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Map Out The Diversity Of India With These 12 Experiences Through 12 Months Of A Year

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Aug. 11, 2021 15 min read

India is a lavish spread of cultural flavours, colours and experiences that similarly amazing but unique for one and all. It's not long after you make a connection with this divine land, that you come closer to the true purposes of life. From life-defining Spiritual beliefs to enchanting landscapes, the vast expanses of India would take your soul on a journey towards self rejuvenation. 



Image Courtesy: India Raju


Every month would bring about a new shade of life to you and every shade would reveal an undiscovered truth about your personality. After a few days of exploring this magical land, you would find yourself completely changed and able to synergise your senses to the greater wealth of life, peace and harmony. 


Paced up at once and completely still the next moment, experiencing India would always amuse you with an everchanging sense of newness and happiness in every nook and cranny. And to map it all for you, this list of 12 experiences for 12 months in India is all that you need. And without much ado, let's embark upon a journey that makes you realise yourself better.


Stroll through the packed alleys or trek up to the highest peaks in the world, experience the monsoon showers or bask in the colour of spring, just think of anything, India will provide!


Snowball Your Way To Fun In January


Snow is a rare sight in the tropical climate of India. Unless you happen to live in the valleys or on the high peaks of Himalayas, you would still cheer upon the sight of Snow. And in the month of January, you wouldn't have to travel much far to cloak on the white blankets of nature. From Shimla to Manali, you can expect frequent snowfall and snow-coated landscapes all around. Visiting the hills during this month is one of the most promising experiences of the entire nation and makes for the best of experiences one can come across in India. 



Image Courtesy: The Economic Times


Important Tips: 

  • The climate drops to subzero temperatures and so the visitors are advised to gear up properly for harsh weather conditions. 
  • When in Manali or nearby places, please refrain from travelling to narrow passes like Rohtang for the road conditions become worse in an instance over such places.
  • People travelling with kids are advised to carry basic medication and take precautionary measures needed for such low temperatures.



Spend February The Month Of Love At Taj Mahal


February is indeed a month to proclaim your Love and what better a place to do so than the wonderful Taj Mahal. When in February, the weather copes with all your romantic desires, visiting this symbol of love would unveil many new shades of happiness within. Making merry with all your senses at the same once, the Taj Mahal is one of those places that occupy a special place in the bucket lists of ardent travellers and die-hard romantics. 



Image Courtesy: Fodors Travel Guide


Important Tips:

  • Remember to make stay arrangements ahead of your travel plans as the city receives a sudden surge in the number of tourists during February.
  • Although, locals are generally friendly, yet visitors need to ensure to not overindulge with stranger or unfamilliar localities in Agra.  



March Calls For The Wildest Holi In Mathura


Holi is when even the modest of emotions become a wild affair of happiness and fun. An Indian festival that we all hold so intimately close to our heart, and for which there can't be any doubts as well, the Indian cinema and other socialistic displays have always held up the expectations so high, but Holi makes for the best of memories for children and adults alike. No matter what's your age, religion, creed or caste, the entire nation comes together to celebrate this occasion with fun. And one place that personifies it better than anywhere else cannot be anywhere but Mathura, where it's celebrated with a fusion of traditions, colours, music and madness. People from all walks of life come down to the street and convene their energies towards a communal celebration that's renowned throughout the nation.  



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Important Tips:

  • It's a traditionally & religiously charged city, so one should refrain from doing things that can be offensive to one's beliefs. 
  • Please refrain from getting intoxicated before you take part in the Holi celebrations. 



When It's April Delve In The Beauty Of Ladakh


Ladakh is one of those places for which we plan to visit, but never really get to it. At times due to geological restrictions and at times we come up with better options instead, but the trip to Ladakh is never really realised to the end. But in the month of April, you wouldn't be able to come up with those excuses, the roads stay open, the weather clears up for a great stay and the temperatures don't fall havoc upon you for the most of this month. When you're done waiting for the monsoons and cannot bear a day more of your 9-5 monotony, just pack your bags and leave for Ladakh. Experience a drive on the highest motorable road on the planet or get clicked across its gamut of breathtaking sights, Ladakh in the month of June would never disappoint.



Image Courtesy: Thrillophilia


Important Tips: 

  • Ladakh is a place with scarce resources and one should pack up basic necessities and plan for possible contingencies before travelling to this cold dessert.
  • ATMs are less and one should carry enough cash to last through the entire stay.
  • The altitude differs drastically and it may take some time for you to acclimatize to its rough terrain. Please carry enough medicines and seek timely help if you feel any signs of altitude sickness.
  • The road conditions are worse than bad during the most part of a year, therefore, refrain from driving a vehicle yourself if you're a novice at such things.  



