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Forget About Goa & Add These 8 Best Beaches In India To Your Bucket List

By Swati Mishra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Vacations are on its way , and what is better than beaches when it comes to holidaying around, but you may not know about the best beaches in India, after all when we think about beaches, the first name to pop in our mind is Goa , but when it comes to best we cannot just rely on Goa, so here are some of the best beaches in India, for you to visit in these holidays.


1. Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

Situated in Chunnambar near Pondicherry town, this beach defines its beauty with its extraordinarily soft and grainy sand. This beach is a little isolated so to reach there you will have to take a ferry across the backwaters, which will take not more than 30 minutes. It is fun traveling through backwaters as they are green and have thick mangrove forest, especially after monsoon it is green and fresh a perfect spot for some fun photography while getting to your destination. Paradise beach is best for having a peaceful walk early morning and seeing the sunrise but many water sports like jet skiing, canoeing or kayaking are also available here for the people seeking adventure, for snacks you have shacks where you can get coconut water and some basic snack. One of the best beaches in India you can’t miss to visit.

paradise beach

Best Time To Visit: November to march

Highlights: Backwaters, Water Sports, and fishing

Location: Chunnambar, Near Pondicherry Town 


2. Rama Krishna Beach, Vishakhapatnam

Rama Krishna beach is one of the best beaches in India, and also one the best-known tourist spot situated in Vizag, with the amazing beauty it also offers some very interesting attractions like an aquarium, the Kali temple, Visakha museum and some delicious seafood at roadside food joints. The major attraction is INS Kursura Submarine Museum which preserves submarines for public display and access on the beach. This beach is a complete holiday package adding to which are some fun-full activities like swimming, sunbathing and beach volleyball. The exquisite beauty of Rama Krishna Beach is worth experiencing this summer.

rama krishna beach

Best Time To Visit: October to march

Highlights: Kursura  submarine museum, Kali temple, seafood, aquarium etc

Location: Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh (5 km from the main city)


3. Puri Beach, Odisha

One of the amazing destinations for holidaying is this beach located at the exotic coastline of Odisha. It is a perfect place to view romantic sunrises and sunsets and also a place to spend lovely moments with family and friends. One of the major attraction of this place is its 5 days long annual Puri Beach Festival held in the month of November every year. It is an excellent place for water sports like angling, boat riding, swimming, surfing and sea cruising, also this place is popular for shopping for handicrafts at the cheapest price. A peaceful place which will mesmerize you with its beauty is a must to visit.


Best Time To Visit: November 

Highlights: handicrafts, water sports, and Puri Beach Festival

Location: Odisha


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4. Gokarna Beach, Karnataka

Several kilometers long beach situated at the edge of the Gokarna, a pilgrim town in Karnataka, it was not a well-known place until frequent tourist visits raised the hype of this place. What is more perfect for a family outing than a place where the youngsters can enjoy the beautiful sceneries and the parents can enjoy the peace of one of the amazing pilgrim town. Not just this you can take yoga crash course here to attain utter peace and people seeking adventure can try jet skiing and snorkeling. The essence of authenticity with a pinch of scenic beauty surely make this beach one of the best beaches in India. You will miss a lot if you don’t visit this place at least once.


Best Time To Visit: October - June

Highlights: jet skiing, snorkeling, yoga crash course

Location: Gokarna, Karnataka 


5. Covelong Beach, Chennai

Located on the Coromandel coast of Bay of Bengal is this famous and naturally beautiful tourist attraction of India. It is also known as “Kovalam” beach and is situated in Covelong Village, Chennai.  This place is very popular amongst tourist and you will see quite a good amount of people visiting this beach, free from the daily hustle this place is calm and peaceful which allures people to visit this place. Water sports like surfing etc is also fun trying for the thrill seekers besides this major attraction is an ancient Catholic church that depicts the history of the place. After visiting this place you will surely feel the positivity inside your soul that would make you fall in love with it.

covelong beach

Best Time To Visit:  November - February

Highlights: water sports, fishing, ancient catholic church 

Location: Chennai District, Covelong


6. Tarkali Beach, Calvan

Popularly known for its crystal clear water, narrow stretch of beach and none other that Singhudurg, Maharashtra’s popular sea fort. One of the most beautiful beach with glorifying white sand make this place an ideal vacation spot. Thrilling water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, banana boat etc will satisfy the adventurer in you and besides that sindhudurg fort will make you revisit the golden history of a great architect. Perfect place to have a fun- full vacations.


Best Time To Visit: October - March

Highlights: Watersports, white sand, Sindhudurg Fort

Location: Malvan, Maharashtra 


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7. Varkala Beach, Kerela

A peaceful place to spend your vacation around the scenic beauty of this heavenly beach in Kerala, popular for spa's, mineral springs, and ayurvedic centers. It is also believed that taking bath here wash away all the sins.  Other than this, Varkala has a bunch of activities like sightseeing, sunbathing, windsurfing etc to make it a completely peaceful, refreshing and revitalizing holiday spot.

varkala beach

Best Time To Visit: September-march

Highlights: Spas, ayurvedic centers, water sports, medicinal values

Location: Vishakhapatnam, Kerala


8. Radhanagar, Havelock Island

Known for its scenic beauty consisting of beautiful tall palm trees, white sand and still water captivating everybody's attention. It's definitely one of the best beaches in India yet to be explored by many. Don't miss out on the spectacular sunset at this mesmerizing beach.

radhanagar beach

Best Time To Visit: April - October

Highlights: Scuba, snorkeling, small treks, fishing

Location: Havelock, Andaman Islands


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