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8 Sip-Sational Craft Beer Brands In India That Aren't Kingfisher- August, 2023

By Suhani Gupta

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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What’s better than beer-o-clock’s foamy mugs 🍺, malty hues, and the conversations that bring Sadhguru & Devdas to the same table?

Exactly! Nothing. Chug life is the best!

What do you prefer? Clinking the glass 🍻 or the bottle for the cheers? Naah... please do not say disposable plastics 🙄.

Regardless, here are 8 brew-tally good craft beer brands in India for those who believe in drinking like a fish, eating like a horse, and then sleeping like a baby 🙂 


1. Maka Di

They have six spaceships to take you on a flight to free-spiritedness, in a brand new beertastic world of aromas & flavors — Rose Brut IPA, Shandy, Belgian Blanche, Bavarian Killer, Honey Ale, and Belgian Tripel. They are reigning in the bespoke Beer Market of India. Their automated innovative beer brewing factory makes them exquisite & differentiates them from the rest. For instance, their Belgian Triple is brewed using fresh hops from the Czech and the finest of European Malts. Buy Makadi at a beer shop near you in Goa.

Image Courtesy: Brewer World



2. BeeYoung 

Indians love beer — esp Delhites, Mumbaikars, Bangaloreans, and of course, Goans! Together, we Indians guzzled 6 Billion litres of beer in 2022. Stop it, don’t do the per-head mathematics. Not now. Do it while quaffing BeeYoung craft beer with your friends. Kimaya Himalayan Beverages, which is HQed in Delhi, brews strong crafted beers locally and sells globally. BeeYoung beer is known for its crisp attack and malty taste. It is a limpid gold strong lager beer with 7.2% ABV. Buy the secret to BeeYoung & BeeBuzzing from a beer shop near me ;)

Image Courtesy: BeeYoung



3. Bira 91

The mass popular craft beer brand in India among the brewskis! If leisure, relaxation, and tropical living are just for monkeys, Bira 91 gives you the hit to be that fun & whimsy monkey ;) Established in 2015, Bira 91 offers about 6 different beers to make you go cheers! 🍻 Belgian White Ale, Blonde Summer Lager, Light on calorie Lager, Mango Lassi Ale, Kokum sour Ale, and Coconut brown Ale tastes amazing and has around 4.5% ABV in each.

Image Courtesy: The Economics Time



4. Simba

The first thing you notice about Simba is the lion man’s swag on the bottle with a suit, shades, and bowtie. Brewed using the finest ingredients out there, Simba holds a lion’s share of the brewery market among the top craft beer brands in India. Simba brand is owned by Sona beverages Pvt Ltd and takes pride in brewing 4 authentic craft beer flavors — stout, wit light, strong. This weekend, go roar with Simba ;) Buy it in a beer shop near you and don't search for beer shop near me.

Image Courtesy: Online Alcohol



5. Briggs - crafting happiness

Briggs must be on your table for every beertastic get-together with your friends and family. Briggs brewery Pvt Ltd brews some of the wildly popular craft beers in India — Willy’s Witbier continuing the legacy of refreshing Belgian Beer, American IPA Hoppy Feet with notes of citrus & grapes, Irish Stout Alchemy with hints of chocolate, cafe, caramel, and roastiness; Belgian style craft beer - Griffin. Buy Briggs at a beer shop near you and don't search for beer shop near me.

Image Courtesy: Brewer World



6. Witlinger

A British bulldog with funky shades is behind the aromatic, flavorful, and refreshing Wheat Ale, and Premium lager craft beer brand in India. Initially, it used to be brewed in UK, but now it is brewed and sold in India. Previously, it was available in beer shops like Mustard oil in a grocery store, but pandemic & inflation has pushed this brand out of the beer stores and is no longer as easy to find as it used to be. Grab a Witlinger in a beer shop near to you and don't search for beer shop near me.

Image Courtesy: So Delhi



7. Kati Patang

Free-spirited souls float like a Kati Patang. A simply delicious craft brand in India to appetize your taste buds with the best in class Bareilly Bold that offers a ting of earthy Indian flowers, crisp Saffron Lager with notes of saffron, Snappy Wheat for a peppercorn, ginger, and coriander pinch, and lastly, Zesty Amber for a caramel finish. Kati Patang was born when Shantanu - an ex-BCG consultant embraced the idea of “Tu Beer hai ** ” and went Kai Po Che with his career. Today Kati Patang is one of the top craft beer brands in India available in Delhi, Haryana, Himachal, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Chandigarh, and Goa. Buy the freedom of Kati Patang at a beer shop near you and don't search for beer shop near me!

Image Courtesy: LLB



8. Goa Brewing company

Abode in Goa, GBC is India’s one of best craft beer brands. With ABV ranging between 4.5% to 8%, Goa Brewing Co offers 5 different flavors for die-hard beer sippers. Their Eight Finger Eddie is an ode to the hippie movement of the 1960s and imbibes the free-spiritedness of that era. It has a tropical fruit aroma, and is a double dry hop Oat cream IPA. Pineapple Saison with slight hop bitterness, Breakfast cereal Stout, Bitter orange flavored Wheat Ale, and lastly the hangover-giving Saint & Sinner with notes of caramel & toast are some summer seasonal  & limited editions from GBC. Go Goa Goans at a beer shop near me.

Image Courtesy: Brewer World



Drink safely, and drink responsibly. Cheers! 

Enjoy your beer.