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5 Antique Stores in Delhi You Haven't Heard Of But Should!

By Anubha Das

Updated - April 6, 2022 2 min read

Looking for that vintage armchair that fits perfectly in your living room, or that antiques collection? Well, you’re lucky…our beloved city is packed with some of the best antiques markets, and a host of affordable stores.


Here’s our rundown of ten best antique stores in Delhi for trinket shopping and scoring some real gems.


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Arguably one of the best antique shops in Delhi, Second Floor Studio houses an eclectic collection of home décor. From hand painted jars and Olivia Dar’s headbands and collars, to vintage French cutlery and glasses, their collection is kitsch and imaginative. Persian Rugs and wallpapers from New York are also a part of their display. 


Image Courtesy: Plan Your Wedding


Product of the late 19th century, Indian Arts Centre is one of the oldest antique stores in the country. This age-old family run business has a massive collection of silver artefacts, rare miniature paintings, marble figures and a lot more, making it a must-visit store if you’re into collecting antiques!


Image Courtesy: LBB


Be it borosilicate glassware, custom jewellery, decorative objects, or antique frames, you name it, and it’s there at Indo Arts And Crafts. Besides these, they have an awesome collection of vintage bedsheets, cushion covers, curtains, furniture, and show pieces. So, if you are tired of looking for a perfect store for your vintage decor shopping in Delhi, visit this place as it ticks all the checkboxes. 


Image Courtesy: Whatshot


The Old Channel has a large inventory of marvellous European antiques and old colonial furniture such as bookcases, dining tables, and lots more! It’s one of the most well-known antique stores in Delhi since 1990s, famous for its collection of old artefacts and Colonial furniture accumulated over the years from private collections found in some of the finest homes from all over India. Their broad range of stylish and tasteful pieces are a must have for any connoisseur of European art.


Image Courtesy: Whatshot


Another antiques-shop-cum-art-gallery, Sharma Farms is the place if you need some furniture sourced from places as far afield as the US, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Products range from Danish stools to teak bookcases and comfy grandmother lounge chairs.


If there are any other antique stores in Delhi that we should include in this list, let us know!

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