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What To Wear: 20 White Jeans Outfit Lookbook

By Architi Batra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 7 min read

Before you make up your mind that white jeans are not for you, let me tell you that these amazing pieces of denim follow the same rule as your basic black jeans. We are usually afraid of white jeans! Are they too out there, do they look fancier, I'll spill food on them, it's not the correct time of the month, etc etc. But white jeans are one pair of apparels that instantly amp up the feminine look in your outfit and makes it prettier and summerish at the same time. But not only summers, with your favorite knee-length lack boots and leather jackets, white jeans are the perfect match. The thought and work involved in deciding the whole outfit could be a task. So, worry not and get ready to style your white jeans outfit in these 20 ways and be ready in the freshest looks to stand out from the crowd. 


1. Denim On Denim

Denim on denim is a trend that has been promoted way too many times and everyone's following the rule. But, put a twist on the basic denim on denim trend by pairing your white jeans with a blue or black denim jacket and see the magic this white jeans outfit does. 

2. Pastel Shades

There's no such rule which says you can't wear light shades with white jeans. If you can have an all-black outfit, an all pastel shade outfit is beautiful in the same way.


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3. Animal Prints

If there's one thing animal prints look best with, it is white jeans. A white jeans outfit with an animal print top makes you edgy and separate from the rest of the crowd in the most positive way.


4. Layer It With Accessories

To a plain boring outfit, add a chunky piece of a statement necklace or a nice scarf and throw on a nice coat and belt to take your white jeans outfit to a new level. Pair your white jeans with any basic top and let the accessories do the talking for you.white-jeans-with chunky necklace_image


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5. Button-Down Shirt

A button-down shirt in any print looks best with your white jeans. Pair them with wedge sandals and throw on a hat if you want and become effortlessly stylish in an instant.


6. Go Check

Check or plaid whatever you like to call is the best way to pair your white jeans. They can become a beautiful and in-trend work outfit or a party outfit only on the basis of how well you carry them. They are that effortless to style.


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7. Bright Popping Blazers

Bright colors pop out best in the most subtle way with your white jeans. Throw on a well suited and fitted blazer with your white jeans. Go for your neons and the brightest shades in your closet. 
white jeans with bright colour blazers_image


8. Edge It With Leather

As we mentioned earlier, white jeans are not just for summers only. Get winter ready with your favorite leather jacket and if you want then your favorite knee-high or any length boots and step aside from the darker shades of winter. 


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9. White-On-White

Yes! If black on black can be a trend, so can be a white on white jeans outfit too. Just be careful of anywhere you sit and what you spill while eating because it's going to be one hell of a stain to remove.


10. Go All Stripes

Stripe as a fashion trend that never has been exclusively in fashion nor out of fashion. It just has always been there.  And pairing your stripes with white jeans bring out the best in your outfit.
whitejeans-with striped tops_image


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11. Bright Neon

Neons are very hard to style without being too loud and out there. But when paired with your white jeans, the whole outfit looks much subtle and sophisticated.
white jeans with neon tops_image


12. Black And White

This one is a no-brainer but when you stand in front of your cupboard to plan an outfit, it takes us such a long time to think of something so simple and beautiful. A black and white combination works best on anyone and is the perfect use of your white jeans for a not so dressy day.
white jeans with black top_image


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13. Nudes All The Way

Nudes have never been more in fashion. For colder weathers, pair your knitted nude sweaters and jumpers with a white pair of jeans for a classic white jeans outfit.


14. Mints And Hues

Mint is a very feminine and subtle color that doesn't really pair well with some pieces of clothing. But white jeans are definitely an exception. Mint and all its hues go very well with your white pair of jeans.white-jeans with mint colour top_image


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15. Floral Prints

Floral Prints are so beautiful and pretty when paired well. Prints paired with florals look too messy but a monochrome color like white with your florals look aesthetic. Pair it with a nice pair of wedges and accessories for a complete look.


16. Crop Tops And Bralettes

If there's one thing we have learned with the high fashion trend of crop tops and bralettes is that fashion street is never-ending. There are hundreds of possible choices you could choose from and go bare on that beautiful midrib of yours. Be party ready in an instant with this white jeans outfit trick. This is one trend that even your favorite celebrities like Cara Delevingne are following on the glamorous red carpet.


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17. Shine Separate With Camo

This statement is contradictory in itself. Cameos are based on the whole concept of blending in i.e. camouflage. But, pair them with your favorite pair of white jeans and instead shine separately from the crowd.


18. Ripped And Off-Shoulders

Jeans need not be of just one style i.e. skinny. Instead, walk the place as if you own 2018 fashion with ripped jeans and off-shoulder tops. Nothing gets better than this white jeans outfit if you want something that's latest and new. This is what everyone's been raving about.
ripped-white-jeans with off-shoulder-tops_image


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19. Sparkle With Sequins

No darling, sequence for your party night are not just for an overall black outfit. The next time you plan on wearing sequins, pair it with white instead of your black jeans and see the whole world of change it brings.
white jeans with sequins tops_image


20. Crochet And Lace

Nothing looks prettier than crochet and lace meshed together in an outfit. For a more feminine touch, instead of keeping it as a  monochromatic palette, pair a lace top with white crochet jeans and see the magic this pretty outfit does to your look.
white jeans-with lace-top_image

All in all as hard as you think it is, white color is not so hard to carry. You don't need a certain body type to carry it. A white jeans outfit is for everyone who wants to go with light shades for the day. Be bold, confident and pretty in your white jeans outfit from all those tips and styles we listed above. 


Q. Why do white jeans turn yellow?
A. Yellowing on white jeans happens due to a reaction between your antiperspirant and body salts. Clothes that are stored improperly can react with the acids in a cardboard box or wooden shelves and turn yellow. So, take care of your whites in a much gentle way than your other clothes. 


Q.2. What underwear to wear under white pants, dresses, and shorts?
A. Wearing black or brightly colored underwear under a pair of white pants is a surefire way to show off your taste in delicates. But white isn't a good choice either. Instead, wear nudes of a thin lining so that even the lining of you delicates doesn't pop out of the back of your pants.

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