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Make a Splash on a Budget: 5 Best Affordable Swimwear Brands in India

By Nistha Jain

Updated - May 16, 2023 3 min read

Are you dreaming of sun-kissed beaches and poolside fun? Dive into the world of affordable swimwear brands in India that offer stylish designs without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we'll explore the best swimwear brands that combine quality, trendy styles, and affordability, ensuring you can make a splash without compromising your budget. Get ready to turn heads and feel confident in these affordable swimwear options.


1. Decathlon:


Decathlon is a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts, and their swimwear collection is no exception. With a wide range of affordable options, Decathlon offers swimwear for men, women, and kids. Their designs focus on comfort, durability, and functionality, ensuring you can enjoy your water activities without any worries. From basic swimsuits to trendy bikinis and swim trunks, Decathlon provides affordable swimwear for everyone in the family.


Image Courtesy: Decathalon Blog



2. Jockey:


Known for their comfortable and quality innerwear, Jockey also offers a range of affordable swimwear options. Their swimwear collection features classic designs and timeless styles. Jockey's swimwear ensures a comfortable fit with quick-drying fabrics, making it ideal for both beach vacations and poolside lounging. Explore Jockey's affordable swimwear range to find your perfect fit without straining your wallet.


Image Courtesy: Amazon



3. Speedo:


While Speedo is well-known for its performance swimwear, they also offer affordable options that cater to budget-conscious individuals. With their expertise in creating high-quality swimwear, Speedo ensures that their affordable range maintains the same level of durability and functionality. You can find swimwear for both recreational swimming and fitness activities without compromising on style or affordability.


Image Courtesy: Speedo



4. Clovia:


Clovia, a popular lingerie brand, extends its expertise to affordable swimwear as well. Their swimwear collection combines comfort, style, and affordability, making it a favorite among fashion-savvy individuals on a budget. From vibrant bikinis to chic one-pieces, Clovia offers a range of designs that cater to different body shapes and sizes. Dive into the waves with confidence and style with Clovia's affordable swimwear options.


Image Courtesy: Fashion Network



5. Forever 21:


Forever 21 is a globally recognized fashion brand that offers trendy swimwear at affordable prices. Their swimwear collection features the latest styles, prints, and designs that keep up with the current fashion trends. Whether you're looking for a classic black one-piece or a vibrant bikini, Forever 21 has a wide range of affordable options to suit your style and budget.


Image Courtesy: Flipkart



Finding affordable swimwear doesn't mean compromising on style or quality. The best swimwear brands in India mentioned above offer trendy designs, comfortable fits, and durability at affordable price points. Whether you prefer a sporty look, classic styles, or the latest fashion trends, these brands ensure you can make a splash without breaking the bank. So, get ready to hit the beach or pool with confidence and style in the best affordable swimwear brands in India.


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