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Wallow In The 7 Drool-Worthy Dining On The Recommendation Of Mumbai Food Bloggers.

By Aarti

Updated - Feb. 17, 2023 3 min read

If you don't know where to go when it comes to fabulous, fine dining experiences in the city of stars as well as the city of dreams, yeah, you got it right! We’re talking about Mumbai.


Well, Fiker not, we’ve compiled the recommendation of noted food bloggers of Mumbai for charismatic cafes to wallow in with your favourite person. Check out these cafes for delectable gastronomical experiences.


Image Courtesy: magicpin

An ethereal environment with an absolute tropical European ambience and soul-satisfying cuisine, what else anyone could ask for an ecstatic weekend? Recommended by the famous food blogger of Mumbai @mumbaifoodie, Poetry is a well-known name for Mexican, Asian, and continental dishes with scrumptious cocktails. Cakes and Sandwiches are some must-try cuisines of this boho chic cafe.


Image Courtesy: magicpin

Again a great recommendation from a food blogger of Mumbai, @mumbaifoodie. Satisfy your cravings for tempting food in a wholesome surrounding. This open-air, breezy beauty with cozy seating setups will leave you mesmerized with its sassy beverages and instant services along with lip-smacking healthy, Indian ingredients infused, a delectable gastronomical experience.

Without thinking twice, order Bhut Jholokiya Chilli, Herbs Grilled Chicken Supreme with Chilli Mayo, and Masala Chickpeas Buddha Bowl.


Image Courtesy: Dineout

Bandra nestled this cafe created a unique buzz in the whole vicinity because of its Keto, Vegan healthy cuisines with international flavours. Recommended by @thebombayjournal, an Insta page managed by four foodie girls, Himani Mehta, Nirali Gala, Jaisal Shah, and Vidhi Jain. These Mumbai food bloggers' recommendations are just yum, be it Call me Cacao or healthy pepper pesto pizza and Almonds Chocolate Tart, you just can’t stop wanting more. Don’t forget to try Sweet Potato Fries, Beetroot Hummus, and Wild Mushroom Risotto.


Image Courtesy: Flickr

Mumbai food bloggers @thebombayjournal recommended this cafe is a cafe from the history of Mumbai! Painted in with the history of Mumbai, this place could be definitely the go-to place for everyone. Its aesthetic ambience will treat your eyes for free, and its drool-worthy Alfredo Pasta, BBQ Chicken Pizza, and Charcoal Nachos will serve your tempting desire to indulge in delicious delicacies.


Image Courtesy: magicpin

Presenting the perfect combo of fusion foods with sustainability, this Vietnamese restaurant is a recommendation of a Mumbai food blogger Nayaab Coatwala at his Insta-Page @themumbaicult. They serve an array of euphorically winsome vegetarian dishes in a serene and soothing ambiance. Their interior is presenting a marriage of rustic lamps and trendy tropical walls! Hummus with Watermelon juice, Vietnamese Pizza, Artichoke Bao, and flavoursome Summer Rolls are some exotic recommendations from Mumbai Food Bloggers, you should not miss.


Image Courtesy: magicpin

Unofficial recreation of the Vietnamese city Ho Chi Minh, Nho Saigon is Mumbai’s median Vietnamese bistro. Devashree Sanghvi, owner of Insta-Page @thecrazyindianfoodie and a reputed Mumbai food blogger, included Nho Saigon in the list of must-visit cafes in Mumbai. Skip your heartbeat in its fantastic seating arrangement and lose your consciousness in its authentic yet finger-licking cuisines like Sesame Ice Cream, Chicken Crepes, Coffee Trt, and Black Pepper Lamb.



Image Courtesy: magicpin

Dadar located this Mediterranean restaurant thoughtfully serves healthy, delectable dishes in lush green, eye-soothing, and full of peepy vistas all around. Enjoy splendid Pizzas, Baked Cheesecakes, Iced Latte, and Mixed Bocconcini and Beans salad in an exquisite ambiance where life will take a pause. Presenting this cafe on the recommendation of Mumbai food blogger, Aniket Hele owner of the famous Insta-page @bombayjunktion


These are some must-visit cafes in Mumbai for a great dining experience. Since these cafes are recommended by coveted food bloggers of Mumbai, you’ll not feel disappointed after visiting this.


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