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Beat The Monotony Of 9-5! Gear Up For Some Adventure Sports Near Delhi NCR!

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Dec. 2, 2019 10 min read

Being a Delhiite and not craving for adventures? Are you really a Delhiite? Well, the radio liner goes well with the situation at hand. Outlined by states and densely packed with skyscrapers and concrete constructions, being in Delhi feels living in a cage, waiting to break free at first instance we get a chance to. 


Image Courtesy: Lonely Planet

In the usual 9-5 regime that the majority of us have to endure, slipping away some fun on the not so fun-weekends has become a grave task. And to put a stop to all this monotony of life, we look up to new and undiscovered always.


Image Courtesy: Zuber Brioux


So if you feel like you're up for some adventure sports nearby, then we've got you covered. Presenting the best adventure sports near Delhi NCR that would make you feel alive and worthy in the not so worthy lifestyle we've attained. 


Flyboy Air Safari

Flyboy Air Safari is one of those experiences that's cool for age groups. They're offering the flight of a lifetime in a powered paraglide and which is much better than the non-motored competitor. If you're looking for something new and exciting, then this is your chance to make your dreams come true. People who come here can tell you that experiencing Flyboy Air Safari is all things exciting when you head up to the sky. This motored version of flying in the sky is so thrilling and fun that it's unrivalled in the class of adventures you can come by in the entire world. 


Image Courtesy: Flyboy

Where: Gurgaon (Get Directions)

Cost: INR 1600 Onwards - Call To Book At - 9871510510



F-9 Go Karting

If you often dream about racing on the tracks, then consider your dreams come true. Go-karting is the next best thing you can get to if not the real deal of F1. And the best part? It's right in your neighbourhood, Gurgaon Sector 18. Cut corners, drag along with someone on the tracks and burn some rubber to become a gas-head and you won't leave disappointed. Come here for fun or to induce some adrenaline up your veins, this is sure to thrill you inside out.       


Image Courtesy: Book My Show

Where: Sector 18 Gurgaon (Get Directions)

Cost: 519 Onwards

Book Now


Bouldering - Artificial Rock Climbing

If you fancy those rock climbers leaping their way towards the summit and finally conquering their fear, then you've got to be here. Bouldering is the new muse for the fitness freaks among, but is equally thrilling if you go about that road. Adventurous yet fun, Bouldering is something worth experiencing if you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie.  


Image Courtesy: Boulder Box

Where: Boulder Box Delhi 

Cost: 350 Onwards For Intro Level Sessions

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Drona Camp Adventure Sports

A melting pot of adventure sports in Delhi NCR, the Drona Camp is like a marathon of thrills and fun in the city. From obstacle courses to various other adventurous activities, Drona Camp is one of those all-encompassing places for thrill-seekers among. Come here for a day full of thrilling activities with your group of friends to make the most of this place. But even if on a solo expedition into adventures or with your pals along, there's not a single drab moment about the Drona Camp. 


Image Courtesy: Treebo

Where: Gurgaon (Get Directions)

Cost: On request


Day At The Dumduma Lake Resort & Adventure Club

Another renowned name among adventure enthusiasts in Delhi NCR is the Dumduma Lake Resort which hosts a number of adventure sports and other mind-boggling experiences. Along with a world-class resort where you can replenish and relax, you get your senses a great high of adrenaline at its adventure club. They offer a plethora of experiences to the guests that are thrilling and fun, both at the same once. Come here for a complete package of rejuvenation for your body, mind and soul.  


Image Courtesy: So City

Where: Gurgaon (Get Directions)

Cost: Packages Starting At INR700 Onwards


Camp Wild Dhauj

The name says it all, Camp Wild is all about adventure sports and thrills at every step. From camping, Zorbing, trekking and whatnot, you just name your poison and they'll serve it you on a platter. Touted among the best destinations for adventure sports near Delhi NCR, the Camp Wild is a one-stop destination to get an adrenaline rush you wouldn't have experienced before. People who have experienced this before would tell you that this place is one for all shapes and sizes. From great food to thrills that make your heart racing and pumping, you'll not regret anything about here.  


Image Courtesy: Camp Wild Dhauj

Where: Dhauj, Haryana (Get Directions)

Cost: INR 1250 For A Day Full Of Adventures


Paragliding Gurgaon Karnaki Khedli GGN

Yeah, you can paraglide in Gurgaon as well. And we share the same feeling called love for this city over the fact. Come here and make your heart skip a beat while you soak in the sweeping vistas from hundreds of feet above in the sky. The feeling of gliding through the sky suspended on a kite-like structure is something that we all dreamt as kids. It's time you make your childhood fantasies come alive while living your adulthood dream.  


Image Courtesy: DforDelhi

Where: Gurgaon (Get Directions)

Cost: INR 1500 Onwards


Bunjee Jumping In Delhi

Bunjee Jumping is by far the only thing that is common in every thrill seeker's bucket list and what's better if you don't even have to leave town for the same. Go for a bungee jump in Sainik Farms at the Garden Of Five Senses and your journey into the world of adventures would take a huge leap ahead. This truest form of free-falling is sure to make your heart skip a beat. And when you conquer this, you rise above the rest as a master of your fears. People say that there are very few things in the world that leave such a long-lasting impression on you.  


