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No More FOMO! Here Is A List Of 25 Things To Do Before Turning 25

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - Feb. 21, 2024 14 min read

Life is too short! We have heard and used this phrase endlessly but we never really consider it. The 20's is considered to be the most crucial and thrilling time of life, so we need to make the most out of this time.

No need to fret over what things to do in your early 20s as we have curated a list of 25 things to do before you turn 25. Don't miss out on a single thing! 


Here is a list of crazy things you must do in your 20s. 


1. Take a solo trip abroad  


Now it might be a little impossible to travel anywhere, but we can obviously hope that by the end of the year, we can all travel. Travel in itself is a life-changing experience! Traveling abroad exposes you to a different climate, culture, people and much more. It not only expands your mind but it also transforms you as a person and makes you more aware, tolerant and broad-minded. Solo travel is an experience that you should never miss out on. It also furnishes you with some great dinner party stories!


Image Courtesy: Lungless



2. Experience living alone


Living alone helps you discover yourself. All your life, you have been living in a protective environment which feels very safe and comfortable but the '20s is the right time to step of your comfort zone and start living alone. It is not about the city or size of your room, the important thing is to experience living alone where you get aware of your capabilities and it gives you the freedom of figuring yourself!


Image Courtesy: Well+Good



3. Experiment with your career


Indian parents are extremely rigid when it comes to choosing a career, you have limited options which include engineering, doctor, teacher, lawyer and a few other 9 to 5 jobs. They want you to have a stable job but you only have one life, don't waste it working for something you don't want to. If you want to go for an unconventional career, go for it, get the job and excel at it! 


Image Courtesy: GDH Consulting



4. Keep a pet


It's always better to adopt one than buy! Keeping a pet infuses you with a sense of belongingness and makes you a responsible person.  In this competitive world where we are constantly struggling to achieve our goals, maintain relationships and what not! The constant struggle often makes you anxious and owning a pet will help you decrease depression, stress, and anxiety. And, since we are mostly at home right now, working, it would be a great start.


Image Courtesy: MIC


5. Watch movies alone


You must have come across the stereotype that watching a movie alone is lonely but in reality, it is anything but a lonely experience. There are tons of benefits of watching a movie alone - You never have to see a movie you don't want to see and can finally explore those niche interests you've been meaning to get into. No one will try to speak over the movie to you. No one will be asking you questions throughout the movie. Finally, you can enjoy a great companyYou can also rent out a movie on Tatasky.


Image Courtesy: Zululand Observer 




6. Watch your favorite band perform live or virtually


Attending a concert is way too exciting and if it is your favorite band playing then the excitement level is totally off the roof. Now that everything is virtual, seeing your favorite band live, especially for the first time, presents you with this tangible person. Before, they were merely a concept in your head, someone that seemed far away. These people (or person) are suddenly right in front of you, it is an overwhelming feeling which should not be missed!


Image Courtesy: Wallpape Fare




7. Make exercising a habit


Keeping yourself healthy and fit should always be on the top of your priority list. Exercising is not just good for you physically but it also has a positive impact on your mental health. You'll be able to enjoy all the fun events and be able to achieve your goals when you are in good health. It's necessary to start gyming, figure out what suits your body the most and pick it up. How about giving Power Yoga a try? Though try to do it on a yoga mat. Eat healthy. Exercise. Repeat!


Image Courtesy: Good Housekeeping



8. Learn to manage money


Money can be an asset or a burden, but a lot depends on how you manage it. Learning to manage money is equally important as earning money. You can earn a lot but learning how to invest and spend money is an important factor in life. Remember nothing can stop you from being independent in life if you're financially stable - Take the first step and start saving now, the sooner the better - Earn and learn! 


Image Courtesy: The Balance




9. Learn to cook


Learning how to cook can be fun, healthy and gives you a sense of independence. You can cook according to your mood, you'll be able to eat healthy and tasty food every day. You can treat yourself with new dishes! It's high time you stop depending on your parents to get your food, be self-sufficient - learn to cook, start with your favorite food maybe? If cooking doesn't please you, then maybe give baking a try.


Image Courtesy: Alingthoughts




10. Go on dates. Figure out your type 


Meet new people and who knows, you might just come across the love of your life! Don't be scared of judgments, just go out, talk, discover new people and have fun! You might have had a bad date or awkward date experiences till now, but don't let that stop you from meeting new people, figuring out your type. IT'S OKAY! To not find your true love at 25 - It will happen, just be the best version of yourself and give new dates a chance!


Image Courtesy: While I'm Young




11. Discover a hobby 


In our hectic and monotonous life, developing a hobby becomes compulsory and can help you break the monotony. Lay your hands on several activities - whether it's singing, writing or dancing; and this might help you find the right hobby for you. Make sure you inculcate a hobby which is not a task but restores your peace of mind! - Try going for a dance workshop or maybe take that box of paints out from your cupboard and give it shot?


Image Courtesy: Lifehack




12. Ask out your crush


This might sound frightening but it is worth a try! It is the perfect time to think less and act more. You must have heard the phrase 'you regret the things that you don't do', so asking out your crush is something that you don't want to do but you will surely regret not doing it. So, don't think, just act! - we know it's scary but keep the spirits up rather than regretting that thought that you never told the love of your life that he/she is the one.


Image Courtesy: Cosmopolitan




13. Experience self-love


You can only love someone else when you learn to love yourself. Self-love is important to living well. It influences who you pick for a mate, the image you project at work, and how you cope with the problems in your life. The thing with our generation is we are stuck with our egoistic opinions and regrets, move out of it - feel grateful about little things in life, forgive yourself for the mistakes you made - Grow out of it and learn to appreciate yourself! MORE POWER TO YOU.


