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The Biggest Auto Show Of The Nation Is Revving Up Excitement To A Full Throttle- Auto Expo India 2020

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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Held annually at Greater Noida, the Auto Expo India has been revving up millions of heartbeats since quite some time by now. And The 15th edition, the Auto Expo 2020, is all the more exciting and worth your time if you think that you're meant to be behind a wheel. New concepts, new designs, new cars and a roadmap to the future of mobility, the Auto Expo 2020 will pique a whole new sense of desire and entice among the major car & bike lovers in town.


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Always better, bigger and faster than the previous versions, the auto expo will unveil the most automobile launches in the Indian bike & car industry. If you've been waiting for the latest upgrade on your favourite ride, then it's possible that you might come across something better here. 



An Overview Of The Exhibits

This year's exhibits would include an array of cars, MUVs, SUVs, Two Wheelers (With Latest Upgrades), Special Vehicles (Military Mobility & Civilian Utility Vehicles), Concept Vehicles (Futuristic Designs), Commercial Vehicles (Trucks & Busses), Vintage Cars & Bikes, Tyres & Tubes Technology, Enhanced Automotive Designs & much more.   


What's New At Auto Expo 2020? The Future Of Efficient Mobility!


Cleaner Mobility

Introducing the new era of electric vehicles and at affordable and more efficient nodes, the cleaner mobility will focus on clean fueled vehicles as a mainstream alternative to the petrol and other fossil-fuel consuming varients. This section would provide a birds-eye view of this technology and would provide answers to the major concerns among consumers. 


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Safer Than Ever

With new safety standards being introduced every year, the new-age vehicles up on display here would unveil a whole new level of safety and precautionary advancements in the Automotive industry. 


Image Courtesy: Done Deal Blog


More User-Friendly

With the entire world in the high of a technological revolution, the automotive world is not left far behind. New smarter vehicles have made the entire driving experience much easier, safer and driver-oriented than ever. Computers and sensors are now supplementing the human intervention needed in driving a vehicle and the same technological upgrades are to be described and displayed here. 


Image Courtesy: elnfochips


Why Be A Part Of This Extravagant Event?


For Latest Launches And Unveils

Many of us have been waiting for the latest launches and we look for a platform where all the information is available at once. And the Auto Expo 2020 is all that you'll need! All the details, including launch dates, specs, on-road prices and availability details would be available here. With almost every automotive brand participating in this extravagant event, it's unlikely that you won't find your dream car over here.  


A Great Outing For The Whole Family

The Auto Expo 2020 is not just an exhibition, but a great chance for a perfect outing with your family. With something for all your loved ones here, you won't mind coming back to this event every single once. 


Hang Out Zones For You & Your Pals

Coming here with your friends, you're in for a great deal of fun. With activities and contests being held every hour, the whole of your gang can spend a gala time exploring the Auto Expo 2020. 


Chance To Get Clicked With Celebrities

With such a huge infrastructure and a fandom that's to be appeased, celebrity presence becomes mandatory. And makes it your chance to spot one and get a selfie with. So if you like to spread some swag over your social media handles, then this is the place to be.  


Delicacies From The Various Corners Of The World

And it even comes fully equipped for the food lovers in the house. The food you get here is from the various corners of the world, making it a sought after destination for the foodies among as well. So after when you're done checking out those metal beauties speckles across, you can nosh in some deliciousness as well. 


Shop From Exclusive Auto Expo Merchandise

Wish to bag a memory home? Yes, you can! Just head to the official Auto Expo Merchandise section for a great shopping experience to complete your day here.  


The Experience Includes


Automobile Art

While at the Auto Expo 2020, don't forget to get clicked across the quirky auto art placed at the various sections of the exhibit. These are unique and gaze worthy for all sorts of automotive fans and those who are just there for a new experience. 


Special Displays

Special vehicles that are meant to serve a purpose, military or civilian, are also put on display over here. The manufacturers proudly present to you the pivotal role that our automotive industry plays in making out life safer and more comfortable at the various levels of national existence. 


Road Safety Workshops

An auto expo cannot be ethically complete without a road safety workshop being held. And the one held over here is interactive, engaging and all things fun. Know of safety measures that you never knew existed, and flaunt it to the people around. 


Fun Engagements With Legendary Teams & Cars.  

Have always seen those fast formula one cars and machines behind the silver screen? Well, the auto Expo 2020 brings to you an opportunity for a hands-on experience with these beasts. 


Superbike Riding

One of the most awaited attractions of the Auto expo 2020, you even get to ride a superbike at this event. Excited enough? If not, then you don't even belong at this event. 


When & Where?

Dates: 7th to 12th February 2020

Venue Details: India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, UP (Get Directions)

Nearest Metro Station: Knowledge Park II (Aqua Line)

Ticket Prices: INR 350 Onwards 

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Visit the Auto Expo 2020 and glide your imagination into dreams for the future. Come here to adore these beasts or simply appreciate the engineering marvels of our automotive industry, you won't leave disappointed. 




Q. How big is the IEML venue? How many gates are there for entering the venue?

A. There are 14 exhibition halls apart from outdoor areas for various activities and Food & Beverages. There are 3 entry gates and 3 exit gates at IEML for visitors.


Q. Can I enter multiple times with a used ticket?

A. No, you cannot, a ticket once used would not be useful again for entering the event. 


Q. Is there an age restriction for this event?

A. There is no age restriction implied on entry to this event.


Q. Can I take outside food and beverages to this event?

A. No, outside food and beverages, packed or unpacked, will not be allowed inside the premises of Auto Expo 2020.


Q. Will parking be available?

A. There are designated parking spaces for two-wheelers and cars, availability of which will be on a first come first serve basis and chargeable apart from entry tickets. 


Q. In case I lose my tickets, will they be re-issued?

A. No re-issuance or refund of the tickets will be provided under any circumstances.