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Head To These Book Cafes In Gurgaon For A Peaceful Time

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - Feb. 17, 2021 6 min read

Life in the city can be overwhelming sometimes, the chaos of urban life and subsequent stress robbing you of your peace of mind. Especially in a concrete jungle like Gurgaon, the fast pace of affairs can be tiring, to say the least. So, yearning for a few moments of quiet solitude is only natural, and after a point entirely inevitable. But when you're constantly surrounded by either corporate offices, towering shopping malls, or crowded cafes, which direction does a person turn to for some solace? 


Well, I've found books usually get the job done pretty seamlessly. Even to this day whenever I find myself feeling even slightly dispirited, a sniff of a well-loved well-thumbed read does wonders to quell my racing thoughts. And if you also happen to be a raging foodie, this is the perfect blog for you to land on. Because this is where you'll find a carefully curated round-up of the best book cafes in Gurgaon, ideal for a pleasant, untroubled evening. Or any time of the day, really! 


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One of the most aesthetically pleasing and beautiful cafes in Gurgaon, Another Fine Day is a true delight for bibliophiles and food lovers, all in equal measure. Their gorgeous interiors are replete with rustic, romantic decor elements, all waiting to be clicked and posed in front of. Whenever you head to this place, you're sure to bump into a youthful crowd of guests, idling time away over the board games up for grabs, or tied in an enthusiastic match of foosball, or just enjoying a book from the cafe’s library. One of the best book cafes in Gurgaon, the all-day breakfast menu at Another Fine Day is simply irresistible, but if drinking is on your agenda, you also get to pick from a fairly decent collection of wines and beers! 


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A place particularly perfect for fuelling your love for travel, this cosy book cafe is tucked away in a corner of Gurgaon's famous Galleria Market. But from the minute you step inside to the moment you're ready to leave, you experience the kind of peace and quiet that's hard to come by in G Town. Their menu is impressively vast and crammed with mouthwatering offerings that appeal to every kind of palate. The interiors are incredibly warm and inviting, with brick walls adorned by travel photographs, and rustic racks of books. You can pick from an array of comfortable seating arrangements, but our personal favourite has got to be the hammock! 


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One of our all-time favourite cafes in Gurgaon, Getafix is the perfect blend of "off the beaten track" and "loved by those who end up there". A treat for all kinds of tastebuds, the food menu at Getafix will get you drooling, while also leaving you spoiled for choice. One of the best book cafes in Delhi NCR, this place furnishes diet-friendly food that's rich in nutrition, along with a small but spectacular collection of reads waiting to be flipped through. It's also a great Work From Home spot, so whether it's to finish that half-done task from work, or urgently submit a draft before the deadline, the quietude at this place is ideal for focused attention! 


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Living up to its name in every sense, this book cafe in Gurgaon is truly a delight for the soul. Surrounded by lush greenery, and occupied by whimsical wooden furniture and soothing decor elements, Cafe Soul Garden is a gorgeous spot amid the chaos of Gurgaon to unwind over a great read at. This place will offer plenty of options for you to choose from, both when it comes to discovering a fantastic new book and satiating your hunger pangs. It also doubles up as a luxury garden restaurant with a calming ambience, so suffice it to say, you'll end up full and happy every time you find yourself here! 


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Nestled inside the crowd-favourite Gurgaon spot of Peach Tree Complex, this beautiful cafe is popular for its toothsome breakfast offerings and delicious coffee. It has beautiful interiors with stunning artwork adorning its walls, coupled with tastefully selected furniture, which work together brilliantly to create an amazing ambience. But the highlight here has to be their wonderful repository of books, which unfailingly lands it as a recommendation on most lists of the best book cafes in Gurgaon. 


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If you're looking for a well-lit, graceful and charming place to head to with a book by your side, then you must pay Cafe Olly in Cyber Hub a visit soon. Whether you want to amp up your productivity for work, or just kick your feet up and relax, their interiors and decor will make you never want to leave. The ambience is as awesome as it gets, with a fancy crowd flocking to the cafe regularly. It's also a fantastic brunch spot, and every corner makes you want to whip your phone and click away! 


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Di Ghent Cafe is a rustic wooden cafe in Gurgaon, famous for serving mouthwatering breakfast dishes. It has picture-perfect corners, with golden sunlight spilling over through the charming wooden windows. Heavy on wooden decor, this place has the charm of a cafe in Paris. It offers a mixture of seating options along with an array of books and newspapers. It also has a great collection of wine ideal for being paired with the dishes they serve up. As far as reading nooks go, Di Ghent houses some of the best spots you can snag in Gurgaon! 


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Have you been day-dreaming about finding a quaint corner somewhere in the mountains, and settling down with a piping hot cup of chai and an incredible book? Well, while we can't transport you to a different state, we can certainly get you into a similar state of mind right here in Gurgaon. As the name aptly suggests, Sakley's is the closest you'll come to finding a mountain cafe in Gurgaon, replete with stacks of books, rustic wooden decor, lush green views and a menu filled to the brim with lip-smacking dishes and drinks! 


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Cafe Amaretto is one of those rare places in Gurgaon that are just as charming for a candlelight dinner date, as they are for quality alone time with your favourite book and a cup of coffee. If you're planning on heading there sometime soon, we'd strongly urge you to take a gander at their wine selection. The beautiful white interiors are decked up in Mediterranean-inspired decor, making it delightfully whimsical, and an ideal place to find your new reading nook at. All their dishes are absolutely delicious, and the skillfully crafted drinks are something to relish! 


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Blessed with natural sunlight in abundance against the gorgeous white backdrop, this place makes for the perfect serene writing and reading spot. While it may not strike you as a typical book cafe, it is undoubtedly one of the best cafes in Gurgaon if you take your read with you. It also houses a small but great collection of books that you can browse through, and every corner is worth clicking and uploading on your Instagram feed. Greenr also furnishes some of the best vegan food in Gurgaon! 

So this Sunday, carve out some me-time from your hectic schedule, and head to one of these spots in Gurgaon to satisfy the bibliophile in you! 


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