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7 Types Of Bags Every Man Should Own

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Nov. 2, 2021 5 min read

Maybe the world wasn't ready for Joey and his "man bag" 20 years back, but the times have changed. Men's fashion choices, be it as basic as handbags, has become equally important to a woman's. To tell you the truth of it, no look is complete without a good handbag. You can fit your entire world in it and admittedly look more sophisticated. 


To get you started, here's a list of the 7 most important kinds of bags you need to keep at your disposal at all times. 


1. Wildhorn Men Tan & Brown Messenger Bag from Myntra

Commonly known as courier bags (because of how they look), messenger bags took their time to climb the fashion ladder, but finally made it to the list of best bags for men in 2021. 


Price: ₹2,499


Image Courtesy: Myntra


As a tool, they are highly functional, but as a men's accessory, they're also very stylish and urbane. You can fit your phone, wallet, paperwork and otherworldly items in it and still look tasteful. Usually worn over one shoulder, messenger bags can prove to be an essential accessory when going for something laid back and casual.


If you ask me, these bags, especially this tan-brown one from Myntra would make a remarkable fashion statement with a printed/plain button-down shirt, chinos and boots. 



2. VIP Zip Closure Briefcase for Men from Shoppers Stop

Gone are the days of big bulky square boxes we used to call bags. The new age is all about softer, leather-made, more appealing and stylish briefcases that are not only easy to carry but far more sophisticated. 


Price: ₹2,335


Image Courtesy: Shoppers Stop


Sturdier than other bags and quite smart to look at, briefcase bags for men have made their way through time and I am glad to be living in a world where it's still fashionable. Pair this sleek briefcase bag from VIP with a formal outfit for a good first impression.


3. F Gear Leather Fanny Pack from Myntra

Fanny packs are back from the past and believe me, they're much more impressive, plush and stylish.


Price: ₹528


Image Courtesy: Myntra


If you still don't know, a fanny pack is a small pouch secured with a zipper and usually worn across the body or the hip. While ladies have accepted the trend, I still see men dawdling behind with bulky sling bags. STOP. With attractive designs and easy accessibility, make a fanny pack your next asset and you'll be golden. Yes, this brown leather piece counts.



4. Black & Brown Duffle Bag from Myntra

Weekend getaways, sports meet or business trips, duffle bags are a blessing to the men-kind.


Price: ₹1,379


Image Courtesy: Myntra


It suits your every carnal need, it's quite useful and practical, and it always looks stylish. Thanks to this black and brown colour-blocked duffle bag from Myntra, you never have to depend on anything ugly to carry your stuff. 



5. Golden Helmet Printed Backpack from Bewakoof

As forward as this may sound but every human, especially men need a good backpack to carry the world on their two sturdy shoulders. 


Price: ₹349


Image Courtesy: Bewakoof


You wouldn't believe it if I say that backpacks have travelled through time along with you. They too have grown into versatile young choices. Be it casual college-going bags or sophisticated business commuters packs, depending upon the material and purpose... these bags has evolved into an unimaginable variety of shapes, sizes, design and range. Not just that, backpacks have become more durable, weather-resistant and matches all your outfits if chosen wisely. Don't worry, this small-size backpack from Bewakoof will not let you down. 



6. Daily Objects Satchel Bag for Men from MensXP

A foldable flap at the top and a single strap worn across the body, that's how you'd identify a satchel bag from the plethora of bags you stumble upon. 


Price: ₹1,349


Image Courtesy: MensXP


It's a much better choice than a knapsack, and a bit more casual than a messenger bag. I think satchels, like this one from MensXP, could be your go-to choice when the dress code for the evening is casual or when you're a student who is always on the run. 


7. Vivinkaa Faux Leather Laptop Bag from Bewakoof

It all started with protecting one of the most expensive gadgets you own. But now, it has become more than that. 


Price: ₹999


Image Courtesy: Bewakoof


Laptop bags are considered to be one of the most trendsetting bags a man should own and not just because of its utility, but due to the class and style, it has to offer. These bags come in various sizes, styles, colours and patterns, thus a wide array of options to choose from. I'd suggest buying a durable, subtle leather piece, that is also very stylish... like this one from Bewakoof.



Nothing completes an ensemble like good quality, a well-structured handbag. We've already listed down the most basic and important ones for you to begin with. You're welcome.




Q. Which brand hand bag is best for men?

A. Skybags, PUMA and Bewakoof are the best brands to buy hand bag for men.


Q. What bags should men use?

A. Men should always use messenger bags, satchel bags, backpacks and laptop bags. 


Q. Which bag quality is the best?

A. Wildcraft, American Tourister and Samsonite are the best quality bags for men. 


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