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Embrace The Art of Clean Eating To Lead a Blissful Life

By Yamini Taneja

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 6 min read

Where are we heading to? What treatment are we presenting to our mind, body, and health? Ever thought of the same? NO! Fret Not! We've got your back! In this fast-paced messed up life, we literally forget to co-exist. Leading an uncultured and unhealthy life we are seriously heading towards disaster. Keeping this fact into our concern we have curated an exclusive guide to the art of clean eating. Embrace all the tips and lead life blissfully.

People these days are quite familiar with the term "Art of Clean Eating" but not that familiar with the concept. Everyone has a different opinion on this concept. So, read further to get a proper understanding of the concept of "Clean Eating". Addition to this, few tips are also mentioned to maintain a healthy diet. Following these guidelines will result in taking your diet in a more clean and healthy approach.

The Art of Clean Eating

The concept of clean eating is something more than just eating clean vegetables and fruits. This concept deals with the art to balance all the vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates in your diet. Maintaining the record of whether your body is satisfied with an adequate amount of nutrients or not. This will give you a proper understanding that which food your body needs the more. All this will not only lead in maintaining a proper diet but also lead to keep your body satisfied with proper intake of nutrients.

1. Proper Planning

The first and the most crucial step is to plan out your diet. It should be made according to your body needs like which vitamin you want more, whether you want to gain weight or lose weight. So all the body needs to be analyzed first and then ensure every single detail is taken care of, nothing should be missed. If you miss out on anything the whole process will go wrong. A Proper planning will help in building a strong base.

2. Clean Vegetables At Home

Ensure all the vegetables and fruits should be washed before and after peeling. As markets are flooded with dirty vegetables and fruits so eating them directly will be so unhygienic. Then always remember to wash it properly and serve yourself with proper clean fruits and vegetables. One should always take its food very seriously.


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3. Have a Big Bite of Healthy Breakfast

All the experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so skipping it is not an option. Start your day by eating healthy like having a bowl of oats+fruits or whole grain toast with peanut butter or an omelet. Chose such healthy and nutritious combinations for your breakfast, this will result in taking your healthy diet in a positive direction.

4. Fruits Should Be Your Lady Love

Fall in love with all fruits as they will always protect you from all the health problems. Fruits contain nutrients and vitamins, which your body are literally craving for. So keep fruits close to your healthy diet. Fruits are actually the gift from nature so accept the gift wholeheartedly.

5. Whole Food In Your Diet Plan

Add whole food to your diet. Whole Tomatoes are the best example as if you consume whole tomatoes, then the level of nutritional value will be more. But, if you take off the peel then you are missing on lycopene, the red pigment that offers anti-oxidant benefits. Without seeds also anti-clotting benefits from the gel-like substance would be missed. That’s why experts recommend that always go for the whole food which will keep your body happy.

6. Lentils Should Be Your Best Friend

Lentils are full of proteins and fiber which not only help to manage your waistline but also helps to control the blood sugar. It’s your choice to have them processed or unprocessed. As both are good for health. So try to include such things more in your diet which acts as your savior.


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7. Go Green

Don’t forget the green vegetables. They come with the full package of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients complementing with chlorophyll which increases the red blood cells. So avoiding green vegetables is not a smart choice.

8. Choose Your Snacks Smartly

Be perfect in your selection of snacks. This can only happen when you start reading the labels provided on the packets. By this, you will be aware of the nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, fats that you are consuming. Try hunting for whole grains. Replace your choices with fresh fruit, nuts, cheese and dried fruits, basically the snacks which compliment your health.

9. Natural Desserts Should Be Your Secret

The homemade treats are the best. If you go for homemade puddings or smoothies that will be more beneficial. As the fiber in it keeps you satisfied for longer than your candies or chocolates. Always rely on home-made things as nothing can beat them in terms of nutrition and the quality.


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10. Limit The Alcohol Consumption

Limited intake of certain types of alcohol like wine which comes with heart health benefits is acceptable. But not every alcohol come with nutrients. So, if you frequently consume alcohol then you should be ready to welcome all the health problems like excess belly fat, liver disease, a digestive disorder. And if you are not ready for all these so just simply stop consuming things like alcohol which is bad for your health.

11. Water Should Hit Your Priority List

Water is the purest and healthiest drink. It is the best example of clean beverage. Consuming plenty of water can keep a healthy weight and keep your body hydrated too. No harmful ingredients like artificial sweeteners are there in it. That’s why it is a 10 on 10 drink. Not like others which contain questionable ingredients linked to diabetes, obesity and other diseases. Talking about unsweetened coffee and tea that comes under reliable drink because it comes with health benefits but can be harmful to people who are sensitive to caffeine. 

These were some simple few tips to maintain a healthy diet. So, if you love your body, then follow the tips. As it not only keeps you fit but also keeps you away from many health problems. 


Q. For maintaining a healthy diet, we should take professional help?
A. Yes

Q. What is a balanced diet?
A. A well-planned diet which covers all the nutrients and vitamins in an adequate amount. It helps to maintain an overall health of the person.


Q. How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

A. Health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon. This is called the 8×8 rule and is very easy to remember.

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