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Best Active Wear Brands That Make Your Workout Regime More Exciting

By Anubha Das

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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Are you planning on starting a new kind of workout, a yoga class or that pilates session that has been on your mind maybe since, forever!  We understand that for the perfect workout regime you need activewear that can make a difference in how you feel after exercise. Following are the best activewear brands in India to get that workout wear that will help you to have a smooth workout experience.


1. Satva


Satva is one of those activewear brands that usually caters to the approach of the organic cotton organization. Products that are free from bleaches, toxic waxes, sulfur, and heavy metals are perfect for the workout attires.


They believe that the difference between the ordinary and the adventurous is attitude and which is why their line of activewear is for the vibrant women who embrace life’s adventures. From organic cotton to the finest coconut oil, from sustainable production to giving back, they always stay true to our deepest principles.



Website: Satva


Image Courtesy: Eco Warrior Princess



2. Brakefree


With mantra #Train#Perform#Become, Brakefree is one of the leading stylish workwear brands in India. The highlights of Brakefree is their High Impact Performance Tights and super Champion Tights.


Their activewear collection includes bottoms, tops, capris, half sleeve Ts and so forth. This line of activewear is specially made for tough Indian women. Also, say goodbye to BO with their anti-odour tees!


Website- Brakefree


Image Courtesy: Brakefree



3. HRX


Enlivened by Hrithik Roshan's life that showed him, regardless of how huge a misfortune, it very well may be overwhelmed with tirelessness, HRX was worked in 2013 by Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment. Made to rouse and direct billions of individuals, HRX expects to help individuals accomplish their fitness targets.


Not only a brand, but HRX is also a mission that encourages us to empower and bolster individuals to be the fittest, most joyful and most certain rendition of themselves by providing them with the most trendy and comfortable active wear for both male & women.


Website- HRX

You can also shop HRX activewear from Myntra.



Image Courtesy: Flipkart



4. Creez


This activewear brand makes really high-quality performance athletic & yoga clothes to let the individuals lead healthy lifestyles in a very fashionable yet comfortable way. They solidly accept that athletic wear ought to have a more extensive application and ought not to be confined to the rec center, sports, and yoga.


The thought is to make a remarkable and progressive style line that can be worn past the rec center or sports field with regular heels or shoes too.


Website- Creez



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5. Yogue Activewear


Yogue Activewear was launched in 2015 with a philosophy of "From treadmill to the runway in casual chic style". They bring the most comfortable, stylish & loved fitness casuals and activewear for both men and women.


You can select the finest activewear to shake that lazy bubble and get on with workout to lose out on those extra summer fat. And, what more this sport contour line believes in understanding that activewear should also be budget friendly. 


Website- Yogue Activewear



Image Courtesy: LBB



6. Myriad Activewear


Myriad Activewear is founded by Sunishka Goenka who decided to bring together the dynamics of street style fashion and activewear together. This best activewear brand focuses a lot on details to ensure that each design of the line spells out passion for exploring style, innovations, and textures that suit all types of body and also comfort during the workout sessions. Wear these amazing activewear day in and out and get that summer body for the whole year around. 


Website- Myriad Activewear


Image Courtesy:




7. Reebok


A brand trusted as much by a casual jogger as a professional Olympic athlete, Reebok makes its mark in all fields. Recognizing themselves as an American-inspired global brand, they create products built upon a strong heritage in sports and fitness.


The brand's philosophy focuses on unleashing the true human potentials, challenging convention, and surpassing the boundaries. This is also reflected in their bold designs and flawless quality of the products. You can buy Reekbok activewear from Amazon.



Image Courtesy:



8. Athlos


After understanding how hard it is to find activewear that not only looks good but also feels comfortable, Pravin Dhanke started Athlos to improve the activewear styling culture and deliver activewear that is driven by thoughtful design and inspire an active lifestyle. With a minimalistic design, they have an amazing collection of tees, bottoms & accessories for both male and female that is getting radically better by each passing year.


Website- Athlos


Image Courtesy: Fitness Magazine



9. 2go Activewear


If you are looking to buy activewear that will help you move the way you want to and help you look great while doing it. Finding this requirement for activewear in which you can live in and move in, 2go Activewear came into existence 3 years ago.


Our primary want as a homegrown, plan-driven brand was to take into account ladies and men over this nation with explicit leisure activities and development interests. To be the go-to mark for the ones who weren't finding the range they needed at value focuses and fits that worked.



Image Courtesy:



10. Silvertraq


Offering technical and fashion-forward performance wear for both men and women Silvertraq is one of the best activewear brands in India that designs activewear especially for Sweat-Wicking, Anti Odor, Stretch-ability, Breath-ability, and many more properties to help you train and play better. Having their headquarters in Mumbai, this activewear brand ships products all over India and internationally too. 


Website- Silvertraq


Image Courtesy: Twitter




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