The Serenity Of Khajjiar The Mini Switzerland Of India Is Best Expressed In May


Not much far away, the next month unveils a yet another beautiful shade of Mother Nature at Khajjiar in Himachal Pradesh. Touted to be the mini Switzerland of India, the valley resembles the Swiss everglades with a lush verdant expanse outlined by conical trees that make for a perfect backdrop for such an enchanting location. Spending your summer holidays here or just for a long weekend, the unadulterated beauty of this quaint little hill station would pique you to come back every single year.



Image Courtesy: Travel + Leisure India


Important Tips:

  • Pack woollens, first & foremost, it's inevitably cold in Khajjiar during most parts of a year.
  • Do carry enough food supplies for in case you don't find a place to eat somewhen. 
  • Khajjiar is a small town and hence there are very few accommodations available, so make hotel reservations ahead of your travel to ensure you're not left out in the cold for a night.   



Nothing's Better A Time Than June For A Hike Up To The Valley Of Flowers


The month of June brings a huge reason for you to head to the hills of Uttarakhand. For the valley of flowers blossoms into a bounty of beautiful sights and miles of colours are speckled all across. Welcoming Spring and the alpine flowers, The Valley Of Flowers becomes a sight you would definitely wish to take away to your deathbed. A spectacle of nature, the valley of flowers is timelessly beautiful, but the best is when the clock strikes June and the entire valley kind of lights up in colourful shades. An experience you wouldn't come across easily in the entire nation.



Image Courtesy: TravelODesk


Important Tips:

  • The Valley Of Flowers remains covered in snow for the most part of a year, and so please plan your stay keeping in mind the latest weather conditions and forecasts.
  • Visiting it post to monsoons implies the road conditions would be bad, so make sure that your vehicle is in a perfect condition to take up all that wear & tear. Travelling in public modes of transport is advised. 
  • Please make proper hotel reservations beforehand. 



Taste Indian Monsoons At The Wettest Place On Earth In July


Monsoons, an Indian speciality, is best experienced at the wettest place on the planet, Cherapunji, Meghalaya. And when July strikes the clock, the place starts teeming with adventures and experiences that you cannot come across anywhere else. If you smile every once it rains heavily, then this is the place to be. During monsoons, it rains like every single minute of the day, making the wet sand aromatic and blissful to be called the least. Coming here would certainly get you soaking wet, but that's the best part about the month of July, no matter how much to refrain, you cannot escape the bliss of a heavenly shower from the skies.



Image Courtesy: TATA Cliq


Important Tips:

  • Monsoons can take a toll on your body, the damp weather can cause a number of issues and concerns and so you should carry basic medication at all times. 
  • The wettest place on earth is prone to a number of landslides and other natural calamities, so never head out without proper guidance or professional support.
  • Please make sure that there have been instances of flash floods during Monsoons in the past and hence one should never go too close to a rapid stream of water, however harmless it may seem
  • Please make certain that you are equipped to weather through heavy storm conditions and never-ending rainfall, it's a tough environment and you should brace up for any possible contingency before. 



In August Bring Out The Feeling Of Pride - It's The Month Of Independence


August brings about a feeling of pride within every Indian in this world, and why not, for it's the month of independence and the entire nation comes together to celebrate it on a highly jovial note. Well, you may not know this, but the feeling is best explained if you're in the capital of India during this month. When you see tricolour flanking the skies around and the patriotic notes of music-making take charge of any other symphony of life, you'll know that the Independence Day of India is nearby.



Image Courtesy: Noon Dalton


Important Tips:

  • During Independence day celebrations, the capital city teems with a huge number of tourists and locals in the markets. Hence please remain careful of your belongings in crowded areas and markets. 
  • Over haggling with the shopkeepers or overindulgence with the locals is not advised, in case you need help, seek it from prescribed channels only.
  • Please refrain from drinking unbottled water, it might cause serious medical concerns



September Is Perfect Fo Adventure Sports


September is when the weather is at its best. The rains come down from intense and the heat is nowhere but within your soul. The heat to head out and enrich yourself with experiences that you've been longing for since forever. Still clueless? Well, it's time to head out for those long-awaited adventures you've read about in travel catalogues and magazines, but could never make with for reasons you couldn't control. But not anymore, go rafting on those white waters or conquer your fears and Bunjee jump from your limits, the season when you don't need a reason to stop yourself is here.



