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Here's Our Take On Bare Body Essentials' Range Of Face Serums

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Jan. 7, 2021 6 min read

Why the long face? Well, where do I begin? Year after year, product after product... a woman's life has reduced to nothing but a huge pile of disappointing skincare products. With so many brands in the market and even more products on the shelf, taking the right call for one's skin is not as simple as it may seem. And I am no news. I've been struggling with skincare products for as long as I can remember and there haven't been many that could help.


Now, I don't mean to make you feel grim about skin problems but this is the part of our body that is privy to the utmost harshness of nature. There are pollutants in the air ready to attack the bare skin at the first chance and then there's our biggest foe, dust. I don't know about you but I am running out of ways to cover my face every time I'm exposed to the dark side of nature.


However, somebody once told me that the best solution lies in the problem itself. Yes, nature has the ability to restore the health of our skin and make it happy once more.


Speaking of which, a few weeks back I happened to receive Get Set Glow Combo from Bare Body Essentials. To my surprise, their products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and highly effective. Just like nature. 



More About Bare Body Essentials

Bare Body Essentials is a curator of self-love in the form of beauty & skincare products that are not only made from natural ingredients but are also 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Their philosophy of changing beauty into an attitude that should be adorned is something that really caught my attention. They have everything you'd need for skincare. Body butter, face serums, moisturizers, face mists, masks, foot scrubs and the list goes on. All their products are thoroughly researched and tested for quality and effectiveness, which I think is more than what we need for a skincare regime.

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Now, Moving on...


I got the privilege to try out Bare Body Essentials' Get Set Glow Combo which has 3 very power-packed face serums, specialised in different skin problems. And here's our lowdown. 


1. Bare Body Essentials Collagen Face Serum 

If the aim is to achieve supple, smooth, shiny skin, this serum is your potential best friend. With active ingredients such as Collagen, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic acid, this face serums assists in improving skin elasticity and texture. The formula is prepared in such a way that Collagen, their special ingredient, helps in keeping the skin firmer and plumper. While the other ingredients helps in treating the signs of ageing along with keeping the skin moisturized. Isn't that nice?

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My take on this is a positive one for sure. I used this product for a week or two and it's safe to say that I was very impressed. It smells really good, I could partially sense the results as my skin felt tighter and better after the use. One slight drawback that I could find in this skincare product is the stickiness. However, it doesn't stay for long but the initial few minutes aren't as smooth as I hoped. But I'd still give this one 9 out of 10. 


2. Bare Body Essentials Glutashine Face Serum

Patchy skin? Acne scars? Pigmentation you can't get rid off? This second serum is the answer to all your prayers. It not only evens out skin by reducing dark spots and blemishes but also reduces the signs of ageing. The prime ingredient Glutathione helps in revitalization and restoration of the skin. Result; radiant, luminous and brighter skin provided you use it every day.

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What did I think? Well, out of all the three, this one is my favourite. I've been facing the repercussions of oily skin for a very long time now and it gave me nothing but dark spots and blemishes. However, Bare Body Essentials' Glutashine face serum granted me lighter, clearer skin. it dialed down the dark spots, blemishes, patchiness I initially had and all of this happened within the span of 2 weeks. Furthermore, the serum smells super yummy and leaves no sticky residue. So, if you ask me I'd totally recommend this one even if you don't wish to buy the combo. And, as far as the rating is concerned, I'd give it a solid 10.


3. Bare Body Essentials Retinol Face Serum

If your skin has become prone to signs of ageing, this Retinol infused face serum serves the purpose just right. It helps in boosting skin's natural collagen building ability which in turn will maintain elasticity. The presence of Vitamin E and Niacinamide works towards minimizing pores and pigmentation. It also prevent radicals and skin-damaging agents that could affect the health of your skin. With its regular use, the skin will become smoother, more hydrated and moisturised. 

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My Review? Well, theoretically speaking, it seems no less than Holy Grail in a tiny bottle. But in my experience, I think the product works just fine. For one thing, in my youthful days, I still don't possess signs of ageing so the results aren't noticable. But it worked really well for hydration and moisturization of the skin. However, I even gave this product to my mom for more accurate results and guess what? It did some good to my mom's skin. Her skin felt tighter, more hydrated but not to an extent that she wouldn't try any other product. The good thing is; it doesn't feel sticky, however, I wish it smelled as good as the second one but that's not even important. I think if you let it absorb for more than a month, this might turn out to be an effective product. I personally would give this 7-8 out of 10. 


Final Verdict

I used all these products for 2 to 3 weeks and I must say I wasn't expecting such good results. Theese are light on the skin, very effective in the matter of a few days and are not sticky except one, which you can ignore since it might just be me (oily skin problems). Furthermore, selling these in combo where one fulfils the gaps of the other in a very scientific manner is quite terrific. Their formula has everything that keeps the skin healthy, supple, smooth and I think it's very strategic and thoughtful of the company to retail it in such a way.


The application and storing part is frankly very easy. Inside every bottle is a dropper for easy accessibility and outside they are under the protection of a sturdy black cardboard box. 


About the price? The Get Set Glow combo costs around 2,250 which in my opinion is a decent price to pay for not one... not two but three-three 25 ml bottle of serums. However, if you wish to try only one, you can buy it from their website for INR 750 only. I highly recommend Glutashine serum since its good for all the skin types. But don't let me persuade you, the final choice is yours to make.


Concluding statement; When the health of our skin is at stake, we should give products like these a fairer and longer chance. So, instead of judging it in the span of 2-3 weeks, I say, make use of these serums at least as long as the bottles last and then decide for yourself later.  


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