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18 Best Bars & Pubs in Bangalore for Post-Work Drink Sesh - February, 2024

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 21, 2024 9 min read

Whether it's to get over a rough day at work, celebrate a good one, or just catch up with mates over a quick round of drinks, Bangalore has her fair share of places to visit. Yes, the start-up city is also famous for its alcohol scenes. We're talking about the chilled-out pubs (for once), the eternal go-to breweries and bars that James Bond would go to.


Of course, within that too, the best bars resturants and pubs in Bangalore will differ.


So we're giving you a range -- from quirky and cool options for a party with the crew to swish and chic for date nights. The rest is totally a matter of your preference for the best bars and pubs in Bangalore.


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Stories is a hot spot to hang out with your favourite drinks amidst a peaceful and verdant ambience. With unique decor, Stories is one of the best pubs in Bangalore to spend time with your friends and family. The beverage menu here needs a special mention, as it is very thoughtfully planned and successfully executed. Visit here anytime and expect nothing but great food, good service and fun times.


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The Boozy Griffin is quite a nostalgic space when it comes to its retro-themed decor. One of the most exuberant places in Bangalore, with a variety of events on weekdays too, it is popular for exciting offers. One can experience hearty delicacies of the British Royalty, along with the foot-tapping survey. It also provides extensive Italian, Mexican, and Thai preparations along with their select alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages


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This small and charmingly lit pub provides indoor and outdoor seating options, along with its wooden interiors and a fully stocked bar. The highlight of Bob's Bar is its openness to the LGBTQIA+ community, and their fantastically affordable menus, ensuring that it's a firm favourite amongst locals.


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Far fancier than its original avatar of being a dive bar, Chin-Lung retains some of its charms. Mostly in the form of cheap booze. So when you order chilli chicken, masala papad and peanuts, make sure to go old-school and order Old Monk and coke, or vodka with OJ, and whiskey with ice. No fancy cocktails here, and we’re thankful this one stays true to itself.


Image Courtesy: WhatsHot

If you’re lurking in the HSR or Koramangala areas, pop into House Of Commons for some cheap drinkies, and food to pair with it. We’re still convinced that it’s a pub, but we won’t argue it if they call themselves a bar! You get Kingfisher Premium for INR 120 and a mug for INR 69, and if you order their masala peanuts or their HOC chip and dip basket, it’s a guaranteed good night. Tequila is always 2+1, and they have some decent deals on Happy Hours until 7 pm. LIIT pitchers, Cosmopolitan, Mai Tais and Whiskey Sours are all popular cocktails here too. 


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Skip the wines, whiskeys and vodkas for house special cocktails at the vibrant Sly Granny. Planter’s Punch is a tribute to Coorg planters and their love for rum. This one is spiced rum with tea and berries. Chase & Status (named for the English EDM duo) is another interesting drink which blends scotch, lemon juice, honey and Laphroaig. Queen’s Park Sizzle, Brixton Smash and Strider are other prime picks. Granny clearly knows her drinks well, eh?


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With many branches around town, there's a Gilly's for any hunger or thirst need. Koramangala boasts of two branches (one to catch up and drink with friends, and one to enjoy gigs and performances), Electronic City also has Gilly's ideal for post-work drinks. Bannerghatta Road and Kundanahalli also have a branch each. Known for its economical prices and good vibes, it is a classic bar (chain) pretty dependable for a good time.


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Entering the Biere Club is like stepping into an Englishman’s privately owned brewery. At Bangalore’s first craft brewery, the aim is to show India everything about small-batch beer, from styles to flavours. They brew new and original examples, marrying the finest ingredients with traditional methods. The result for you: fresh flavours you won’t forget. Order appetizers alongside – prawn popcorn, perhaps, and/or smoked-chicken pizza – and you’ll be all set for one of Bangalore’s loveliest, most laid-back nights.


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Watson’s welcomes all thirsty and hungry Bangaloreans with open arms – where they may need to fall after one too many curious-sounding Vinifera Twists (Smirnoff, red wine, grape juice and lychee). It is an agreeable rooftop bar, with a decor that certainly turns heads: the brick walls and retro posters, along with balcony seating, impart a pleasantly nostalgic vibe. Settle in and admire the amazing view of Ulsoor Lake, perhaps ordering your first Vinifera Twist and something from the vegetarian selection – or a plate of classic chilli chicken.


