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7 Best Historical K-Dramas

By Anandi Makhija

Updated - Sept. 13, 2023 4 min read

Western audiences are loving historical K-dramas these days! These dramas transport viewers to unfamiliar and exciting periods of South Korean history, from the Choson dynasty to the Later Three Kingdoms period. Whether you're into conspiracies of the throne, political unrest, or even a little love and comedy, there's a historical K-drama for you.

So put on your hanbok and get ready to be transported to a different time and place!


1. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016) 

Image Courtesy: Viki


A queen in ancient Korea sends her son away to hide from his enemies. But when he comes of age, she has a plan to train him and a group of other elite young men to become warriors and protect the throne. The only problem? They don't know that their future king is among them! This historical K-drama may not have won any awards, but it's still a fun and exciting watch.

Where to watch: Netflix and Zee5



2. Mr. Queen (2020)

Image Courtesy: Viki


A modern-day chef wakes up in the body of the queen of Joseon, and hilarity ensues! This gender-bending comedy is full of awkward encounters and comical displays, as the chef tries to adjust to life in a different era. But there's also a dark secret lurking in the palace, and the queen must use her modern sensibilities to uncover it. Mr. Queen is a wild ride that will leave you laughing, crying, and thinking.

Where to watch: Netflix and Amazon Prime



3. Queen For Seven Days (2017)

Image Courtesy: Soompi


A young woman's dream of becoming queen comes true... for a whole seven days! But when the palace politics get too hot to handle, she's forced to step down and say goodbye to her royal hubby. But hey, at least she got to wear some really fancy dresses along the way.

Where to watch: Netflix



4. Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung (2019)

Image Courtesy: Dramabeans


A free-spirited woman in Joseon with dreams of becoming a historian gets entangled in a love story with a prince who writes romance novels under a pen name. This historical K-drama is funny, romantic, and educational, and it even features a K-pop idol! It may not be the best historical K-drama out there, but it's definitely worth a watch.

Where to watch: Netflix



5. Mr. Sunshine (2018) 

Image Courtesy: Decider


A former slave turned U.S. Marine returns to Joseon to fight for Korea's independence, but he falls in love with an aristocrat's granddaughter who's secretly a member of the Righteous Army. Together, they must uncover a plot to colonize Korea and fight for their country's sovereignty. This historical K-drama is a must-watch for fans of melodrama, love triangles, and historical accuracy. It's not the best historical K-drama ever made, but it's definitely worth a watch.

Where to watch: Netflix




6. Love In The Moonlight (2016)

Image Courtesy: Viki


A scholar named Hong Ra-On gives men dating advice by posing as a eunuch. She's good at it, but she's also got a secret: she's a girl! When she meets the crown prince, he's immediately smitten. But can their love survive the jealousy of the palace? Find out in this hilarious and heartwarming historical K-drama!

Where to watch: Netflix




7. Moon Embracing The Sun (2012)

Image Courtesy: Viki


Moon Embracing the Sun is a K-drama that's so steamy, it'll make you sweat like a Joseon peasant in the middle of summer. But it's also got enough historical accuracy to make it legit, so you can feel good about learning about Korea's past while you're fangirling over the hot princes. The costumes are so realistic, you'll think you're actually in the 15th century. The set is so detailed, you'll feel like you're walking through the royal palace. And the cinematography is so beautiful, you'll want to frame every scene. So if you're looking for a K-drama that's both entertaining and educational, Moon Embracing the Sun is the perfect choice for you.

Where to watch: Netflix



So, gear up and for these best Historic Korean series and have an amazing binge-watching time. 



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