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Holiday Spirit Came Early At These Bakeries In Bangalore!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Dec. 24, 2021 4 min read

I don't intend to act like "captain obvious" but...winter's officially here! Now we know that Bangalore city is adored by the whole country for its pleasant weather around the year, but that doesn't make sweater weather in Bengaluru any less special! A slight chill when you step outside, the sight of churches adorned in Christmas lights, and everything enveloped in an air of serenity. December is quite a beautiful time to find yourself in the city of pubs and start-ups! 


Personally speaking, the moment the first sign of winter comes knocking, our craving for piping-hot baked goods and delicious coffee begin to incline steadily. The fact that Christmas is also just around the corner probably accentuates that feeling!


We thought that's a sentiment you might relate to. And with that intention, we compiled a list of the 10 best bakeries in Bangalore city for a Christmas cake, or just a muffin and a hot cuppa joe! 


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Tucked away in the quaint lanes of Koramangala, Glen's Bake House makes for the perfect doughy hangout spot in Bangalore, you know, to share a slice with your friends. The seating is well-planned and the decor is whimsical with just a touch of hipster. Their baked concoctions are no less than mouth-watering and the savoury bites are generous enough to chase away hunger pangs!


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One of the oldest and most trusted bakeries in Bangalore city, OG Variar & Sons is well-known for its quality baked goods available at pocket-friendly prices. Always brimming with crowds of Bangaloreans chasing that sugar high, this bakery has everything you could wish for including a wide range of products, friendly service and prices that are easy on your wallet!


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A pocket-friendly haven for those with serious sweet tooth cravings, Cake Wala offers a wide variety of sugary merchandise as well as savoury snacks. Known for its spacious interiors, well laid out seating arrangements, and hygiene of the highest order, this bakery in Bangalore is regularly frequented by most residents and visitors of Jayanagar!


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A crowd-favourite joint in Jayanagar, Baker's Glove offers an assortment of hunger pang cures from freshly baked goods to quick bites. This bakery in Bangalore is the perfect solution to your Christmas cake woes. It offers different varieties of customised cakes ranging from classics to exotic flavours as well as 3D and photo cakes that are hard to resist. 


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In addition to offering flavoursome baked goodies, this popular outlet in Frazer Town is also known for its mouth-watering delicacies in North and South Indian cuisines. When compared to the level of quality offered, the prices are extremely low and the staff members are friendly and cooperative ensuring lightning-fast service. 



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Scattered all over the city, Just Bake outlets in Bangalore are known for their simple baked products in appetising flavours and pocket-friendly prices. The staff is always friendly, welcoming and well-versed with the food items they serve. But if Christmas cakes are all you seek, this is one of the best bakeries in Bangalore.


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Resplendent with lip-smacking treats and quirky decor, Bake Ur Wish is tucked away in the streets of Nagarbhavi. Known for its consistent focus on quality, Bake Ur Wish offers a wide variety of tasty preparations ranging from freshly baked confectionaries to mouth-watering snacks. It is a great spot to visit with friends or colleagues and catch up over a plate of scrumptious dessert!


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If you happen to be in Kumarswamy Layout and craving for a flavoursome quick bite, Bake Delite should definitely be on your radar. With special baked items offered during weekends and a staggering variety of snacks available throughout the year, Bake Delite satisfies large crowds with yummy desserts and efficient service! And don't worry, you'll find some of the best Christmas cakes here. 


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One of the best-rated outlets in Kumaraswamy layout, Baker's Town is recognised by Bangaloreans for its superior quality bites and desserts. With adorable romantic decor and a cosy, welcoming ambience, this bakery in Bangalore makes for an ideal hangout spot to spend time with friends, family or yourself and also order irresistible Christmas cakes. 


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A quaint bakery shrouded in the by lanes of Brigade Road, All Saints Bakery offers an assortment of freshly baked products and confectionaries, along with some scrumptious meals. The cakes and other baked goods including those - yummy Christmas cakes you're looking for in Bangalore - are of high quality, extremely tempting, and worth every single penny! 


This December let the sublime smell of freshly baked goodies spread some cheer through the air, and entice you and your loved ones! 

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