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We Shortlisted The 8 Best Bagels In Delhi NCR!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Aug. 20, 2020 5 min read

I'm not saying I love bagels, but if you're going to give me a ring, that's the kind you should go for. Okay fine, I'm saying I love bagels. But really, how can you not? Without the presence of a platter of crisp, warm bagels coated with sesame seeds and stuffed with cream cheese, I just can't begin to imagine a lavish breakfast spread. Every single Sunday brunch that I can think back to, obviously before this pandemic came around, there's a bagel on the table somewhere. And within 5 minutes, there's not. Why? Because I gobbled it all up in one sitting, that's why! 


It's okay if you don't quite relate to the sentiment. Because by the time you're done checking out the bagel recommendations on this list, you will! It could be the one stuffed with fancy veggies and guacamole, or the one topped with chunks of chicken, or perhaps the classic cream cheese variant, but I'm of the strong belief that there's a perfect bagel for you somewhere out there. And I'm going to help you find it. Let's start with a list of the 8 best bagels in Delhi NCR! 


Image Courtesy - Pexels 


Our Bagel Recommendation

Cheesy Mushroom 


With dishes that are quick to turn every first-time visitor into a regular customer, Cafe Tesu is as beautiful as it is budget-friendly. The cheesy mushroom bagel they serve here is absolutely lip-smacking, and this coming from someone who has to taste a mushroom dish at every eatery she visits, is a big deal! The cafe has a very soothing ambience along with a small yet impressive collection of books that you can browse through while sipping on a cuppa and biting into your delicious baked goodies. 


Image Courtesy - Di Ghent Facebook


Our Bagel Recommendation



One of Gurugram's most adored cafes, Di Ghent deserves every bit of the stellar reputation it holds. The decor is wonderful, as is the taste of all their preparations, so taking a single pick from the impressive menu is as difficult as difficult gets. Nevertheless, if you're a proud non-vegetarian we'd highly recommend you taste the Zomergem bagel, that comes loaded with pork sausages, bacon, cheddar cheese and poached egg. For vegetarians, the mushroom, cream cheese and gorgonzola cheese laden Bemel bagel is a great option! 


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Image Courtesy - Ivy & Bean Instagram


Our Bagel Recommendation

Chicken, Avocado & Cheese


As a lover of book cafes, Ivy & Bean has been one of my favourite spots in Delhi NCR for as long as I can remember. Like most cafes in Shahpur Jat, this one comes with beautiful Insta-worthy decor, but that's not all you should head there for. Whenever I find myself in this quaint cafe, I just have to get myself a steaming cup of vanilla latte, and a portion of their chicken, avocado and cheese bagel. Trust me, it's even yummier than it sounds!  


Image Courtesy - magicpin


Our Bagel Recommendation

Smoked Salmon & Wasabi


Remember back when HKV used to be one of the coolest spots in town? Yeah, my romantic history with Smoke House Deli dates back to those bygone days! And this is probably going to strike as very comical, but while I love most things on their menu it's the free bread basket that keeps me coming back for more. Oh, and their smoked salmon and wasabi bagel. Seriously, it's the perfect crunchy, protein-heavy snack to get yourself while you sit surrounded by their amazing interiors! 



Image Courtesy - Nik Baker's Facebook


Our Bagel Recommendation

Paneer Tikka Bagel 


As any loyal customer of Nik Baker's would be quick to tell you, if you're on the hunt for baked deliciousness and heavenly desserts at a reasonable price, this place will never disappoint you. Whether its cookies, bread, cake or cupcakes, Nik Baker's serves the most top-notch quality and taste in the form of their baked goodies. And their paneer tikka bagel is no different. Giving the quintessential Polish snack a flavourful Indian twist, this one is sure to please all tastebuds whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian! 


Image Courtesy - KetoRoo Bakes Facebook


Our Bagel Recommendation

Sesame Seeds Keto Bagels


Regardless of how many times life tells you otherwise, the urge to have your cake and eat it too is only natural. And in this case, it's a delicious bagel that your heart desires, but your brain won't stop counting the calories. If this sounds all too familiar, KetoRoo Bakes is where you should head for sure. As the name suggests, every dish and snack on their extensive menu is diet-friendly, and their bagels sprinkled with sesame seeds are as mouthwatering as they are keto-compliant! 


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Image Courtesy - WordPress


Our Bagel Recommendation

Olives & Bell Peppers Bagel Pizza


Okay, so this isn't exactly a smallish bagel that you can bite into every now and then as something to munch on. But guys, pizza and bagels coming together to tickle your tastebuds in the most fun way possible, how can you possibly say no to that!? The cafe is aesthetically pleasing, sure, but that's nowhere close to being its USP. It's their toothsome creations packed with flavours that leave you licking your fingers that attracts so many loyalists. The olives & bell pepper bagel pizza is one of those meals that you will remember the taste of for ages! 


Image Courtesy - WordPress


Our Bagel Recommendation

New York Cream Cheese


On some days, you just don't want to bother with frills and would love to reach for a classic option instead. For all those days, the excellent New York Cream Cheese bagel at the crowd-favourite Theos is a dish you can always pick. Buttery, cheesy and just the right amount of crunchy, this bagel will be the perfect side-dish for all your brunches! 

We hope you enjoy each and every one of these bagels we hole-ly recommend! 

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