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Here's A Checklist Of The 5 Best Bagels In Bangalore!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Aug. 21, 2020 4 min read

Speaking for myself, I'd say bagels are the most underrated items in the world of baked goodies. Seriously, think about it. I've heard people say they're craving a doughnut, that they'd do anything for a slice of chocolate cake or a hamper of cookies, but never have I ever come across any variant of the following sentence, "man, I'm really pining for a good bagel today!". My question is, why though?! A good bagel is the ultimate comfort breakfast-dish, an influx of gooey cheese in your mouth the moment you bite into its crispy, peppered with sesame seeds exterior. I'm salivating just at that imagery. 


You know what I think? If you truly don't get the appeal of a great bagel, it's because you haven't tried the one for you yet. Trust me when I say this, there's a vast array of different bagel kinds to choose from and it's only with trial and testing that you find one that's a perfect match for you. Don't know where to start? Well, good thing we compiled a list of the 5 best bagels in Bangalore city then! 


Image Courtesy - Just Dial 


Our Bagel Recommendation

Egg, Bacon & Cheese


One of my favourite spots in the city, it doesn't get better than Third Wave Coffee Roasters and their free wifi to make for a perfect working space! And as if that wasn't enough of a favour already, their snacks and drinks taste absolutely heavenly! The cold coffee here is to die for, and even more so when you accompany it with the classic egg, bacon and cheese bagel. There are some delectable options for vegetarians as well so seriously, go crazy. 


Image Courtesy - magicpin


Our Bagel Recommendation

Smoked Salmon & Wasabi 


Regardless of which city's branch you choose to visit, Smoke House Deli is always a great option. Especially with the cutesy, mouthwatering breadbasket that greets you first thing. But as a bagel-lover, I had to try out all that their menu offers, and suffice it to say, I don't remember ever being disappointed. My favourite pick of all-time would have to be the smoked salmon & wasabi bagel, but the one loaded with cream cheese and herbs isn't too far behind either! 


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Image Courtesy - WordPress


Our Bagel Recommendation

Bagels With Egg, Vegetable Croquette & Cream Cheese


Glen's has always been one of our go-to cosy spots for when we want nothing more than to be engulfed in that heavenly bakery smell. So imagine my delight every time I get to have a tasty bagel to top that off with! The menu at Glen's is packed with all kinds of scrumptious tidbits, but for me, nothing has topped their classic bagel served with scrambled egg, vegetable croquette and loads of cream cheese! Swap the croquette with some chicken salami, and you've got yourself another luscious brunch meal!



Image Courtesy - Tea Villa Cafe Facebook


Our Bagel Recommendation

Exotic Vegetable With Pesto Sauce Bagel


If you're a tea lover residing in Bangalore city and haven't checked this place out yet, we just have one word for you, why!? Trust us when we say this, their teas are soul-soothing, ideal for some quiet me-time. But the huge variety of snacks offered by this place is exceedingly awesome. Every single dish tossed up by this eatery is always brimming with scrumptious flavours and lip-smacking taste. And their peso sauce bagel served with exotic vegetables is no different! A must-have for any bagel-fan. 


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Image Courtesy - magicpin


Our Bagel Recommendation

Honey Walnut Cream Cheese 


A recently opened eatery in the heart of Bangalore city, Bagel Bro has a hoard of fans already. And for lovers of bagels like me, it honestly doesn't get any better than an entire place dedicated to our object of affection! From cinnamon to onion bagels, and from mango cream cheese to peanut butter flavoured, you can customise your bagel exactly the way you like it! If you asked me, my best-loved preparation so far has been honey walnut cream cheese smeared on a toasted bagel! 

Why would I want to date, when I already have a bae-gal?!

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