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Grab A Sweet Treat From The Best Bakeries In Mumbai!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Dec. 24, 2022 4 min read

Are you someone who can’t wait to gobble down hot chocolate cakes in one gulp? Especially when it’s the festive season? And that too, especially on Christmas? Uh! Wait… give me a second, just need to grab a tissue and wipe this drool off my lips. Lol. 

Christmas is due in a few days, and no craving goes unsatisfied when you find yourself in the city of dreams. So, be ready to be spoiled with choices for the best cakes and bakeries in Mumbai city for the Christmas holiday season in 2022. 

Want to indulge in a piping hot piece of some sweet tidbit? Here is your list of the best bakeries in Mumbai to treat your tastebuds today! 




One of the highest-rated cake spots in Byculla, Magdalena is well-known for its quality sugary treats and brilliant executions of customised cake designs. Perfect for those go-and-fetch moments, Magdalena has a plethora of baked delights and desserts in store for you.




Famous among dessert lovers in Mumbai, Malti's Delicacies is a cute little shop located in Bhayandar that offers superior quality baked products and confectionaries at a reasonable price. Best for satisfying urgent sweet-tooth cravings, you can find a large mixed bag of different kinds of toothsome desserts and quick bites at Malti's Delicacies.




A hub for snacks and baked treats available at reasonable prices, Shree Asian Bakery Stores is your go-to place for those mid-day hunger pangs. This old and trusted bakery is the perfect spot to visit with friends and family for some pocket-friendly treats! The staff here is remarkably friendly and helps in creating the perfect cozy bakery environment.  


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A frequent feature in the list of top bakeries in and around Mumbai, the International Baking Company is a hub for fresh, creamy desserts whipped to perfection! Ranging from bakery products to sweets and savoury snacks, this outlet serves it all. If you are looking for a larger-than-life cake for Christmas, International Baking Company can furnish some of the most delectable flavours!



If you are scanning the streets of Mumbai looking to satiate your sugar cravings, you should mark Hearsch Bakery as your next ideal spot! Offering a wide array of delicious options on its menu, Hearsch Bakery will tickle your taste buds as no other eatery can! The lack of indoor seating options is not enough to deter large crowds of Mumbaikars waiting to get their hands on the treat of the day!


With a consistent emphasis on quality and affordability, Am's Finom Cake Shop is known all over the city for its freshly baked products whipped together with carefully chosen ingredients! This cake shop is recognized by most Mumbaikars for its affordable range of delightful desserts. The entire production process is carefully managed with close attention to detail!




A fantastic bakery serving all kinds of chocolate concoctions and baked goods, Chocday is famous in the city of Mumbai for its delicious range of desserts. It doubles up as a cafe serving delectable small-sized bites, and a convenient spot to catch up with friends at! The seating space is limited and it is advisable to walk in and pick a delicious takeaway.  


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A small place tucked away in Mulund, Bonnie's Bakery serves mouth-watering desserts in appetising flavours. The quality offered by this outlet is unparalleled and the prices you have to pay to get your hands on these yummy sweets seem absolutely reasonable. The staff members at this outlet are extremely helpful and will ensure that you walk away with the perfect cure for your sweet tooth cravings!



A lavish outlet that has been serving stunning cakes and satisfying customers for several years, Dark Temptations is known for its cosy ambience, always teeming with that fresh bakery smell. This shop will furnish you with superior quality cakes and desserts at prices that are extremely light on the pocket. If you're visiting Dark Temptations, you can expect thorough consistency in quality and taste.


An affordable outlet that opens in the wee hours of the morning, Lavista Cake Shop serves a wide variety of freshly baked goods and confectioneries. If you order a cake from this shop, suffice it to say, you won't be disappointed! This bakery specialises in customised photo cakes that are creamy and packed with delectable flavours.


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Theobroma is sweet-tooth heaven and a popular hangout spot. Offering a wide range of options in the category of baked desserts, this bakery is resplendent with quirky, attractive decor with an outdoor area, and scrumptious treats.


A cake outlet that aims to provide you with a unique experience comprising freshly baked products and carefully chosen ingredients, Parel's Cake Smith is a popular spot in Mumbai for satisfying all your cake needs. They pay close attention to the entire baking process and with top-notch culinary skills, ensure every slice on your plate is prepared to perfection and delivered with love.


Congratulations on making it to the end of this guide to the best bakeries in Mumbai. All that's left for you to do is to make way for sweater weather, bask in the upcoming holiday season, and find your perfect slice!


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