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Look Like Ranveer Singh - Here's How

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 18, 2020 2 min read

If you've snugged & awed over Ranveer Singh's eclectic outfits which got viral all over the social media time-in time-out, you are not alone. It's nearly psychedelic, how this guy can go from looking like a "box of crayon" to a "royal prince of Bollywood" in a snap. It's high time that we start appreciating his contribution in bashing those gender centric fashion boundaries. 

So here's an interesting idea ladies; why not surprise your beau with a wacky Ran-look? Sounds Impossible? No, it isn't. Just follow my instructions & I bet he's going to love it. 


Ethnic Jacket With A Flat Baseball Cap

Hats off to the guy who can don a look that fusion in our industry. I mean, look at the stunning combination of colours he is carrying with absolute grace. The tinker is; choose the bold colour combinations such as purple & pink, blue & green, red & navvy, purple & yellow...And just pair it up with a basic baseball cap & monotone slip-ons.



Image Courtesy: Times Of India





Edgy Is Thy Fashion

Adios! basic shirts, there's a new wacky avatar in fashion. Not everybody is a fan of this look, but what's the harm in trying out something promiscuous & out of the box. Right? While Ranveer's shirt is a classic Versace pattern but you can look for this artsy piece in the local marketplaces. Pair it with basic black jeans & your guy is good to go. (BUY SHIRT HERE)

Image Courtesy: Vogue



Ditsy Floral For Guys

A stubborn floral pattern is common among the ladies but it’s high time that men also adapt these designs gallantly. Once you are in possession of these pants, don’t forget to team it up with a black turtle neck and/or a jacket. This look would be a fly if your guy has a clean undercut. It would be like slaying with Ranveer himself. (BUY HERE)

Image Courtesy: Twitter



Co-ords For Men

There’s a fine line between fun & flop, its called Ranveer Singh. A coordinated overcoat and pants will get your man tonnes of compliments which by-the-bae will be your achievement. Get a straightforward teeshirt instead of the floral one if you don’t feel like experimenting and that tasteful hat is also optional. (BUY HERE)

Image Courtesy: Vogue



Colour Bomber

There are so many colours on this earth, why stick with the basics for you sweetheart? I am absolutely sure that all your bad boys can kill this look with ease but make sure you understand his skin tone & complimenting colours. My safe advice is to go low-key with your teeshirt and bright with the kicks and he be Vibin in no time? (BUY HERE)

Image Courtesy: Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong



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