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13 Reasons Why A North/South Indian Should Never Set a Foot in North-East India

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - May 9, 20242 min read

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Whether you be in Lucknow or Nellore, Satara or Howrah, you are in the real India- the North and the South. With their own distinct flavors and languages, these are the two true regions of India that you should care about. But what is this North-East that some people boast about? Should you even care about it? North-East India is something that you can totally ignore, and why, I will tell you that:


1. All the mountains are in North India & there even hills in the North-East!



2. The rest of India is all about culture, what would the people in North-East know about it?



3. The people are primitive, how will we even talk to them!


4. There are no natural wonders good enough to visit the North-East


5. The wildlife is all the same, NAAH doesn't drive us enough...



6. Trekking isn't even a thing in North-East, why do I even need to look beyond Himachal!


7. North-East isn't a place for sports lovers


8. For someone who loves to travel for music, North-East has a pretty dull scene, isn't it?


9. We don't think we can share the same food choices as those in the North-East


10. It's dirty everywhere in India, there is no point traveling to another garbage filled place



11. But there are no temples, monuments or historical marvel in the North-East


12. North-East is a region marred by disputes and political tension



13. Whatever, it is, North-East lacks connectivity with the rest of India


You understand the sarcasm, right?

If this cannot convince you to to put North-East on your travel list, nothing else will. Experience a landscape full of beauty and surprise in the least explored part of India, and thank us later.