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Eat Your Alcohol! 10 Easy Alcohol Infused Recipes

By Aayushi Mathur

Updated - March 17, 2021 5 min read

We all spend hours looking at recipes on our phones. Or at least I do. I get into a loop scrolling through social media and just can’t seem to stop looking at all the quick and easy food people are experimenting with (at least it looks easy in the video). And throughout the video, there’s only one thought in my head, “What if I add a bit of wine to it?” Yes, that’ll be two of my favourite things in one bowl! 


I think we can all agree that sometimes (read mostly) our dishes need that extra kick of flavour that comes from different liquors. So grab all you have in your bar and try these amazing dishes with a hint of your favourite alcohol! 


1. Penne Alla Vodka 

What’s more comforting than a plate full of pasta? A plate full of Vodka sauce! Just with a tiny bit (or a cup) of twist to your regular pink sauce, Penne Alla Vodka will probably be your favourite for months to come. And let’s not forget how easy it is to cook; at least with this Youtube video recipe tutorial it is! You’ll soon be wanting more and more of it! 


Image Courtesy - Preppy Kitchen


2. Beer Batter Fish 

Beer isn’t just great for a hot summer day. Trust me, it does wonders when added to your fried fish batter. You’ll never want to switch back to water. The Stay At Home Chef has a not-so-secret-anymore Youtube recipe video tutorial that teaches you how to cook fish and keep it golden and crispy on the outside, and soft and juicy on the inside. Beer-batter fish is as tasty as it is easy and it’ll become one of your favourite recipes in the coming days.


Image Courtesy - Little Sunny Kitchen




3. Beer Bread

Heard of this before? Well, I hadn’t. Let’s just say it’s something I stumbled upon when trying to figure out what to do with the excess beer in my fridge. You know the best part about this crusty bread? It tastes EXACTLY like the beer you love and we have the perfect Youtube recipe tutorial for you. And trust me when I say this, Beer Bread is the quickest form of delicious bread you can bake and it doesn’t need even a bit of proofing or kneading! 


Image Courtesy - The Novice Chef Blog


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4. Tiramisu 

If you think Tiramisu is just for the professionals, you’re going to be amazed! This dessert cannot get easier and let’s not forget what it tastes like when coffee and rum are mixed with mascarpone. It's a blast of heaven in your mouth, if I'm being honest. And you can make it anytime you like with this quick and easy recipe. That’s like the cocoa on top!


Image Courtesy - VeronikasKitchen




5. Boozy Fruit Salad

Well, as the name suggests, it’s a salad! But with a little white (rum) twist, it’s something you’ll always want. The best summer snack for 25-year-olds and above. This Youtube recipe tutorial by Savvy is probably one of the easiest ones I’ve come across which literally requires three ingredients - fruits, white rum and chia seeds (that’s my spin on this delicious salad). I bet you’ll love it. 


Image Courtesy - Country Living


6. Spiked Salsa Dip 

So here’s the deal. Bread is incomplete without butter, chips don’t taste the same without a dip and nachos just can’t go without salsa. I tried my hands at this recipe and I’m in love with it now. It’s even better when the salsa is made with a little twist (no, I’m not talking about extra chilis). I spike it with a shot of tequila or whiskey for a brilliant bold flavour! 


Image Courtesy - Brown Eyed Baker


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7. Vodka Popsicles

Lick-lollies have been a huge part of my life and probably every child’s life. These easy-to-freeze popsicles are the best thing you’ll find on a Sunday afternoon. What’s great about them? You can make this out of anything! Any fruits, any alcohol and any kind of soda. You just gotta follow this Youtube recipe tutorial religiously. I personally like something sweet to balance out the flavour of the alcohol. But imagine a G&T popsicle? I’ve already pulled out my bottle of gin.


Image Courtesy - The Chunky Chef




8. Beer Basted Mushrooms

A side dish or a sauce to pour over? Beer Basted Mushrooms can be both! Who knew beer could be used in so many different ways? This simple Youtube recipe tutorial just warrants a few basic ingredients along with some beer. Any beer you like! This is my go-to sauce to pour over a tender chicken breast because it gives the right amount of sauciness to your protein for a flavour-packed meal! 


Image Courtesy - Killing Thyme


9. Chicken Braised In White Wine

They say wine is an acquired taste, but you’ll definitely be hooked to this preparation of chicken after the first taste! All you have to do is put all the ingredients in one pot and let the heat do all cooking. What can be better than that? A perfect balance of flavours, you say? It’s all there! Sarah Carey has spilt the tea (and flavours) in this informative Youtube recipe. And if you like your food a little spicy (I do), then add a few red chilis while the chicken cooks and see how it transforms your plate of food! 


Image Courtesy - Taste


10. Chocolate Brandy Truffles

You can never get enough of chocolate (at least I can’t)! And this Chocolate Truffles recipe with a twist is just everything you need! It’s my go-to dish when I have a few friends coming over and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty with a little chocolate. Seriously, who doesn’t like that?! And the best part about these Chocolate Truffles is that you can switch the alcohol according to your mood! Want rum? Then rum it is! 


Image Courtesy - Sorted 

So who’s all prepared to dig out all the alcohol from their bar and make use of it in the kitchen? I know I am! 

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