your Mane Game

By Vaishali Valecha

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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Bored from the regular ponytails? Then switch to the braids. Everyone knows how to do a basic three-strand braid but if you wanna spice it up and experiment with some quirky and edgy braid hairstyles for that boho and rocker chic look then keep on scrolling for some inspo.


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1. Classic French Braid

This is a classic! It is easy to achieve and looks chic. Firstly, Brush and detangle your hair. Section your hair from the temples to the crown area, you can use a tail comb for precision. Now, divide the section into three strands and start braiding them. After the first knot keep adding extra/leftover hair from either side of your head every time you braid a knot by crossing one over the other. Keep repeating the same process until you reach your desired length.


Image Source: Frisuren Trends

Know How To Do: Youtube Link


2. Dutch Braid

Also known as an inverted French braid, this might look confusing but it's not. Initially, repeat the same steps as above and this time instead of braiding the hair over each other, start braiding them underneath each other while incorporating extra hair every time you create a new knot.


Image Source:

Know How To Do: Youtube Link



3. Fishtail Braid

Begin by dividing the hair into two equal halves, hold them in one hand, separated by your pointer finger and use the other hand to grab a tiny piece of hair from the outer most side of one half. Pull and place the tiny piece over to the other half. Now, repeat the same thing with the other half. Keep braiding until the length of your hair. Tug and pull carefully, for a messier and voluminous effect.


Image Source: Luxy Hair

Know How To Do: Youtube Link


4. Milkmaid Braid

Want some boho feels? Try this super easy and cute hairstyle. Divide your hair into two sections and braid them in a basic three-strand braid. Place them on top of your head in the form of a headband and secure them with some bobby pins. As usual, poof it out for a bigger and undone look. Take some out random stands on the front side of your hair to frame your face and you are good to go.



Image Source:

Know How To Do: Youtube Link


5. Rope Braid

Sweet and simple, take two sections and twist them individually, then start twisting them around each other in an inter-twining formation. Make sure you twist the hair in the opposite direction (while twisting it individually) to give it a stronghold otherwise it can get undone on its own. Spray some hair spray for some extra grip and you're set.


Image Source:

Know How To Do: Youtube Link



6. Braided Bun

Perfect for prom or weddings, this hairdo is pretty and effortless. Part your hair as your desire, now section a major chunk off to create a fishtail braid, starting on the front up until the length of your locks. Take the remaining hair and form a low bun. Push and poof the bun for volume and secure with some bobby pins. Now, take the braid and place it around the bun and tuck it underneath for a seamless finish. Take a few strands out to give a messy and romantic touch to the whole look and lock in with some hair spray to make it last all night long.  


Image Source: Maura Jannetta

Know How To Do: Youtube Link


7. Waterfall Braid

This one might look complicated but fret not. If you know how to do a french braid you can slay this one too with a few practice sessions. Create a middle parting and start french braiding your hair from the right side of your temple area. Make sure you keep dropping the outer section of the braid that you would normally cross over the other. Dropping off these strands will eventually create a waterfall-like effect, as the name suggests. Curl your hair on the end portion for a beachy look. 


Image Source:

Know How To Do: Youtube Link


8. Lace Braid

A super simple yet elegant looking style. Perfect to make a statement. If you know how to french braid, you've got this one too. Part your hair to the side and start a french braid at the front of your scalp, make sure you incorporate extra hair only from one side and braid regularly on the other end. 


Image Source:

Know How To Do: Youtube Link


9. Infinity Braid

As the name suggests, this my friend is a never ending braid. Think of it as an ongoing loop. Start by dividing your hair into two halves, separated by your pointer finger. Take a tiny section of hair from the outer most side of one half and pull it towards the other half, pull it back crossing over the second half leading back to the first half. Keep repeating this and don't forget to add extra hair to the tiny section you're using to twist around the two halves. This would ensure equal thickness on both sides. This might seem complicated at first but there is nothing you can't attain if you practice a little bit. So, begin right away!


Image Source:

Know How To Do: Youtube Link


10. Accent Braids

The most achievable braid style, perfect for beginners. All you have to do is create two or three tiny and sleek braids. One near your temple and two on either side of your head, towards the back side. Stretch and pull them for an undone look. These little accent braids are a saviour when you are running late or when you don't know what hair look to go for. You can amp it up with mini hair accessories to jazz up the whole look.  


Image Source:

Know How To Do: Youtube Link


Now, you can officially be your own stylist and save some coin. Get the tools and start practising and let us know which one did you find the best suited for yourself in the comments section below. Until then, PEACE! 

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