Image Courtesy: Bunjee Jumping

Where: Sainik Farms, New Delhi (Get Directions)

Cost: INR 3000 Onwards For Basic Packages


Zip Lining & Flying Fox At Neemrana

Imagine staying at a royal abode, enjoying the most extravagant luxuries of life, before you head out to hunt some thrills! Neemrana which is synonymous to fun and adventures for Delhiites has become all things thrilling with its new rage, Zip Lining & Flying Fox available for all. After a short yet fun drive to Neemrana, you get to this mesmerizing location that's home to so many thrills in itself and cloaks in so many adventures and thrills at the same once. Come here for some fun and rejuvenation, we can assure that it'll be just perfect a place for you. 


Image Courtesy: Flying Fox

Where: Neemrana, Rajasthan (Get Directions)

Cost: INR 1649 Onwards



Hot Air Balloon Rides 

Hot Air Balloons might not seem that adventurous, but you need to try this before coming to such a conclusion. When the huge canopy filled with air, lifts you above, you feel chills running down your spine. On the mercy of the natural forces, the experience is as raw and pure as a true adventure should be. If you like thrills, then this is one of those experiences that you would seal away in the treasure trove of your memories. And who can deny the photo-ops you get while on this, personally, it's as picturesque and Insta-worthy as it's worth an experience for an adrenaline junkie. 


Image Courtesy: LBB

Where: Gurgaon, Sohna Road

Cost: Range Varies from 10000 onwards


Skydiving Aligarh

And finally, a personal favourite, a chance to live the "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" moment in India, Sky Diving from thousands of feet in the sky. Undoubtedly, there's nothing comparable to the feeling of free fall in this world. Come and experience the best form of thrill called skydiving if you have it what it takes to be an adrenaline junkie. Jumping out of an aeroplane and racing down the sky at gravity's mercy, and you suddenly realise that life's so precious, and that's when you understand why people say that you've got to do this once before you die.   


Image Courtesy: Outlook India

Where: Kanpur-Aligarh Expressway

Cost: Price On Request 


Indian Mountaineering Foundation

One of the oldest mountaineering expedition organisers in India, has come up with a minuscule version of the thrill they offer in the hills at a place in Delhi. An apex body for those who seek adventures seriously and wholeheartedly, this one is an experience of a lifetime with real trainers and with people of the same trade doing what they're born to do - Live Dangerously


Image Courtesy:

Where: South Campus, New Delhi 

Cost: 200 Per Person


ATV Rides At Malpura  

Who can say no to an ATV ride, I mean, I have always dreamt of one of those since the first once I saw it on T.V. Well, if you can't buy one for you, then get your hands dirty here at one of the ATVs. Thrilling and fun, Riding ATVs is sure to bring out that kid within you for once. Come here for a great time while you vroom away all your stress atop one of these beasts while gravelling your way across the off-roading course. Undoubtedly, a great way to fuel up on your happiness quotient for a pretty decent price to pay. 


Image Courtesy: Thrillophilia

Where: Malpura, Rajasthan 

Cost:  INR 550 Onwards


Pratapgarh Farms 

Come here to experience rural bliss! The "Pratapgarh farms" is one of the first places to have introduced adventure sports to the people of Delhi. With a theme of life in the hinterlands, this one's as Insta-worthy as thrilling it can be. The package includes great village-style food, a rural experience you won't find anywhere else. Clubbed along with some thrill worthy fun, this place transforms into a funfest for all. So the next once you feel a little low on feel-good hormones within, just head to the Pratapgarh Farms, Jhajjar.  


Image Courtesy: Goeventz

Where: Pratapgarh, Haryana (Get Directions)

Cost: INR 1230 For A Day 


Truly, adventure seekers are those who live life king size. Always on the verge of a disaster or bliss, it's the true form of living up to our reason to exist - feeling alive. 



Q. Do I need to be a professional in order to experience these?

A. Not necessarily, although, it's always better if you have some previous experience at adventures, yet while at these places you are accompanied by professionals that make sure of your safety and fun. 


Q. Is there an age restriction for these sports?

A. It depends, at some of these yes, but many of such places offer adventures for kids and elderly, who cannot partake in these due to physical restrictions, eg. Obstacle courses. 


Q. Do I need to sign a consent form before? Will there be any insurance for contingencies?

A. Yes, these places would make you sign a waiver and no they do not provide any insurance for any injury or problem occurring to you during the entire course of this sport.


Q. I am a person with a physical disability, can I be a part of these?

A. Ideally, you would not be allowed to experience these, but as disabilities are more of a state of mind, you can place a request for the same for if the event authorities can arrange something for you.  


Q. I am planning a trip with a bunch of friends? Will there be a group discount?

A. Well, these places do come up with discounts for bulk bookings, however, you need to contact the organisers for an exact quotation on the same. 

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