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A Round-Up Of The 5 Best Bagels In Hyderabad

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Aug. 21, 2020 4 min read

If I had to give bagels a term of endearment, it'd be a yum ring. And God! do I miss gorging on these yum rings at Sunday brunches. In fact, I'd even go to the extent of narrowing down my reasons for attending these brunches into two specific ones, day-drinking and bagels! Please don't tell my girlfriends I said that. But on second thought, even if you do, they'd get it. Because it's with them that I discovered the many, many flavoursome options that fall under the frequently underestimated category of bagels. And the rest, as they say, is history. 


So consider it a personal mission of mine, but I want people to appreciate bagels just as much as I do. And what my experience has taught me is that people who disagree with my sentiments for a great, crispy, cheesy bagel, are usually the ones who've tried just a couple at just a couple of places, and reached a harsh judgement. Trust me, the world of bagels is as varied and colourful as it gets, with a host of bread types, toppings, crusts etc to choose from. And all I ask you for, is to let me help you explore this multi-verse. Let's start with this list of the 5 best bagels in Hyderabad city, shall we? 


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Our Bagel Recommendation

Pesto Cheese 


This adorable cafe in Hyderabad offers more than a peaceful ambience to its customers, to have a cup of coffee in. From awesome snacks the taste of which keep you coming back for more, to a staggering variety of bread and other baked goodies, Cafe Eclat makes a strong case for becoming a loyal visitor. But their pesto cheese bagel packed with an explosion of delectable flavours is one of our all-time favourite picks from this eatery! 


Image Courtesy - Pexels


Our Bagel Recommendation

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Bagel 


Taking care of a large variety of cravings in both residents and visitors of Hyderabad city at a price that's easy on the wallet, FullFills is the perfect place to spend your evenings at. The elegant decor both inside and outside adds to the charm of this beautiful eatery, but it's their impressive menu which is the biggest incentive. Off the top of our hat, a cone pizza, a garlic parmesan chicken bagel, and a great cup of cappuccino would make for our ultimate comfort-order! 


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Our Bagel Recommendation

Bagel & Cream Cheese


If you'd consider yourself somewhat of a baking goods connoisseur, The Old Madras Baking Company is a place in Hyderabad you need to check out the first chance you get. Those who have been frequenting the place can't stop singing its praises and for pretty good reason. From freshly baked pizzas to gooey soft brownies, and from buttery croissants to perfect slices of banana bread, this place serves it all! Our bagel pick is as classic as the place itself, with their delicious cream cheese being of the highest quality you will be able to find in the city. 



Image Courtesy - Daily Meal


Our Bagel Recommendation

Bagel Burg 


First off, this place is absolutely gorgeous with plenty of quirky corners to get new material for the 'gram from! It's one of the most happening dessert parlours in all of Hyderabad city, and one taste of any preparation from their menu will make you quickly realise why. Desserts are their speciality and each dish is as mouthwatering as it can get. But from all the options they furnish under the category of snacks, the non-veg bagel burg is a constant favourite for us.  


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Image Courtesy - Tea Villa Cafe Facebook


Our Bagel Recommendation

Exotic Vegetable With Pesto Sauce Bagel


If you're a tea lover residing in Hyderabad city and haven't checked this place out yet, we just have one word for you, why!? Trust us when we say this, their teas are soul-soothing, ideal for some quiet me-time. But the huge variety of snacks offered by this place is exceedingly awesome. Every single dish tossed up by this place is always brimming with scrumptious flavours and lip-smacking taste. Abd their peso sauce bagel served with exotic vegetables is no different! A must-have for any bagel-fan. 

The distance between you and a bagel that makes your world go round has now been halved! To reduce further, get ordering. 

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