Arbor Brewing Company (ABC) is one of the most popular places in Bangalore when it comes to microbreweries. This place aims to provide the same experience as the original pub and eatery while maintaining the food preparation list, decor standards and business philosophy. The outlet has an amazing range of handcrafted and freshly brewed beers. Visit this place at night if you love music and want to dance and if you want to enjoy the beautiful ambience and wooden decor, you need to come early.



Toit is a legendary brewpub and probably the first suggestion anyone would give for beer. There is absolutely nothing to disappoint you, be it the delish cuisines, drinks, ambience or service. This brewpub is a reversion to the beer-ale-pub culture which has taken the city by storm. It is a huge 3-floor outlet always filled with people, so it is better to reserve your table in advance. Toit brews its own beer and has gigantic beer tanks, of which some are displayed and some are in the temperature-controlled room. This outlet also hosts a brewery tour, for which you need to register in advance. With the vibrant ambience and stunning decor, this place is certainly on the top among the best bars and pubs in Bangalore.


Being one of the most happening bars in the city, Skyye, as the name says, is a visually stunning open area lounge boasting under-lit flooring. With a high seating area, round-shaped bar with innovative lighting and a dance floor, it is a paradise for party lovers. This place hosts a variety of food events, karaoke nights, stand-up performances and more. The hospitality here is another plus and the staff makes sure to make your evening a memorable one. Skyye has a bird-eye city view and is best experienced at night under scintillating stars.


Being known for its Pan-Asian delicacies, High is one of the best bars and pubs in Bangalore. It lets you explore a breathtaking view of 430 feet above the ground. *Yes, the skyline is to die for* The seating area is very spacious and the perfect amount of soft ambient lighting makes it apt for a romantic dinner. *Dinner date in mind?* Live music along with delicious food and a lovely ambience will make your experience worth remembering. Just don't forget to reserve your table, as it is a prerequisite here.


LOFT38 is a premium pub and is a style guru when it comes to setting trends. It serves an extensive variety of cocktails and is known for hosting the city's best live performances by artists from across the world. It is a 3-floor outlet with a huge dance floor on the central floor. The chef and the team have done a great job in providing a gastronomic journey of different cuisines, with each dish made authentic and unique. Having a wooden and rustic ambiance, this place caters to all. It is surely the place for those who love being around people and love to party. *BRB, ordering a Jägerbomb*


District 6 Pub Brewery & Kitchen is a microbrewery known for its craft beer. With comfortable sofa-like eating and wooden furniture, this is the best place to have a glass of beer over conversations with family or friends. This is one of the few places in the city that serves German beers and has a central bar with a large brewery at its backdrop. Service here is top-notch, and this outlet hosts food and beer events regularly. Not just from the inside but this place looks equally stunning from the outside and is surely gonna catch your attention.


Hakuna Matata is is a top favourite resto-bar for the corporates to unwind after work. The outlet is gigantic with different seating areas including candle-lit dinner tables, ground floor seating, rooftop seating, seating by the bar, a private dining area and tables by the pool. Whatever the occasion or mood be, Hakuna Matata will cater to each one of them. The service here is on the top and the evening is best enjoyed in the monsoon under the beautiful sky with delicious food and beverages.



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Situated at the 100 feet road, Indiranagar with dim light, cosy setting, it’s one of the best places for Hookah lovers. With quirky decoration, and good food presentation they will give you the vibe of being at a beach. They have a huge dance floor plus stunning rooftop dining to unwind with great music. Whole Wheat Pizza, Murgh Malai, and Mini Lamb Kofta Kebabs with a Rum or Cherry Brandy will rock your night with a friend gang.



The 13th Floor is one of the few bars and pubs in Bangalore which still offers an unparalleled view of the city. Being a legendary outlet, this place serves an impressive variety of champagne, cocktails, and wines. One can sit indoors and enjoy the day over good music and drinks, or can enjoy in the outdoor seating area, which is perfectly set up for a romantic date. The staff is courteous and polite and takes excellent care of the guests.


Bars and Pubs have revamped themselves and how! From amazing beverages to delicious food and eventful nights, they have certainly come a long way. So, where are you planning to head this weekend?

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