Image Courtesy: Adventure Nest


Important Tips:

  • Indulging in adventures is one thing and taking up unaccounted thrills is another. So please take every safety precaution while you're into any of such things. 
  • Do not stretch your bodily limits trying to show off, it may cause more damage than it will be thrilling. 
  • Always adhere to professionals instructions, they are meant for your safety and not to constrain your fun. 



Durga Puja Of Kolkatta Is Always A Delight In October


And then come the months of festive madness across the nation, with the best start to these feasts in Kolkata during Durga Puja celebrations. For pandals that make for an eclectic nightlife and a spree of happiness is stretched for days before the Durga Ashtami, there cannot be a better place than Kolkatta. Ladies dressed in red, white and festive colours, men wearing the longest of smiles ever and the children simply elated by just the thought of those ceremonial feasts, just about everything you come across during Durga Puja makes it a reason to visit Kolkata in October.



Image Courtesy: Trip Savvy


Important Tips:

  • Kolkatta gets highly crowded during this part of a year, before visiting please make sure to book hotels and other accommodations. 
  • There are a number of packages available through governed channels and opting for which is advised to ensure you're not quipped by unregulated vendors and facilitators. 
  • Make no mistakes, the temples are crowded and the staff may ask for additional money to get you easy access, but turn out to be frauds, so beware of such things and pay attention to details while dealing with such people  



Spend November, The Month Of Diwali In Ayodhya


Diwali is beloved, sacred and enjoyed by one and all. When your entire family, even those extend ones along, come together to share happiness among, it sure to be the festival of lights and joy, Diwali. And to experience the best shades of this gleamingly pulsating eve, you've got to be in Ayodhya, where the return of Lord Rama is celebrated better than anywhere else. Thousands of lamps lit on the banks of Saryu make for a sight to seal away in the treasure trove of memories. People who visit Ayodhya during Diwali festivities would tell you that if you love occasions like Diwali, then there's no point you're anywhere else but in this city for a jovial stay.



Image Courtesy: DNA India


Important Tips:

  • Ayodhya is a sacred town for Hindus, indulging in acts that insult or demean someone's religious beliefs is going to land you in trouble. 
  • Please know that if you're going there to party, then it's not a great choice, visit Ayodhya only if experiencing the spiritual celebration is on your mind. 



December Brings You Closer To The Madness Of Sunburn Goa


And when it's December, the entire world wishes to be in Goa. For it becomes a melting pot of endemic fun, heart-throbbing tunes and psychedelic vibes that are exclusive to goa during December. Home to the biggest music festival in Asia, Sunburn Goa, the event attracts thousands of individuals from all across the world. Young, adults and people from all shapes and sizes come here for a three-day fun-fest of music, fun, food and all things Goa.



Image Courtesy: Festival Sherpa


Important Tips:

  • Sunburn authorities do not provide any lockers or storage facility for standard (Non-Camping) tickets, and hence you are not allowed to bring rucksacks, backpacks or any other luggage to the premises
  • Guests are advised to not remove the writs bands during their entire tenure at the Sunburn Goa 2019. There wouldn't be any re-issuance of the wrist bands for the event. Tampered/Damaged wristbands would be deemed invalid and duplicate bands would not be issued under any circumstances. 
  • Consumption or sale of illegal tranquillizers or narcotic substances is prohibited. Those found in non-compliance to the same would be prosecuted by the relevant legal authorities under the prevailing IPC sections.



India is vibrantly exciting at every single second though and experiencing it all at the same can be a tough thing to do, but this list of things would make such a dream easier. These 12 experiences for the 12 months is a breakdown of the festive madness speckled across the nation.



Q: All these places are marked on the basis of their best time to visit?

A: Yes, you can visit these in the specific months for the best suitable experience. 

Q: Essentials you must carry while travelling?

A: All identity proofs, First Aid Kit, Carry the pack of cards for entertainment and all the personal care stuff like shampoo, toothpaste, comb, towel, etc.


Q. I am new to Adventure sports and I wish to start with a great Trek, so any tips on how to start trekking?

A. Start brisk morning walks followed by jogging at-least a month before the start of your trek. Choose the correct footwear and walking socks most importantly. Build leg strength and increase your walking training. Train on similar walking terrain using backpacks and walking poles. Keep yourself hydrated.


Q: Which are the best places in India for Women Solo Travellers?

A: Kasol, Pondicherry, Udaipur, Mysore


Q: Which are the most essentials travel apps in India?

A: Uber And Ola - For Transport, Google Maps - Routes


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