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7 Bollywood Movies You Can Watch To Travel Through The Country

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - April 23, 2021 7 min read

When a highly contagious virus starts sweeping across the world, the first obvious step towards curbing spread, is to limit the geographical area one has access to. People are no longer just humans, we are all potential carriers who could exacerbate an already worsening global health crisis. And the only way out, is for us to stick to our little nook on the planet and stifle all our "wanderlust" urges for the time being. But what about the massive group of people who had only one escape from the drone of life and its responsibilities, travelling every chance they got? 


Well, it's safe to say travel is going to be off-limits for a long time, and definitely the last area to regain any sense of normalcy. Even if the government allows, our paranoia probably won't. So, what then? No vacation? No, silly. In fact, let's just go to Jaipur right now. Or maybe, the valleys of Kashmir? How about the backwaters of Kerala? Sounds nice, doesn't it? 


All you need is the right Bollywood movie, and you will get an opportunity to teleport to any corner of the country you want, albeit virtually. But think about it this way. Not only is it the safest way to go on a holiday right now, but it will also cost you a grand total of ZERO rupees. And you won't even have to battle crippling anxiety about getting infected every step of the way, because wherever you might be mentally, physically you're still in your bedroom! 


"Aap convince ho gaye, ya main aur bolu?" If that sentence rang a loud bell, we have more things in store for you. We've curated a list of the best Bollywood movies about travel, perfect for a mini-road trip. So let's just jump right into it, and see where these super-entertaining travel-based Bollywood movies take us! 


1. Highway (2014)



Haryana, Punjab, Spiti Valley, Jammu & Kashmir 


Travel Itinerary 

With our chief guides Veera and Bhati leading the way, we will first hitch a ride along the wide highways of Punjab and Haryana, flanked by blooming mustard fields on both sides. A quick journey through Rajasthan and several miles of picturesque roads later, the snow-clad mountains of Himachal Pradesh will begin to appear on the horizon. Next up on our trip, the stunning town of Kaza in Spiti Valley, and a short pit-stop at Sangla Valley. Finally, we will get to the locales of Aru Valley and Pahalgam in Jammu and Kashmir, where we will pause to rest and reflect. 


Image Courtesy - HD Wall Source


2. Love Aaj Kal (2009) 





Travel Itinerary 

Starting the road trip with an unusual choice of voyage vehicle, we will all sit atop a yellow taxi with our guides Meera and Jai, and cruise through the expansive roads of Delhi. Soon you will spot the brick-red walls of Laal Qila, followed by a glimpse of Purana Qila to your right. Then, we will proceed to roam the lanes of Dilli Haat, admiring the kaleidoscopic displays of dupattas, bangles and hand-crafted earthen pots, a glassful of Chuski keeping our hands and mouth occupied. The final stop is a Delhi-style Dhaba, where you will be served a desi dinner of paratha and sabzi, and a glass of Thandai to toast to your trip. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 




3. Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani (2013) 



Manali, Udaipur 


Travel Itinerary

First up on this adventure, we will trek up the hills of Manali, pausing every few minutes to gaze at the white peaks appearing every now and then. There's no need to worry since our travel troop has both seasoned members like Bunny, Aditi and Avi, and first-timers like Naina, so previous experience is absolutely no bar. This will be followed by camping amidst the mountains, and exchanging sips of Lugdi while racing to the top. Then we will have a brief layover for a vibrant Holi celebration, after which we will part ways momentarily. We will meet again in Udaipur, travelling across the ruins of ancient forts, halting to look at life and abandoning all haste. The trip will culminate with a shopping spree of Phulkari dupattas, followed by an evening of dipping our toes in the cold waters of the hotel lake. 


Image Courtesy - Dharma Productions


4. Dil Chahta Hai (2001)





Travel Itinerary

This is it folks, this is the Goa trip you've waited for all your life. Joining us on this expedition is the veteran trio of Akash, Samir and Sid, who completed this infamous trip before it was cool. First thing on the agenda is a fun road trip, starting from the bustling streets of Mumbai and leading to a ride along the stunning palm-fringed coastline. After the journey, we will all find ourselves walking on hot sand, soaking up the sun and gorging on Goan cuisine at the gorgeous beaches. We will also roam around the beach towns, engage with the locals, and compare notes on the architectural brilliance of a few churches there. All of this will be topped up by the penultimate experience of tossing our bags aside, and perching on the iconic Fort Chapora wall to stare at the magnificent ocean stretching ahead. 


Image Courtesy - The Techy Traveler 




5. Chennai Express (2013)



Kerala, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 


Travel Itinerary

Fair heads-up, you might have to put up with a few lame jokes on this trip, but our leading duo Rahul and Meennamma mean well. Now, this is going to be a long train ride, however, the surreal imagery of the cascading Doodhsagar Falls from your window, will be worth the wait. We will also be meandering across the lush-green tea estates of Munnar and travel through the hill towns of Coimbatore. If you'd like, you can find a picturesque spot for yourself and your partner, and given time allows, you may dance atop a hay roof, surrounded by grassy high ground and dense forests in the distance. This adventure will end at the Vattamalai Murugan Temple in Tamil Nadu, and although we'd recommend climbing the stairs yourself, you'd be given the option of asking your partner to carry you, bridal style. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 




6. Jab We Met (2007)



Ratlam, Bhatinda, Rohtang, Shimla 


Travel Itinerary

We'd request all of you to first assemble in the sleepy town of Ratlam, so we can together explore the infamous gallis. We will also visit some iconic spots like Hotel Decent, although we'd advise against a long halt. This will be followed by a trip to Bhatinda which we might have to rush through as the next juncture would require us to hitchhike our way to Rohtang, stopping only to sit on fading milestones and watch life drive by. We will make use of various modes of transportation ranging from nighttime buses to open-top jeeps and bicycles. Finally, we will arrive at Rohtang Pass and travel to Manali, following which you will be given the option to either go back to your busy city with Aditya, or take up residence at a church in Shimla with Geet. 


Image Courtesy - YouTube


7. Piku (2015)



Delhi, Kolkata


Travel Itinerary

Since your dad will join us on this road trip, we'd advise you to carry a few extra pillows for him to doze off on. Our trusty Rana Chaudhary's taxi service will be the choice of transportation for the journey, which will begin from the bylanes of Chittaranjan Park in Delhi. We will try our best to calm all quarrels between the travellers, although our stunning night-time pit-stop at Varanasi will be sure to dispel any tension. You can sit on the Ganga bank with our favourite duo Bhashkor and Piku, and together watch the hope-lit lamps drift along with the waters. After this, we will arrive at Kolkata and marvel at its colonial charm, sprawling courtyards, bumble-bee like taxis and painted wooden doors. We will also make a visit to Howrah bridge, where we'd urge you to rest your racing thoughts. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest



"Oh, Saturday won't work for me, I'm actually travelling through India this weekend."

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