Image Courtesy: Inc. Magazine




14. Learn about taxes


Stop being dependent on your parents or elders when it comes to taxes. If you have started earning then it is your responsibility to learn and do your taxes. This is one of the toughest and most important parts of adulting. As you have started earning, you have to learn about paying your taxes as well. Talk to your CA friends or consult your parents. Being a 20-something is not all about having fun. Learn to be responsible!


Image Courtesy: The Self Employed




15. Be a part of an NGO


Another way to let the humane side of you shine is by volunteering with a charity or spending some time in making the lives of those less fortunate than you a little better. Being a part of an NGO gets you to detach from the selfish world and do some good deeds. Be helpful! Don't throw away your old clothes or the books you don't read anymore - DONATE, be generous and bring a smile to the ones who can't afford the same.


Image Courtesy: Ellwood Consulting




16. Learn a new language

Learning a new language is a wonderful benefit. Not only does it help when traveling, but it is also a great advantage for studying in general and for career prospects abroad. Acquiring a second language enables us to develop various mental abilities of all ages. Experience the wonders of learning a new language! Remember there's no age where you should stop gaining knowledge, study as much as you want - Education will always help you sharpen your personality! I always fancied French language.


Image Courtesy: Medium



17. Spend time with your parents


If you all are set to become an adult, it is quite obvious that your parents are getting old. So, as it's only going to get tougher as time passes, make sure you spend enough time with your family, especially your grandparents. We all are busy achieving something or the other but never forget to take out time for your family. Being around loved ones lets you forget all your worries and you can be yourself. 


Image Courtesy: Better Homes and Gardens




18. Try different adventure sports


Experiencing the adrenaline rush is a must in your 20's! We all have a dream adventure sport that we want to try but the what-ifs never let us overcome the fear. You discover something new about yourself whenever you overcome fear. This makes you vibrant, open to new experiences and helps you surpass the mundane issues of our daily lives. Try out adventure sports like paragliding, sky diving, mountain climbing and much more. Live a life full of adventure! But, make sure you try it after the pandemic is over.


Image Courtesy: AWE365



19. Watch classic movies


We often get entangled in the 'trends' and miss out on the classics. Watching classic movies should definitely be on your movie bucket list. Classic movies are always much more entertaining and educating. Few of the must-watch classic films are Citizen Kane (1941), Bonnie and Clyde (1967), The Public Enemy (1931), the list is endless. These movies are absolutely irreplaceable. You should watch classic movies at once in your life. Go classic!


Image Courtesy: Marie Claire




20. Have a book bucket list


There are endless reasons for reading books but it's difficult when it comes to inculcating a reading habit. The feel of holding a book in your hand and reading can never be replaced. The book bucket list comes for your rescue when you are feeling lazy about reading a book as it acts as a motivation to read more and more books! Without a doubt, making a book bucket list will definitely make you a lot more imaginative. Let the reading begin!


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21. Focus on your mental health


Your mental health influences how you think, feel and behave in daily life. It also affects your ability to cope with stress, overcome challenges, build relationships, and recover from life’s setbacks and hardships. You can only manage your life well when you take care of your mental health. Meditation, reading books, seeing a therapist are some of the things that can be done to improve and maintain your mental health.


Image Courtesy: theDope. News


22. Learn to play an instrument


Everyone loves music but have different ways to enjoy it - How about learning how to play a musical instrument? Cultivate a new hobby to figure out what you're good at - Who knows you might end up mastering an art form you never thought of giving a try. There are several endless musical instruments to pick up from - How about going for something offbeat like a flute? Go for it!



Image Courtesy: JoyTunes


23. Get a tattoo


If getting a tattoo sounds scary then you must know that missing out on this experience is much worse. One thing that everyone 20 something should have on their bucket list is getting a tattoo. If you have commitment issues, how about a small heart somewhere you can't see? BUT Remember to think wisely before you pick a design as this thing will stick to your life FOREVER. Think of the things which you connect the most within life and then think of the pattern.


Image Courtesy: Motherly


24. Set goals for yourself


Goals give you a direction and destination. Your goals act as a guiding force for where you ultimately want to be in life. The '20s are the most crucial years in life and setting goals is extremely important for these years. Setting goals gives you a clear idea about where you want to head in life. Don't wait, start setting your goals RN!


Image Courtesy: Dumb Little Man


25. Let go of your grudges


The key to a happy life is to let go of all the grudges and haterade. Yes! It's definitely easier said than done but doing this in your 20's will definitely do good to you for the rest of your life. The negative emotions that come with holding on to a grudge create a lot of stress. Living with no grudges and negativity lets you live a happy and content life. So, avoid grudges and live a happy life! 


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What are you waiting for?! 



Q: How can I make the most of my youth in India?

A: Travel to different states, immersing yourself in the rich heritage and history of India.


Q: Is it necessary to learn a new language?

A: Yes, learning a regional language can open doors to understanding India's diverse cultures.


Q: How important is it to save money in your early 20s?

A: Saving money early helps in financial planning and ensures a secure future.


Q: Should I pursue hobbies or passions before 25?

A: Yes, explore hobbies to find your passion and nurture it for personal fulfillment.


Q: Is it advisable to travel solo in India before 25?

A: Solo travel enhances self-confidence and provides a deeper understanding of the world.


Q: How can I contribute to environmental conservation?

A: Participate in tree planting drives and advocate for sustainable practices.


Q: Should I focus on mental health before 25?

A: Yes, prioritize mental health through meditation, yoga, or therapy for overall well-being.



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