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7 Spectacular Onam Decor Ideas to Transform Your Home Into a Festival Paradise

By magicpin

Updated - Aug. 9, 2023 2 min read

As the joyous occasion of Onam approaches, it's time to immerse your home in a symphony of vibrant colors, cultural motifs, and an aura of festivity.


Embracing the essence of this harvest festival, we bring you a curated collection of 7 remarkable Onam decor ideas that will truly make your home come alive with the spirit of celebration.


Floral Rangoli Radiance:


Create a captivating entryway with intricate floral rangoli designs, using vibrant flower petals to craft traditional patterns like pookalams. These exquisite artworks instantly set a festive tone.




Ethnic Elegance with Lamps:


Adorn your home with ornate brass lamps, strategically placing them to cast a warm, inviting glow. The traditional touch of these lamps adds an undeniable charm to the decor.




Colorful Drapery Delight:


Uplift your living spaces by draping vibrant silk sarees as curtains, transforming your interiors into a tapestry of rich hues. The play of colors symbolizes the colorful spirit of Onam.




Traditional Tablescapes:


Set your dining table with banana leaves as placemats, arranging an array of delectable dishes on them. This authentic touch embodies the traditional dining experience of Onam's grand feast.




Festival of Flowers Wall Art:


Craft mesmerizing wall art using fresh or artificial flowers. Form intricate floral patterns that represent the essence of nature's bounty and bring an air of serenity to your spaces.




Harvest Cornucopia Centerpiece:


Adorn your living room with a centerpiece inspired by harvest abundance. Arrange a mix of fruits, vegetables, and vibrant flowers in a woven basket, symbolizing prosperity and fertility.




Puppet Pizzazz:


Hang colorful Kathakali or Mohiniyattam puppets around your home. These traditional art forms not only add visual appeal but also narrate stories of Kerala's rich cultural heritage.




Celebrate the harvest festival in style and create cherished memories amidst the embrace of traditional charm and creative decor.




Onam Decor

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